Here’s the Best Way to Plan a Vacation, Based on Your Personality Type

After a long year of stress and feeling completely bogged down by work, we all need a little time away. Having an opportunity to take a nice relaxing vacation is definitely rewarding, but sometimes it can be an added stress having to plan the whole thing. Each personality type takes care of planning differently, some struggling with it more than others. Here are some helpful ways for you to plan your vacation, based on your personality type.



INFJs are often fairly skilled at planning things out and figuring out the best way to map their course of action. They can sometimes be a bit focused on making sure every detail is scheduled and planned out. For the INFJ it is most helpful to write things down, and keep track of everything in a notebook or on their phone. If the INFJ is planning a vacation it has to be a sure thing, they have to know that it is going to happen and that they have the means to do this. Once there is a true green light they are often great at putting everything together. It does help the INFJ to have a loved one who will assist them and run certain errands for them. The most important thing for the INFJ to remember, is to take some relaxation time during their planning. They often want to get everything done and can become a bit stressed waiting for the day to actually arrived.


ENFJs are excellent planners, often knowing how to organize everything and bring the entire trip together. Once they know that the trip is going to happen, they will begin planning all of the important details. ENFJs can drive themselves crazy waiting for the vacation to arrive, wanting to get everything done as quickly as possible to prepare for the trip. This can definitely stress the ENFJ out, and so being able to take a step back and breathe is truly important for them. It can help if they delegate some of their tasks to their loved ones that they can trust to get them done, so that they don’t overwhelm themselves. ENFJs often have the planning aspect covered, what they need to do is remember to actually breathe once in a while.


INFPs aren’t always great at planning things, especially when it comes to a big vacation. They often prefer to take things as they come and enjoy the trip in a more spontaneous manner. While this definitely has its benefits, it can cause the INFP to forget some more important parts of the vacation. They might need to enlist someone from their vacation group to help with certain tasks, and with reminding them to get things done beforehand. Taking notes can be helpful for the INFP, and being able to check things off as they go definitely feels rewarding and helps them realize how much they can actually get done before the vacation arrives.


ENFPs aren’t naturally great at planning and organizing big events or vacations. They are more spontaneous people who usually feel like things will fall into place themselves. This can be a bit challenging since bigger vacation do requires a certain amount of prior planning. ENFPs often need someone to motivate them and get them moving when it comes to planning a vacation. Having someone in their group who can be the motivation does help, since ENFPs are more than willing to work and get things done. Taking notes can also be helpful, even though this isn’t something they would normally do.



INTJs are often great at planning things out and can be somewhat meticulous about it. They know how to make the most of the vacation, and will do plenty of research in order to learn how to go about this. INTJs often don’t need help with the planning process, they do however need to learn to relax a bit. They might benefit from having someone help them when it comes to carrying out certain errands and tasks, instead of allowing it to rest on their own shoulders. The INTJ can also remember to have some things be spontaneous about the trip, instead of making sure everything is perfect.


ENTJs are often excellent planners, and they are even great at delegating the work to their family members. They do their best to make the most out of their vacation, wanting to be prepared for the important things. A vacation with an ENTJ means knowing exactly when things will happen, and you certainly won’t be unprepared for any mishaps. While ENTJs are great at the planning aspect, they can benefit from having someone who can help them relax as well. Sometimes they become so caught up in making things perfect that they forget to take a breath.


INTPs aren’t always great at planning and can actually become a bit stressed with this. They are more spontaneous people, who are likely to go on vacation in a more spur of the moment manner. When it comes to sitting down and planning a future vacation, they benefit from having someone to help them. They can become stressed with having to plan it all themselves, and will feel a bit smothered in this situation. Notetaking can be truly helpful for INTPs, as well as having someone to help them organize their millions of thoughts and plans for the trip.


ENTPs are very spontaneous people, and sometimes they struggle with planning things out. They are great at coming up with all of the potential ways that something can go wrong, which does help them know how to be more prepared. For the ENTP teaming up with someone who is very organized is often the best way for them to plan their trip. They can help with the idea aspect, and have someone else who is good at keeping track of everything and putting the final touches on the trip itself.



ISTJs are excellent planners, so putting together a vacation can be natural for them. They can plan every detail down to perfection, and often know how to keep it all organized with ease. Preparing for things is often where the ISTJs strengths lie, making it rather easy for them to organize a great vacation. Where the ISTJ needs to adjust their vacation tactics, is learning where to back off a bit. Sometimes they can plan things far too much, making them forget how to relax and actually enjoy the experience. They need someone who can show them how to be spontaneous once in a while, so that the entire trip isn’t plan down to the second.


ESTJs are often great planners, especially when they have people who can help them carry out their tasks. ESTJs can often become overwhelmed when they are planning a vacation for themselves and their loved ones, forgetting to take a step back. Having to make sure everything is properly put together and they are prepared for anything, can definitely be overwhelming. ESTJs often know how to plan, they simply forget how to actually relax before the trip arrives. They need someone who can help them get things done and show them how to relax once in a while.


ISFJs are often good at planning things, but they can be a bit meticulous when it comes to the details. They want to make sure everything is perfect, and can become stressed out trying to ensure that they get everything taken care of. The ISFJ needs to remember to be a bit spontaneous at times, so it helps them to have people around who inspire this. They can overdo the planning aspect of the trip and forget to take a breath once in a while. ISFJs need time alone to recharge and during the planning process they need to remember it is okay to relax. Planning ahead does often help them feel more relaxed though, and making sure everything is taken care well before the last minute.


ESFJs are often the ones to try and take over and plan the vacations for their loved ones. They become extremely focused on getting things done and planning out the important details. It can actually be pretty stressful for the ESFJ, since their minds are often running through so many things they need to take care of. One of the absolute best ways for the ESFJ to plan their trip is to make sure they write everything down. Having lists of what needs to be done can help them keep track and feel much more relaxed as they begin checking things off. ESFJs need to learn to breathe once in a while, and not become so obsessed with making things perfect for everyone.



ISTPs aren’t often seen as planners and are usually more spontaneous people. When it comes to planning out a vacation they benefit from having someone who can help keep them focused. ISTPs also need to give themselves certain deadlines, or else they might leave the more important tasks to last minute. They know how to have fun and relax when the times comes, what they need help with is actually executing certain parts of the planning process. Having everything written down and recorded will help the ISTP avoid forgetting certain details.


ESTPs can sometimes become annoyed with planning out the details of a trip, and might leave certain things to last minute. If they are excited about the vacation they will certainly enjoy being able to put it together. The ESTP often needs to write everything down, and also set certain deadlines for themselves. Having deadlines helps them to make sure they get things done, or else they will definitely procrastinate when it comes to planning their trip and executing the details of everything.


Planning isn’t always the most exciting thing for the ISFP, but that doesn’t mean they are incapable of it. Writing everything down and having plenty of notebooks to record the details, is truly helpful. They often know what details to add in order to make a vacation truly exciting for everyone, they just struggle to remember things. Being able to write down every detail and bit of important information, is what will help the ISFP plan their vacation without trouble. They also need someone to help keep them excited about the trip, someone who will talk about it and plan with them.


ESFPs are seen as spontaneous people, but they are surprisingly good at planning something that they are excited about. ESFPs can often plan trips and do research on the different things that are important to the vacation. Where the ESFP needs assistance is keeping things organized, so they often benefit from having various notebooks to keep everything written down in. They also need someone who is good at finalizing things and making sure certain preparations are carried out. With the right person at their side the ESFP is actually great at planning a vacation.


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