Here’s How Prudent You Are, Based on Your Personality Type

Some people prepare for the future and are naturally very practical people, while others find it difficult to be prudent about most things. Here is how prudent you are, based on your personality type.



INFJs definitely can be prudent people, since they believe in focusing on the future. They don’t like to constantly take foolish risks, especially since it can negatively affect their loved ones. They care deeply about the future and working towards something better. INFJs are hopeful people even though they also have a cynical side, this is only part of what makes them so complex. They are prudent because to them the future matters and making sure they can work towards something better is definitely worthwhile.


ENFJs definitely can be prudent when it truly matters, since to them the future is important. They have a somewhat playful and reckless side that comes out occasionally, but most of the time they are prudent people. ENFJs don’t like allowing want things to hold them back from doing what is right, especially when it comes to creating a positive future for their loved ones. ENFJs care about the future and they care about being practical in order to get things done.


INFPs aren’t always the most prudent people, mostly because they dislike feeling trapped. When they have to obsess about preparing for the future it can actually stress them out a bit. INFPs enjoy thinking about the future and being hopeful for a better world, but that doesn’t mean they want to constantly prepare for it. They are caring and things do matter to the INFP, they just aren’t considered the most prudent of people.


ENFPs aren’t usually seen as the most prudent people, even though they do think about the future. They simply don’t like becoming so obsessed with getting things right that they hold themselves back. ENFPs thrive when they are free to make mistakes and can be a little bit hasty at times. They don’t like having to be careful all of the time and often this feels stifling. ENFPs care about the future but they don’t feel a need to constantly prepare for it.



INTJs are definitely prudent people, who like to prepare for the future. They don’t like engaging in reckless or risky behavior, especially when it seems completely pointless. INTJs are intellectual people and truly enjoy being able to constantly learn and dive into research. For them being mentally prepared helps them actually know how to respond to things in the future. They are certainly prudent people and they believe in doing their best to prepare for any given situation.


ENTJs are certainly prudent people, since they value the future. They want to be able to build a future that is worth having, and work hard towards this. ENTJs don’t like being reckless, they know that this can lead to trouble later on. They know how to have fun, but at the same time they are very prudent and focused people. They do their best to prepare for things and this is why they strive to learn and grow their minds.


INTPs can be prudent people, since they like to think things through. They often prepare for every possible situation by considering all of the different potential outcomes. INTPs are future oriented and are often conscious of what will happen down the road. This can cause them stress at times since they can be fearful of the worst possible outcome. INTPs aren’t afraid of making mistakes from time to time in order to truly learn, but they do have a prudent side to them.


ENTPs do believe in focusing on the future, which means they have some prudent aspects to their personality. They want to prepare and in order to do this they consider all of the possible outcomes and possibilities. ENTPs are intellectual people and are mostly interested in doing as much to learn as they possibly can. While they do have a prudent side to them, they can also appear a bit reckless from an outside view. This is simply because their actions aren’t always easy to understand in the present moment, but they personally know where they were going with it.



ISTJs are definitely prudent people, who believe in working towards a better future. They try to prepare for everything and are extremely practical. ISTJs don’t like allowing anything to stand in their way and they certainly don’t believe in being reckless. ISTJs would rather do things the right way initially, than make mistakes and have to fix it later on. They believe in being prudent and doing what they can to focus on their future.


ESTJs are prudent people, mostly because they believe in being able to get things done efficiently. They want to prepare for the future and constantly learn to improve. In order to really get things done properly the ESTJ wants to do their best to be prepared. The future is important for them, they want to be able to build a life that they can be proud of. ESTJs don’t like being reckless or making mistakes, to them this is wasteful.


ISFJs are usually very prudent and even modest people, working hard to build a good future. They want to take care of their loved ones and create a future they can be happy with. ISFJs think about the future often, always trying their best to do things right. They don’t like making mistakes or being reckless, since this can jeopardize the future they want for themselves and for their loved ones.


ESFJs are definitely prudent people most of the time, and their main motivation is taking care of their loved ones. They constantly think about the future and how they can build a life that is best for themselves and for their loved ones. ESFJs work hard to create a future that is worthwhile, and this is why they believe in being prudent people.



ISTPs do try to be prudent sometimes, especially when they feel like it is necessary. This simply isn’t something that comes naturally for them, since they are more focused on living in the present. They don’t like letting themselves get caught up in obsessing over the future, instead they want to enjoy their lives and follow what feels right.


ESTPs aren’t usually seen as the most prudent people, since they believe in living in the moment. They do sometimes try to be prudent, especially when it seems like their lives are falling apart. ESTPs work hard and want to accomplish goals that they can be proud of, but they can also be a bit hasty. ESTPs might try to be prudent, but their desire to enjoy the moment can stand in the way sometimes.


ISFPs live in the present and believe in following their hearts no matter where that leads. For them being prudent isn’t always the right move, since it holds them back from truly living. They really aren’t the most prudent people, and would rather live in the present than focus on the future. ISFPs are caring people who want to make others happy, but they don’t want to obsess over the future.


ESFPs aren’t always the most prudent people, since they prefer living in the present. They don’t like having to constantly focus on the future, they would much rather enjoy the moment. Living their lives obsessing over what will happen is only going to cause the ESFP to feel stressed and overwhelmed. They would rather enjoy their lives and do whatever feels right for them.

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