How Each Personality Type Responds to Art

How Each Personality Type Responds to Art

Everyone has their own personal take on art in its many different forms. Some people are attracted to beauty, while others enjoy the darker side of the artistic world. Some are merely great at appreciating the talents of others- while some are amazing at partaking in their own creative abilities. Here is how each personality type is most likely to respond to art.


INFJs often have a great appreciation for art, and enjoy observing unique creations. They might not always enjoy the typical or popular artistic expressions, but they can appreciate something that inspires them. Even the INFJ is not artistic themselves, they will certainly enjoy exploring the beauty that others can create. They often have excellent taste, even if it isn’t always the most popular. INFJs might find themselves intrigued by a style of art, well before its time- making them pioneers in a way.

Many INFJs are both artistic and logical people, which can make their creations rather special. The only struggle for an artistic INFJ, is that their tendency to be perfectionists- which can often make it rather difficult. They will struggle to believe that their work is actually finished, and might never feel like it is truly living up to their own standards. Some of their art, whether it be a painting or a piece of writing- might be seen as dark or hard to understand for some people. For those who can appreciate the true talent of an INFJ, it is often an incredible thing to observe and enjoy.


ENFJs are often aware of what “good” art is, and are great at spotting things that others will also enjoy. They truly enjoy unique and special creations, and often appreciate when there is a story behind whatever art-form they are exploring.

ENFJs often make excellent writers, and artists, but they are often very hard on themselves. They might struggle to believe that their work is finished, and will continue perfecting it for a very long time. ENFJs often have a knack for just about anything they put their mind to- making their artistic skills rather impressive most of the time. Even for ENFJs who do not feel like their skills are all that impressive, they often have a strong connection with the art that they see in the world around them.


INFPs are often seen as the natural artists of the world, this comes from the fact that they have incredibly creative and vivid minds. Their inner world is rich and filled with so much imagination, which causes the INFP to have a knack for creating. They often enjoy many different art-forms, such as writing or even making music. INFPs are often very passionate about art, and will see it as an outlet to express themselves.

INFPs however, might struggle with actually finishing their creations. They will have an incredible idea boiling inside of them, but it is not always easy for them to motivate themselves to finish their projects. INFPs might spend a long period of time waiting for the right inspiration to strike them before actually jumping into the creative process.


The great thing about ENFP artists, is that they are rarely limited to one type of artistic skill. There are so many different possibilities, and the ENFP often enjoy exploring them all. The ENFP might begin by writing stories, but find themselves intrigued by something else- like animation for example. There are so many different outlets for creativity, which makes ENFPs excellent at discovering them.

ENFPs might become bored easily though, and jump from one project to the other without finishing them. This makes them fun and passionate people, but also causes them to forget about certain creations or hobbies. If the ENFP is enraptured by a truly passionate moment- they will find themselves capable of remaining focused on their art in the present moment.


Many INTJs will surprise people with their writing abilities, and can even create a flow of truly beautiful words. They might not always show this side of themselves to others, and may even avoid sharing their writing or art. INTJs are actually very creative people, because of their rich inner minds. They have plenty of ideas about what they believe is good art, but may keep these things to themselves.

INTJs might not make a lot of time for the enjoyment of art, especially if they are busy diving into an important task. They do however, know how to enjoy the art around them- and might find themselves intrigued by specific styles. INTJs not only enjoy viewing beautiful art, they also may enjoy watching it while it is being created. Being able to experience the process, is something that will really intrigue the INTJ.


ENTJs often have a strong appreciation for art, and might find themselves with rather strong opinions about what is “good” art. They often enjoy observing beautiful artwork, and will take time to appreciate it fully. They might not have much time for this- but when they do ENTJs enjoy many different styles of art.

Some ENTJs find themselves exploring their artistic side as well- since they do often have it buried inside of them. When an ENTJ does take the time to explore this part of themselves, it can truly be amazing. They have a lot of deep emotions, ones that they do not express or tap into much- but with the right canvas they can really thrive.


INTPs often have a unique taste in art, and may even find themselves interested in certain styles well before their time. INTPs have a way of being interested in certain trends, before they even become popular. This can cause them to seem odd to others, since those people aren’t aware that the INTP is simply observing things before they become noticed by the crowd. This makes INTPs interest in art appear rather unique to others- but they certainly have good taste.

INTPs can sometimes be very talented when it comes to drawing or even writing. They might not take time to explore this side of themselves, since their minds are constantly running through different ideas. INTPs desire to figure things out and problem solve, might cause them to avoid their more artistic sides. It is actually important for the INTP to take time for themselves, and use some of this time to explore their artistic creativity more.


ENTPs are excellent at making things, even if they do not consider themselves artists. They might be excellent at design in many forms- such as video game design, or even architecture. ENTPs are rather talented people, even if they don’t explore a more typical artistic side. They are great at appreciating art, but are often eager to bounce from one project to the next rather quickly. ENTPs dislike staying still for too long, and because of this they are constantly exploring and trying new things.

The ENTP might not stick to one project, or sit down long enough to create a stunning painting- but they are incredibly creative people. They are often great at working with others in order to build something that is truly astonishing.


ISTJs often truly enjoy viewing art, and may not consider themselves artists. Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule- and some ISTJs might find themselves incredibly skilled at drawing, especially if they take the time to practice this. An ISTJ who grew up in a household filled with other artistic individuals- will likely pick up a talent for this. They are products of their surroundings, which means they learn from what they see and understand. ISTJs are often good at just about anything they put their minds to- so their ability to create art depends entirely on the environment.

ISTJs who are not artistically inclined, are often observers and appreciators of art. They may not come up with a long list of reasons why they enjoy a piece, but they are certainly capable of seeing the skill that went into creating it. They also will appreciate the hard work and effort done by someone, especially if they cannot do it themselves.


ESTJs are not usually the most artistically inclined people, but that doesn’t mean they do not appreciate beauty. They might find themselves struggling to make time for art in their lives, since the ESTJ prefers to get things done. They want to be able to accomplish their goals, and setting aside time to be creative is very likely to hinder that desire.

ESTJs will more likely appreciate art done by someone that they care about, and might not take notice to others people’s skills. If someone they love is talented enough to create something, the ESTJ will likely admire them for it and truly feel proud of them.


ISFJs are very inward and introverted people, who enjoy spending time by themselves. Because of this desire to be alone, the ISFJ will often enjoy many different forms of art. They might like sitting down with a good book, or even take time to explore music that they love.

If an ISFJ grew up in a household where art was loved and appreciated, they will likely share in this themselves. They ISFJ might even have some skills of their own when it comes to making music or even writing. ISFJs are also likely to enjoy artwork done by their loved ones, since it helps them feel connected to those people.


ESFJs often appreciate art, especially if it comes from the people they love. They want to feel connected to their loved ones, so this is often a great way for them to do so. If someone the ESFJ cares for is artistically inclined, they will often become their biggest fan.

ESFJs also enjoy music and many different forms of creation. They might even have a secretly “nerdy” side that they struggle to share with the world. ESFJs enjoy diving into anything that they feel passionate about, and might even be excellent writers. ESFJs might not always find the time to explore their artistic abilities, but are often good at just about anything they put their minds to.


ISTPs are skilled at making things with their hands, and because of this they might even enjoy creating art. This might not be something that causes them to enjoy the typical forms of art, but ISTPs do enjoy exploring new things. ISTPs might be good at sculpting, or specific types of design.

They often find themselves inspired by music, especially since it brings out their emotions. If anything can tap into the feelings of an ISTP, it is their connection with music. This does not mean that the ISTP enjoy creating or playing music, they simply have a strong appreciation for it.


ESTPs certainly enjoy things that are visually beautiful, but might find themselves less artistically inclined. The ESTP is constantly on the go, seeking out new adventures and excitements. This desire to keep themselves busy, can often cause the ESTP to avoid their artistic side. They might be able to appreciate the beautiful things that they see, and may even have an attraction to the darker side of art. Viewing certain styles of art can truly bring out the inner emotions of the ESTP.


ISFPs are sensitive souls, with a natural ability for creative art. ISFPs are often extremely connected to anything that is visually beautiful. They love appreciating their surroundings, and art plays a big role in this. ISFPs can often find something creative or artistic about many different things- and might find themselves appreciating sights that other people simply do not understand.

ISFPs are also commonly artists themselves, with a knack for sharing their talents with others. Although they ISFP is often shy and introverted- they can occasionally find themselves taking a step outside of their comfort zone in order to express themselves to others.


ESFPs are often capable of appreciating beautiful art, especially if it is rich and extravagant. ESFPs enjoy beauty very much, and know how to take part in everything that is best in life. They are passionate souls, with a thirst for adventure. ESFPs might not always take time to explore their own creative side, but they often have some sort of artistic skill. When they do take the time to dive into it, it is rather impressive. ESFPs do not usually make time for their art, and would rather enjoy viewing the creations of others.

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