The INFJ In 2016

With 2016 as a new year ahead, there are many opportunities to grow. 2016 proves to be a wonderful year for INFJs and we have a few nosy bits of advice on how each INFJ can make this a magical year.

Forgive Yourself And Others

INFJs tend to be rather hard on themselves, struggling to forgive their own mistakes. It is important to remember that you cannot be perfect- no one can be perfect. For the INFJ to grow and get the most out of the year ahead, it is important that they learn to forgive themselves. When those little errors are made they need to stop beating themselves up over it and simply let go of those negative feelings.

INFJs also have a hard time forgiving others who have slighted them. They often do not become angry at someone until they have done something truly hurtful towards the INFJ or someone that they care about, but that does not mean forgiveness is not necessary. We advise the INFJ to forgive the people who hurt them, not for those people but for themselves. We are not saying that you should allow those harmful people back into your lives so that they can hurt you again. What we are suggesting is that you simply accept that they have their own internal problems that probably have nothing to do with you. When the INFJ can learn to forgive those people they can also learn to move on from the pain they have caused. When you forgive it often helps you to grow and move on, taking what you can from the experience instead of remaining stuck.

When the INFJ can learn to forgive others and most importantly to forgive themselves, they can learn to no longer harbor negative feelings about the past. There is nothing more important in 2016 than learning to move on from the bad and embrace the good.

Avoid Perfection

The INFJs struggle with internal forgiveness often comes from their need to be perfect. They often put immense amounts of pressure on themselves to succeed and to be the very best version of themselves. This is a wonderful quality- one that makes the INFJ so caring and giving- but it can also be hard on them sometimes. It is important for the INFJ to remember that their standards are not a bad thing, but that no one is perfect. Learning to continue their amazing path towards growth while at the same time accepting when they fail, is a winning combination. It is important for the INFJ to accept when they cannot achieve perfection and to give themselves credit for all that they accomplish in life. INFJs often forget to pat themselves on the back when they have done something great, only seeing their own mistakes at times. In the coming year we challenge the INFJs to accept their mistakes as part of the learning process, and to remember to give themselves more credit for the amazing things that they do. Those accomplishments are often centered on caring for others, which is something that should not be scoffed at.

Trust Your Intuition

INFJs have a powerful and natural intuition, one that can sometimes confuse even them. It is very important that each INFJ learns to trust in their intuition, rather than turn away from it. It can often be confusing for the INFJ to predict things as well as they do, causing them to feel paranoid about their own thoughts. INFJs must learn to understand that their intuition is a natural part of who they are. The reason it can be so hard to understand, is because the INFJs intuition comes from a subconscious collection of data that helps the INFJ figure out likely outcomes in the future. The INFJ needs to understand that their intuition is very logical and although it can make people uneasy, this intuition should be trusted. The only way to grow and move forward is to fully trust that powerful INFJ intuition.

Don’t Hide

INFJs often hide behind others, not allowing themselves to shine. Although it can be hard to show parts of yourself to others, we promise that people will fall in love with who you are if you simply give them the chance. In 2016 we challenge you to embrace who you are and to allow others to see you shine once in a while. INFJs are caring and complex individuals, who deserve to be praised for their positive qualities. As introverts INFJs do need their space and time alone, but that doesn’t mean they need to hide who they are from everyone. Allowing the right people to see inside your magical INFJ world, can truly help you grow and see new sides to yourself that you never even knew existed.

If INFJs can better learn to accept themselves for their flaws and to praise themselves for their amazing qualities as well, we foresee amazing things ahead. So go ahead and show the world what you have to offer, we believe in you.


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