What Each Personality Type Thinks of Physical Appearance

Physical appearance can be a sensitive subject, especially since most people do not want to admit its importance to them. Although it is not the most vital aspect of an individual, it is one part. Here is how each personality type feels about their own physical appearance, as well as the appearance of others.


Their Own Appearance

INFJs can often fluctuate when it comes to their desire to maintain their personal appearance. They are either complete perfectionists, or they go through stages of not caring at all. The INFJ who is focusing more on being a perfectionist, will want to take the time to make sure they are perfectly groomed. They will do their nails, hair and possibly even makeup- all in an effort to ensure that they look put together perfectly. This is often for themselves, and helps them to feel more comfortable and confident. INFJs often put effort in to their appearance, depending on how they feel that day. If they aren’t feeling great about themselves, it might be a struggle to get ready for the day. It can be an endless loop, and because of this they might be less concerned with their physical appearance. When an INFJ does take time to look good, it isn’t for shallow reasons- they simply want to take time to portray the right image.

The Appearance of Others

INFJs do notice certain details about someone’s appearance, and will pay close attention. They rarely judge someone because of imperfections, and are much more interested in the heart and intentions of an individual. INFJs crave deep connections, and because of this they won’t become hung up on shallow details. They do notice beauty in the world around them, and will be put off by poor hygiene- but this doesn’t mean that the INFJ will refuse to help someone because of their physical appearance. They often become more attracted to someone, based on who they are as a person. INFJs enjoy beauty, but are often capable of seeing it in the strangest of places.


Their Own Appearance

ENFJs usually take a lot of pride in their appearance- and might even be perfectionists in this way. They want to be sure that they are putting themselves out there in the right way. ENFJs realize that people will treat them differently depending on how their appearance is- because of this they understand that it is important to look their best. They want to be able to navigate the world around them and be successful, and sometimes that requires a little extra effort. ENFJs also enjoy feeling good about themselves, and often this translates into how much time they spend getting ready.

The Appearance of Others

ENFJs will notice the appearance of other people, and actually enjoy the beauty in the world around them. They are often capable of finding beauty in even the oddest of places though, and might be attracted to things that other people are not. ENFJs will not be cruel to someone who does not keep up with their appearance, and dislike looking down on others because of this. They simply take notice of even the slightest change in appearance, but this often comes from a place of caring and consideration.


Their Own Appearance

INFPs don’t place a high importance on physical appearance, but that doesn’t mean they will neglect this part of themselves. They simply do not adhere to styles that other people deem appropriate, and would prefer to express their own personal style. INFPs want to feel comfortable and confident in their appearance, but that doesn’t mean they are obsessed with looking perfect. They are usually focused on major things, like proper hygiene and not appearing too “frumpy”. They certainly won’t spend hours getting ready, unless the INFP is hoping to catch the attention of someone special. They might invest a little more energy in their appearance if they are attempting to attract someone that they have feelings for.

The Appearance of Others

INFPs don’t usually care much about the physical appearance of others. They have a knack for finding beauty in everyone, even in the smallest of ways. They enjoy being around people who they can connect with on a deeper level, and often this has nothing to do with physical appearance. They might find themselves very attracted to someone’s appearance at first, but if they are not kind of heart, the INFP will no longer be interested in them.


Their Own Appearance

ENFPs may not be obsessed with their physical appearance, but they often take time to make themselves look nice. They often have their own sense of style, and might even be trendsetters in this way. ENFPs are naturally charming individuals, and they enjoy being well received by others. They will often keep their hygiene in absolute top shape, and enjoy feeling confident about themselves. ENFPs will not obsessed over what other people think of them, and will likely spend time looking good for their own enjoyment. ENFPs don’t NEED to look good, but they do like to make themselves look nice.

The Appearance of Others

ENFPs will often notice aesthetics, and prefer to be around people who have good hygiene. They find themselves initially drawn to people that they find physically appealing, but will fall for someone who sparks their soul. ENFPs also find certain quirky characteristics attractive in people, and enjoy people who are confident in their own skin. They do not find physical appearance to be nearly as important as personality or compassion- but they enjoy someone who takes pride in themselves and how they look.


Their Own Appearance

INTJs often take pride in the way they look, and find it important to look presentable. INTJs have their own sense of style, and this often works out nicely for them. They tend to be perfectionists, and might not feel 100% confident in their physical appearance- but they won’t allow themselves to obsess over the details that they cannot change. INTJs definitely find intelligence and capabilities more important than appearance, but they believe in being their absolute best selves. Because of their desire to constantly grow and develop, INTJs will often take time to make themselves look nice when they can.

The Appearance of Others

INTJs find the appearance of others important, especially for someone they are interested in dating. They don’t find appearance nearly as important as mental capacity, or generally intriguing personality traits. INTJs want someone who takes pride in themselves, and this includes taking time to make themselves look nice. They don’t expect someone to look perfect all of the time, but they do enjoy someone who knows how to clean up nicely when they go out- or who takes time to look professional at work. INTJs understand the important of appearance, and although it is not a deal breaker, they do enjoy connecting with people who respect themselves enough to spend time looking nice. INTJs might find themselves attracted to different physical qualities than most people, but they do find this attraction very important.


Their Own Appearance

ENTJs enjoy looking nice, and will often take pride in their physical appearance. They might have a unique sense of style, but they often refine it into something more appropriate. ENTJs understand that in order to be successful, they need to keep up with their physical appearance. They will often take time to dress nice, and keep themselves groomed constantly. ENTJs enjoy being able to look nice, especially when it comes to impressing someone they are romantically interested in.

The Appearance of Others

ENTJs find physical appearance in others rather important, although not nearly as important as intelligence or talent. ENTJs enjoy people who are capable of keeping up with their hygiene, but might find themselves attracted to someone who has a rather unique style. They enjoy people who are confident in themselves, and who take pride in their appearance. ENTJs don’t mind if someone has a style that is completely different than their own, and might even find that endearing.


Their Own Appearance

INTPs might not find appearance to be of vital importance, but they do not want to be seen as a slob. They might spend some days completely engrossed in their own thoughts, and won’t expend any energy on their appearance. Other days the INTP might find themselves focusing on how they dress or style their hair. INTPs often have a unique sense of style, but might actually be trendsetters in many ways. They don’t place too much importance on physical appearance, but they do enjoy taking time on themselves once in awhile.

The Appearance of Others

INTPs find physical appearance to be much less important than personality or intelligence. They enjoy being around people who can keep up with them, and who have a sense of passion. INTPs often find themselves attracted to certain physical qualities that are rather quirky and unique. They do not always enjoy the typical idea of beauty, and might even have their own ideas about what is attractive. INTPs do not mind if someone is not perfectly put together- and might even be turned off by someone who spends too much time getting ready. As long as people have good hygiene, and are confident in themselves, the INTP will not care about much else.


Their Own Appearance

ENTPs are aware that people will respond more positively to them if they spend a little more time on their appearance. ENTPs don’t place a high value on physical appearance, but it does matter to them. They often are skilled at intentionally putting themselves together in a way that looks nice, but does not make it obvious that they tried all that hard. ENTPs have a natural charm, and their sometimes disheveled appearance is just another part of that. It might appear like the ENTP doesn’t try, but that is often intentional. ENTPs will often take a little extra time to look nice if they are attempting to attract someone they are romantically interested in.

The Appearance of Others

ENTPs don’t place too much important on the appearance of others, and might even find themselves close friends with some rather slob-like people. ENTPs won’t find themselves attracted to someone with poor hygiene, but they don’t require that their romantic partner keep their appearance perfect at all times. They are more attracted to someone with an active mind, and an intriguing way of thinking. They might find themselves attracted to physical qualities that are not stereotypically beautiful- since ENTPs have their own unique interests and desires.


Their Own Appearance

ISTJs definitely understand that they will be received differently if they do not keep up with their physical appearances. They might not spend as much time getting ready when they are younger, but the more mature ISTJ will likely change their views. They probably don’t spend a ridiculous amount of time getting ready, but they do time to look nice. They want to be perceived well by others, especially in the workplace. ISTJs often do not have trouble figuring out what the current trends are, and know how to appeal to those around them.

The Appearance of Others

ISTJs find it important that the people close to them have good hygiene, but they aren’t obsessed with their physical appearance. As long as they take pride in themselves and put forth a little effort- the ISTJ will be pleased with this result. They focus more on how hard someone works and how much effort they put into the other aspects of their lives. Physical appearance holds a certain level of importance, but there are many things that are much more vital to them.


Their Own Appearance

ESTJs realize that it is important to keep themselves looking nice, especially when it comes to being in a work environment. They do not always pay close attention to details, especially if they have a million other things going on. ESTJs do however, take time to ensure that they look presentable. To them physical appearance is an important part of their daily lives, and they want to be seen as capable of keeping up with others. Even if the ESTJ misses a certain odd detail about their appearance, their charisma and fast-talking ways, will certainly keep others from noticing.

The Appearance of Others

ESTJs often notice the appearance of others, but they don’t find this extremely important as far as friendships go. They might have friends who are a bit messy with their appearance, and even if this annoys the ESTJ it won’t cause them to shun that person. As long as the people in their circle are considerate and helpful, the ESTJ will not want to judge them based on looks. As far as romance goes- the ESTJ might find themselves initially attracted to someone’s good looks, but confidence is truly key.


Their Own Appearance

ISFJs often keep themselves very well maintained, and spend a decent amount of time on their physical appearance. They do not think this is the most important thing, but they know that it plays a role in how they are perceived by others. They will often keep their hygiene at the highest of standards, and will make sure that they are well groomed whenever they leave the house. They might spend some introverted time by themselves, and during this time they might not focus as strongly on their grooming. ISFJs do find it very important to keep themselves looking nice though, especially in front of others or in the workplace.

The Appearance of Others

ISFJs certainly notice the appearance of others- and although it is not the most important quality, it does matter to them. They want to spend their time with people who take pride in themselves and actually care about their hygiene. ISFJs will not be rude to someone who doesn’t spend time on their appearance, and truly never want to upset someone. They will find themselves more interested in people who do care about how they look though, but place more importance on who they are as a person.


Their Own Appearance

ESFJs do often care about their physical appearance, and want to be received well by others. They know that physical appearance is an important thing, especially in the workplace. ESFJs do however, but the needs of others above spending time in the mirror. They will do what they can to look presentable, but might not find themselves spending a long time getting ready each morning. ESFJs definitely have priorities- and although they want to look nice, it is not the number thing on their list. When they do have the time though, ESFJs often know how to make themselves look very nice to others.

The Appearance of Others

ESFJs notice the way other people look, but this is mostly related to hygiene. They do not find themselves drawn to people based on their looks, and might consider themselves to be much less shallow. They care for people based on their personality, and how that person treats them. ESFJs know that looks are important, but they are not nearly as important as who someone is as a person.


Their Own Appearance

ISTPs do take time to look presentable, but they rarely obsess over their appearance. They have a natural charm about them, and often find that this gets them a long way. They are usually rather confident, and choose not to worry about things they cannot change. ISTPs will often have their own unique sense of style, which goes over well with most people. They enjoy looking nice, and will especially take time to dress up if the occasion requires it. ISTPs simply are not obsessed with their appearance, and prefer to spend their time on more important matters.

The Appearance of Others

ISTPs certainly notice the appearance of others, since they physically oriented people. They care about how people look to an extent, but do not value this above integrity and intelligence. ISTPs will notice if someone takes time to look nice, and will certainly appreciate this effort. Once the ISTP cares for someone though, they certainly don’t expect them to look their best all of the time.


Their Own Appearance

ESTPs care about their appearance, but they certainly are not obsessed with it. They will spend time buying clothing that they like, and enjoy dressing nicely. ESTPs sometimes become distracted by work and other things- because of this they can become a bit more laid back about their appearance. If they are too busy to spend time getting ready, they will certainly not waste that time making themselves look perfect. ESTPs aren’t afraid to use their charm as a way to distract people, if they haven’t spent much time getting ready that day.

The Appearance of Others

ESTPs notice the appearance of others, but they often find themselves attracted to oddities in people. They do not always find themselves interested in the stereotypical ideas of beauty, and prefer people who are a bit unique. ESTPs find physical appearance important, but not nearly as important as how someone treats them. They want people in their lives who care about them, and who make them feel good about themselves.


Their Own Appearance

ISFPs will take time to perfect their own personal style, but don’t care much about how other people perceive them. They want to be themselves, even if the way they dress appears a bit eccentric or odd. They usually are well-liked though, and their unique sense of style goes very well with others. They can often be trendsetters, without even intending to do this. ISFPs care about their appearance, but this is more of an internal thing than an external issue. They want to be a good person, and this is much more important to them than looking nice all of the time.

The Appearance of Others

While physical attraction is important, ISFPs find personality to be much more vital. They are mostly interested in finding emotional attraction with the people they surround themselves with. They will notice certain physical traits, but actually find themselves attracted to certain things that others might find odd. ISFPs enjoy being around people who are unique, and often do not care much about what other people think.


Their Own Appearance

ESFPs definitely care about their physical appearance, especially since they realize how important this is to others. They do not want people to judge them for their looks, and will spend plenty of time getting ready each day. They enjoy taking pride in their looks, and want to be sure that other people perceive them positively. ESFPs will not obsess over appearance, but it is important to them.

The Appearance of Others

ESFPs definitely notice the physical appearance of others, and find this to be an important quality. They want to be with someone who takes pride in how they look. They certainly don’t want people around them who obsess over appearance, but it is an important quality. ESFPs find themselves attracted to individuals who care about their appearance, and who understand how important it is in the real world.

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