Seeking Extroversion: When an Introvert Wants to Be Social

While introverts require time alone in order to recharge, this doesn’t mean they don’t want to socialize or interact with others. Many introverts crave a sense of connection and do enjoy having time going out with friends. This is why it is important not to box people in, since there are so many more complexities to consider. Each person has their own individual needs and so it is important to find the balance of being social and having time to themselves. Introverts definitely become emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted if they don’t have plenty of time alone, but they can also become reclusive and unhappy if they don’t have the right type of connections and social interaction. They want to feel close to people, they just might be more particular about the time they spend and the activities they participate in. It is important to find that healthy combination, which is why understanding the different needs of each introverted personality is truly important. 

Why They Need to Socialize

While introverts require a lot of time alone in order to recharge themselves, they still need to find connections. Many introverts crave more close personal connections, which is why one on one socializing can be more rewarding for them. Having friends who understand this can be very rewarding for them, as it gives them a chance to get the closeness they really need. When the introvert is itching to socialize they might start to branch out a bit too much, hoping to fill this void and wanting to find some way to connect. When they do find themselves immersed in too many social situations it can leave them feeling drained far too quickly. This is why it is important for the introvert to learn what kind of connections they need, and how to balance their need for interaction and their need for space.

Many introverts have a strong desire to really connect with people, but this depends on the individual. This is why taking a step deeper and learning more about each person is so important in understanding their personal needs. For the introvert who craves connection and feeling close to others, they need to find ways to fulfill this part of themselves. This can be done by finding the right people who they can really feel close to. Sometimes this means feeling that bond from a distance, while other times it means seeking out one on one time with that person. In other instances introverts can actually be very outgoing people who enjoy having plenty of friends to interact with. Just because they need a lot of time alone, doesn’t mean they dislike being around others when they can. They might actually enjoy being friendly and being seen as charming to others, and so they can put themselves into too many social situations because of this inner desire. For the introvert who wants to connect, finding that middle ground is really important. They can be social and outgoing people, while still really needing time alone in order to recharge and feel like themselves once again. 

How to Find the Balance

Balance is truly important for both introverts and extroverts, which is why finding out what they need is so important. Self-reflection and figuring out your own personal needs when it comes to personal space and connecting with others, is truly the best way to feel more confident. For the introvert who really enjoys connecting with others and finding a means of socializing, they need to find the balance which will make them feel most fulfilled. It can be hard at times, and so the introvert might find themselves going too far one way or the other. When they crave social interaction they might start to put themselves into far too many social situations, instead of searching for the right interactions for them. When they do this it can drain them very quickly and so they are likely to want to be reclusive immediately after this. Spending too much time alone ends up causing them to feel distant and alienated and this can be hard for them. This is why finding the balance is vital, so it doesn’t leave them constantly feeling emotionally drained in one way or another. Understanding that they do need to create boundaries and figure out what they need, is the first step towards the introvert gaining a stronger sense of self-confidence and comfort. Knowing what times of connections and social settings make them feel a sense of inner joy and comfort is something which the introvert needs to uncover. For some it is best to experience one on one interactions, and for others their environment is truly important.

Seeking Connection

Seeking connections isn’t always easy for the introvert, especially if they don’t know where to begin. For the introvert who has spent a lot of time on their own, that sense of independence might make it hard for them to reach out and find the connections they need. A big part of this is being honest with themselves and others about what their needs are. They need to make sure their loved ones realize that they sometimes need time alone, so that they won’t misunderstand when the introverted person needs to distance themselves in order to recharge. Once they are capable of being honest and open it is likely that those relationships will become easier for them to manage. Once they are comfortable expressing this about themselves it becomes more natural to reach out when they really want to be close to someone. Finding the right people to share their time with can be challenging, but seeking them out through things they personally enjoy can be a great start. Sometimes finding ways to connect via their hobbies can help make it easier for the introvert to break the ice. This is why so many introverts might become close to extroverts, as it becomes easier for them to avoid initiating for those who find this challenging. Of course not all introverts struggle to initiate interactions, they just need to find the right people who share similar passions.


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