How Do You Respond to Classroom Lectures, Based on Your Personality Type

Some people actually enjoy classroom lectures, and love the chance to listen and learn. For others this type of environment can feel stifling and isn’t really conducive to learning and proper focus. Here is how you respond to classroom lectures, based on your personality type.



INFJs who are very focused on learning and enjoy the subject being taught, classroom lectures are not so bad. They often prefer ones they can interact with, but don’t feel obligated to. Being able to listen on the days when they are feeling more introverted, is much more comforting for them. INFJs who are very focused on their schooling will often enjoy the classroom environment and the feeling that they are being diligent and really focusing on the lectures. They might find themselves distracted some days, but that doesn’t mean they cannot still retain the information.


ENFJs often enjoy classroom lectures, especially when they can interact with the professor and peers. They enjoy being able to learn and work hard to be able to absorb all of the information being taught. For the ENFJs it is important to really remain focused on what they are learning and the lecture environment can be truly rewarding for them. They are often studious people who enjoy being able to learn and better themselves, especially if they are trying to earn a degree to reach their goals.


INFPs might become anxious in classroom lectures, feeling like this type of learning environment is a bit too stifling. They become especially annoyed if they are asked to participate in some ways, instead of just listening. They do find themselves becoming distracted easily, since their minds have a way of going off in different directions. For the INFP classroom lectures are rarely that exciting and maybe even a bit difficult to sit through most of the time. If they are truly inspired by the subject at hand then they are better at focusing, but even then the environment can feel a bit stuffy.


ENFPs aren’t usually great at sitting still in lectures for a long time, and can find this to be rather boring. They don’t like feeling obligated to sit through an entire classroom lecture, often losing interested rather easily. While ENFPs do enjoy learning, it can feel draining to be forced into a classroom where they have to listen to what is being taught. They would rather focus on learning things which inspire them, and like being able to do this on their own terms. For the ENFP classroom lectures can make them feel a bit anxious, feeling trapped for a long period of time without being able to just walk away.



INTJs are learners by nature, and so they might even enjoy classroom lectures. For them it often depends on the professor and how good they are at teaching the material accurately and interestingly. INTJs do become bored with teachers who cannot seem to keep the subject matter intriguing, or add in a few details which most people might not know. Having to listen to the same material taught over and over again, is likely to bore the INTJ. If they are in a challenging and truly informative lecture, then they will likely be very engrossed.


ENTJs do enjoy learning, especially when it comes to advancing in their degree and careers. A classroom lecture is something which is often valued and seen as important to the ENTJ. They will remain focused on the material being taught so that they can ensure a good grade in that class. ENTJs are certainly good at maintaining focus, but they may not always be interesting in the lecture. For them it depends on how the professor is teaching and if the information is actually challenging and enriching for their minds.


INTPs often do a lot of learning and researching on their own time, and so some classroom lectures can feel like a repeat of things they already know. If the lecture is not challenging enough and doesn’t present new information, the INTP can become bored and find themselves feeling distracted. It entirely depends on the professors ability to being in new insight to the lecture, and if they are capable of this the INTP will certainly find themselves focused on the material.


ENTPs do enjoy learning and want to feel challenged when they are in a classroom environment. Their level of interest often depends on the the professors ability to introduce the material in a new and intriguing way. If the lecture challenges the ENTP and the way they think, then they will find themselves much more engrossed and caught up in the information. They don’t like hearing the same thing regurgitated back to them, and so they really need a lecture which presents the information in a new light which they would not normally have considered on their own.



ISTJs do enjoy learning and being as focused on their schooling as possible. They are likely to take their classroom lectures very seriously, even taking notes and asking questions when needed. Even if the ISTJ already knows the information being presented to them, they want to be sure to focus in order to achieve the grade they want. They can be rather competitive people and for them it is important to be successful in everything they do. They strive for a certain level of perfection in their accomplishments, so for them a classroom lecture is another place that requires their efficiency and efforts.


ESTJs are perfectionists and can be rather competitive, so a classroom lecture is an important place to remain focused for them. They don’t want to miss anything which they might be tested or graded on, and so they will do their best to process and record the material. While the ESTJ might already know what is being taught to them, they still don’t mind it being reiterated. For them it is about maintaining their focus and ensuring the future that they want.


ISFJs are focused people who are often very studious, and so for them classroom lectures are an important place to pay attention. They are often the ones taking notes and doing their best to absorb all of the information. They aren’t afraid to ask the right questions and keep themselves present in the conversation. For ISFJs classroom lectures aren’t always the most entertaining place to be, but they believe in doing their best and always working hard to achieve good grades so that they can accomplish their future goals.


ESFJs might find themselves a bit bored in some classroom lectures, but it often depends on the subject at hand. They will still do their best to remain focused when they know it is important, since they don’t like failing at anything. For the ESFJ it is important to work hard and always achieve good grades, since they care about working towards the future they want. For them some classroom lectures may not be the most entertaining experiences, but they will do their best to absorb the information, or atleast take useful notes.



ISTPs can find themselves a bit bored in certain classroom lectures, especially if they feel obligated to attend. They do enjoy learning about things which excite them though, and so it often depends on the lecture and the professor. If the information being taught is truly interesting to the ISTP, then they will find themselves engrossed and ready to learn. It simply depends on what they are learning, and if it is something which inspires or bores them.


ESTPs do their best to focus when they are working towards a goal, and so while lectures may be boring they do their best to pay attention. For them it often depends on the lecture and subject at hand, since certain information can be intriguing to them. They do enjoy learning and if the class is about something which inspires them, then the ESTP will be good at interacting and keeping their focus on the information. They aren’t great at being punctual or keeping up with rules, but that doesn’t mean they won’t do their best to learn and focus when they in the classroom.


ISFPs can find themselves a bit bored and stifled in classroom lectures, since it leaves them feeling trapped. Being obligated to learn or focus on a certain lecture is often a bit boring for the ISFP. They might find themselves feeling distracted and not really wanting to pay much attention to the information being taught. They prefer very specific subjects, and are more likely to focus on the things they are passionate about. At the same time ISFPs are better at learning about these things in a more physical and interactive manner, rather than in a strict classroom environment.


ESFPs can become a bit bored with classroom lectures, since they aren’t fans of having to sit still and listen to someone else droll on about the information. ESFPs might learn better in more interacting environments, like in discussion groups. They might even prefer online learning, since it doesn’t keep them trapped in a classroom for long periods of time. ESFPs are often more capable than people realize of processing the information quickly, they simply don’t like an environment which is not stimulating to them.



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