INTP Writers: How the INTP Can Overcome Writer’s Block

For some people writing is almost as natural as breathing. Their words are important to them and being able to string them together in just the right ways, helps them to truly express their inner selves and emotions. Writing can be a powerful tool to help us share who we are, but also to convey a message that might be challenging to speak out loud. Writing also can help people connect to one another, and find unique ways of venting out those inner feelings and even learning how to understand them better than we did before. For some people writing is deeply important to who they are and how they share themselves, while for others it doesn’t share this same value.

It is important to remember that while INTPs are logical people, there is much more to them than just this. They also have rich and creative inner minds, and find themselves interested in a wide variety of different subjects and ideas. Since INTPs can find themselves intrigued my so many hobbies and subjects, they might even find that writing is appealing to them. Many INTPs do enjoy writing and can be rather good at it as well. It all depends on the individual, but even the best of writer’s can experience writer’s block from time to time. For the INTP there are various reasons why they might be drawn to writing, as well as reasons why they find themselves struggling with the curse of writer’s block.

INTP Writers

INTPs aren’t necessarily naturals when it comes to expressing themselves verbally, as their thoughts can get jumbled and they struggle to find a clear way to explain things. Having the time to just sit down and write everything out without feeling pressured, can actually be really helpful for the INTP. They have so much going on inside of their own minds, and it can be hard for people to really keep up with their thought process at times. The INTP might want to be able to express or explain something, but they need time and space to do so. Writing can be a useful tool for them, as it gives them the distance they need to process their thoughts and find a way to explain it to others in a clear and precise manner. For the INTP writing really can be a great way to work through their own thoughts as well, giving them a chance to write things out and really see how it looks when they read it back to themselves. This can also be a great way for them to show their feelings towards someone they care about, and it can help them find the right words. While it isn’t always easy or natural for the INTP, they do want to be able to express that they care for those closest to them. Writing is often much easier than having to verbalize things to others, especially in the present moment with the pressure of the situation.

INTPs also enjoy being able to share and spread information, and writing can be a great way to do this. They spend so much time learning and coming up with new ideas and solutions to problems, and so they might want to share this knowledge with others. For the INTP being able to write something which can help others, is certainly something which would be rewarding for them. It might not be something the INTP dives into, but it likely crosses their minds at some point in their lives. The idea of being able to write a book or create something which can help share their conclusions and ideas, is really thrilling for them. INTPs have so much information and they want to be able to provide others with something which can be helpful and make a real difference.

INTPs are also naturally creative people and they might even enjoy exploring different creative writing options. They are good at coming up with new ideas and have truly vivid imaginations. Their rich inner thoughts can really help the INTP create these complex worlds with their stories. It might be hard for the INTP to share this type of writing with people, since they don’t like feeling vulnerable around other people. They keep their emotions to themselves most of the time, and when it comes to writing it can be a truly open and exposed thing to show others.

INTP Writer’s Block

For the INTP their writer’s block often appears to just be a lack of motivation, but for the INTP it is so much more. This can often come from feeling a sense of self-doubt or a fear of failing and not being good enough. This causes the INTP to experience stress over their writing, and they find themselves having a hard time finding the motivation to continue, even when they want to. Sometimes the best way to get themselves out of this slump, is simply by writing anything that comes to their mind. They don’t need to focus on organizing and keeping structure, instead the INTP will benefit from just allowing the creativity to flow in whatever direction it wants to. Sometimes just allowing their writing to go off into different directions can help them keep their thoughts moving, and gives them a chance to break through that writer’s block they are experiencing.

INTPs can benefit from things like brainstorming as well, since it gives them space to explore different options. It can be hard for them to let go of the pressure they experience, but this is an important part of the process. They have so many ideas and unique thoughts, but the pressure really does make it hard for them to trust in themselves at times. Believing in their own abilities really is an important part of writing for the INTP, or really being able to succeed at anything important to them.

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