Could the Answers to True Love Be in Your DNA?


Some people are personally offended by the idea that science can give them the answers to relationship compatibility. While others favor the thought of bringing DNA and statistical evidence to the table. Regardless of your personal feelings towards the matter, DNA is a constant and can now be used to test just how compatible you are with your lover.

Long-term relationships are very important to most people, and in our current times making things last seems to be more challenging than ever. What if you could test the strength of your relationship with a simple DNA test? Well the folks at Instant Chemistry are doing just that. All you have to do is order their kit, set up your online profile, spit in a tube, send it off and then check online for your results

How it Works

First step is ordering the DNA test from Instant Chemistry. After that you register your kit online and set up a profile with them. Along with the DNA test you take a psychological assessment, developed by a clinical psychologist. The psychology test is developed on the principal of four basic interpersonal factors (social, dominant, submissive and intimate behavior).

The DNA analysis examines each person’s serotonin transporter gene and human leukocyte antigen (HLA), or immune system genes. The co-founders Ron Gonzalez (psychologist and neuroscientist) and his wife Sara Seabrook (geneticist), say that the more differences between two peoples immune systems, the more attractive they will find one another. This is because a child created from this union is now going to have strengths from both immune systems coming together.

The serotonin transporter gene is a gene that determines human personality. It shows traits such as if a person is more even-tempered or if they are prone to mood swings. This test is important in understanding someone’s emotional behavior, which can determine if your reactions are compatible.

While the psychology assessment is important, it is of course less reliable. Anyone can misunderstand a question or give an inaccurate self-assessment. Testing your DNA and genetic makeup, isn’t something you can “cheat” on.

Your Results

In the end you are presented with your assessment online. Your results contain, genetic compatibility, emotional compatibility and personality compatibility.

“Just because you get a low score doesn’t mean we’re saying you shouldn’t be together. But if we see any genes that may play a role in marital satisfaction, then we can help young people who are looking to enter into a relationship avoid the people who, based on research, may limit their satisfaction over time,” says Gonzalez.

The test is just 200 dollars and may be able to help you understand more about your relationship. Adding “science to the art of matchmaking”.

In the end everyone has to decide if they are truly compatible for themselves. While these seem like intriguing solutions to learning more about your natural relationship compatibility, they can’t be the only answers. My personal belief is that relationship compatibility is about much more than just DNA and psychology preferences. But hey, maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic.

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