Here’s How You Feel About Star-Crossed Love, Based on Your Personality Type

For some the idea of star-crossed lovers is romantic and represents a love that lasts even when they can no longer be together. For others this idea is heartbreaking and even frustrating, since they prefer things that are tangible and lasting. Here is how you feel about star-crossed love, based on your personality type.



INFJs might actually find themselves romanticizing the idea of star-crossed lovers in some ways, seeing the everlasting idea about it. The thought of having a love so intense but fate wants to tear it apart, can feel truly powerful in their minds. They especially feel this way if the couple continues to fight to be together, no matter what seems to crumble around them. In some ways this can be a heartbreaking idea for the INFJ, but part of their romantic hearts can feel drawn to it. They sometimes find themselves intrigued by things that are a bit somber, and that can sometimes idea to the romantic feeling.


ENFJs might have a hard time with the idea of star-crossed lovers, as it might be a little painful for them. They have to be able to obtain the things they want in life, and don’t like feeling distance from people they care for. At the same time they might find it romantic, imagining a love so intense that it lives on even when the world is trying to tear them apart. For the ENFJ this can definitely be an appealing and yet heartbreaking thought, all at once. They are complex people with rather intricate emotions, and so sometimes the heartbreaking thing can seem a bit romantic at the same time.


INFPs do have rather romantic hearts, and so the thought of star-crossed lovers will likely touch that part of them deeply. The idea of two people so madly in love and yet even fate wants to tear them apart, is both romantic and painfully tragic to the INFP. They might be drawn to this idea though, since they are not afraid of intense emotions like this. They actually prefer emotions that are powerful, since that means they are not shallow and won’t be lacking in true meaning. While it might be something that makes them feel sad, at the same time they will likely believe that it is romantic as well.


ENFPs do have romantic hearts deep down, and so they might find the idea of star-crossed lovers to be truly touching. The thought that two people can be in love and yet have outside things try to tear them apart, is certainly something they could see as romantic. At the same time they might not want this for themselves, and would rather have something that is tangible and lasting. ENFPs can imagine many different ideas and situations, and so they can certainly see how star-crossed lovers can be a romantic notion.



INTJs might find the idea of star-crossed lovers to be a bit dramatic and absurd. They aren’t often the most romantic people, and can become a bit drained by the thought of it. INTJs will likely look at the idea of star-crossed lovers and think that it is a foolish notion to romanticize, since it often ends in disaster and heartbreak. INTJs are more likely to value a relationship that functions well and last without constant trouble. The drama of star-crossed lovers is not something they are likely to look at fondly, instead it will seem like people who just shouldn’t be going against the odds to be together.


ENTJs don’t often romanticize the idea of star-crossed lovers, instead they might find it a bit annoying. They are more drawn to a lover story where the couple overcomes obstacles and aren’t fated to be torn apart. ENTJs value committed and a choice to stick together through thick and thin. For them it isn’t often romantic or sweet to see two people who cannot seem to remain together because everything tears them apart. ENTJs aren’t outwardly romantic people, but they do value their relationships deeply and for them it is more valuable to have a connection that works fluidly.


For the INTP the idea of star-crossed lovers can seem a bit irrational and overly romanticized. They would rather see people who work together harmoniously, and who don’t constantly have things tearing them apart. INTPs don’t usually value the notion that there is some outside force that can try and pull people apart, which is exactly what star-crossed lovers are. They don’t usually idealize something like this, instead they often see the holes and flaws in the situation. INTPs try to approach things from a logical view, instead of looking at things emotionally.


ENTPs aren’t often emotional people and are much more focused on things they can logically understand. They don’t really like romanticizing ideas that seem foolish or over the top. For the ENTP star-crossed lovers often seems a bit like an excuse for their constant mistakes, instead of some romantic notion. While they do have a romantic part of themselves, it is often more focused on something real and sustainable. ENTPs don’t really like the idea of some heartbreaking and ill-fated romance, instead they value something that works and functions well.



ISTJs aren’t usually drawn to unrealistic and romantic notions, especially something like star-crossed lovers. This can be a bit dramatic for the likes of the ISTJ, since they value things in a more practical manner. For the ISTJ star-crossed loved can feel like something that is a waste of time and energy, since they prefer something more stable and realistic. They believe in a love that withstands struggles, but also they rarely believe in something like fat stepping in and messing things up for them.


ESTJs don’t usually find themselves drawn to the idea of star-crossed lovers, instead they are more interested in something stable and tangible. They aren’t naturally the most romantic people, instead they are practical. They value a commitment that will last, and a relationship that is stable and cohesive. ESTJs really don’t find themselves interested in over the top romantic ideals, especially something like star-crossed lovers. They often believe that people make their own fate, and don’t believe in some unrealistic force taking over.


ISFJs might be romantics at heart, but they are also practical people. The idea of star-crossed lovers can be a bit romantic to them, but it is also a bit upsetting at the same time. ISFJs value relationships that can last and likely become upset by things that seem destined to be torn apart. For them star-crossed lovers might be a bit too painful to really be something that they admire or enjoy the thought of. ISFJs want to imagine a love that is meant to be, not something that is fated to be destroyed.


ESFJs do have a romantic side, and often dream of a love that will last. While they can be rather romantic people, star-crossed lovers can be something that upsets them a bit. The thought of people not being able to make things work because fate is tearing them apart, often feels a too heartbreaking. They are often more drawn to the idea of a romance that is fated to be together, instead of meant to be torn apart. ESFJs want to be with someone who they are committed to, and who is completely committed to them in return. They value something real and tangible, instead of something that can’t happen.



ISTPs often value things that are practical and logical, and so the idea of star-crossed lovers can seem a bit much. They don’t really value something so dramatic and over the top, and so they likely aren’t all that intrigued by the idea. For ISTPs it is better to have a romance that is lasting and actually works without much trouble or drama. For the ISTP these romanticized ideals just aren’t something they find themselves valuing much at all.


ESTPs don’t usually find themselves valuing romantic notions or over the top ideas like star-crossed lovers. They are more interested in things that are practical and something they will value personally. While they do value things that will work, at the same time they can enjoy adventure and excitement. The most appealing thing about star-crossed lovers is often the drama and the intensity. Something like this can take them down a path which is winding and overwhelming for some, but to the ESTP it can be thrilling.


ISFPs are often drawn to the idea of star-crossed lovers, and might find it to be a bit romantic. The thought of two people being madly in love and yet fate strives to tear them apart, it often feels completely romantic. While they might find it a bit heartbreaking, it is still something that they will believe to be touching. They value deep and sincere emotions and dislike anything that is shallow and meaningless.


ESFPs are romantics at heart, and there is often a part of them that is drawn to some sad stories. Star-crossed lovers can actually become something that the ESFP romanticizes, because there is something deep and intense about it. They might feel heartbroken by a story that doesn’t end well, but at the same time they are intrigued by a romance that fights hard to overcome fate and everything that comes against them. They will likely be touched by this idea, even if it makes them feel a bit sad.

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