Here’s How Inappropriate You Can Be, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people believe it is important to always be appropriate, others can veer off a bit. Some people don’t mind being a little bit inappropriate in order to express themselves and to be free. Here is how inappropriate you can be, based on your personality type.



INFJs often try to be appropriate when they are around people, especially in situations where they don’t know others all that well. While INFJs are good at saying and doing the appropriate things, they do have a more inappropriate side where they like to cross boundaries. INFJs often reserve their inappropriate and risqué side for their loved ones, and the special people who they trust entirely. They don’t like showing these less appropriate sides of themselves to strangers, and are often very cordial and reserved around others most of the time.


ENFJs are rarely inappropriate people, especially when they are around strangers. They don’t like embarrassing others or behaving in a way that might cause people to feel uncomfortable around them. ENFJs strive to create a positive environment and want to be able to take care of their loved ones. They don’t like crossing boundaries or pushing people in a way that bothers them. ENFJs enjoy upholding a certain image around most people and so they don’t like doing things that are crossing any lines. When it comes to being around people they trust they can have a somewhat strange or even inappropriate side.


INFPs are often somewhat reserved around new people, and so many parts of their personality can be hidden. Most of the time INFPs hide their inappropriate side, but they can behave in ways that push certain boundaries. If the INFP is behaving inappropriately it is often because they are with someone who makes them feel completely comfortable to make mistakes and be themselves. They follow their hearts when it comes to what they do and say, and want to do what feels right.


ENFPs can have a somewhat inappropriate side, even though they don’t intend to. They simply behave in a way that follow their own morals and inner feelings, and sometimes this can cross a few lines. ENFPs aren’t usually afraid of pushing the limits and doing things that can be deemed as inappropriate or even a bit intense. They simply don’t like having to follow the rules and would rather follow what feels right for them. ENFPs don’t behave inappropriately in order to upset people, they just like seeing where certain actions might lead and sometimes that means being a little out of line.



INTJs are rarely inappropriate people, they usually behave in a way that is cordial and follows certain social expectations. They do have moments where they can say things that feel inappropriate to others, especially since they aren’t always the most tactful people. INTJs speak their mind and want to spread the truth, and so instead of being more emotional they will say things in a factual manner. This tone can be upsetting and even inappropriate in some situations, while that isn’t the INTJs intention.


ENTJs are often good at behaving in an appropriate manner, especially when they are in a business setting. They want to be sure to leave a good impression and they don’t like doing or saying anything that isn’t going to be perceived the right way. While ENTJs do try to be appropriate and often are, there are times when they express things in a tactless manner. Their lack of tact can actually be inappropriate in certain situations, since ENTJs favor the truth and being accurate over being sensitive to the feelings of others.


INTPs are often fairly reserved around new people, and can appear rather internal. This is something that helps them appear more appropriate around others, since they don’t really like being all that vulnerable. Where INTPs can be a bit inappropriate is when they favor precision over being sensitive, and sometimes they can say things that feel a bit harsh. INTPs believe they are being helpful when they are honest, but they aren’t great at reading the emotions of others. Most of the time INTP keep to themselves enough that they don’t behave in a way that is inappropriate.


ENTPs can actually be a bit inappropriate sometimes, especially when they are intentionally pushing boundaries. They sometimes say and do things that push the limits and are seen as entirely inappropriate, but they do this in order to see how things will turn out. ENTPs don’t like following rules, since it can hold them back from actually learning their own limits and the limits of others. They enjoy being able to behave in a bit of an inappropriate manner just to see what the result might be.



ISTJs are definitely inappropriate people, instead they try to do things the right way. They don’t like crossing lines or pushing boundaries, they would much rather be respectful of others. ISTJs also don’t want to be viewed as someone who is inappropriate and would much rather be viewed as respectful and capable people. They focus on getting things done and try to stay minding their own business instead of doing things that push others.


ESTJs try not to be inappropriate people, and rarely do things that will push those boundaries. They value being respectful and following the rules of society. ESTJs also want to be a valued member of their community and being inappropriate in any way could really jeopardize this and other things that are important to them. ESTJs do have some moments where they lack tact, and this can be seen as a bit inappropriate if people aren’t really asking to be corrected by them.


ISFJs are rarely seen as inappropriate people, instead they are often very respectful and kind. They try to do things the right way and don’t want people to view them as rude or inappropriate. ISFJs are compassionate and easily understand social constructs and rules. They don’t usually struggle to behave in a way that is seen as appropriate, they often take this to the next level by being very kind and gracious people.


ESFJs are rarely inappropriate people, instead they try to focus on doing things the right way. They are capable of understanding others and how they should behave in new situations. Their ability to read people helps the ESFJ be appropriate and even gracious. They are often great hosts and hostesses because of this, and are good at connecting with others in a positive way. ESFJs don’t want to do things that are deemed inappropriate, since they value being able to be a valuable member of their community.



ISTPs don’t usually behave in ways that seem inappropriate since they try to avoid getting into people’s business. There are times when they might push the limits though, since they don’t really like having to follow rules. There are times when the ISTP wants to experience the present moment and seek out things that they enjoy. When the ISTP is more focused on doing what they want, they can say and do things that might seem a bit inappropriate.


ESTPs are often charming people who know how to behave in a way that is appropriate and likable. While they are capable of being appropriate, that doesn’t mean they always behave this way. There are some situations where the ESTP might do things that are seen as inappropriate, since they are rather intense people. They live so much in the present moment and don’t like being forced to follow rules, and in these situations they might do things that are inappropriate to others.


ISFPs don’t usually behave in ways that are inappropriate, instead they prefer to do things that feel right for them. They have strong inner morals and strive to do what they believe is right. ISFPs don’t like doing things that might upset people, and so they try to be appropriate most of the time. They do live in the moment and sometimes they can behave in ways that seem a bit unusual or even inappropriate, especially if they are around someone they trust.


ESFPs are considerate people who want to be seen as likable and charming. They don’t want people to see them as inappropriate but there are times when they can be. They live so much in the present moment and do whatever feels right for them, and sometimes this can get them into trouble. While they try to do things the right way, they simply have strong emotions which can guide them in different directions. When the ESFP is inappropriate they often try to find ways to fix the situation and make amends.
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