ENTP Love: How ENTPs Fall In Love

ENTPs are just as capable of falling in love and experiencing love as any other personality type. They just do this a bit differently. For the ENTP, most things come with a healthy dose of facts and logic, even when it comes to the process of falling in love. While they try to be logical about this, it doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of heart and romance involved as well. For the ENTP falling in love can actually be a somewhat frightening process, but they also enjoy being open to new experiences, even if they can be unnerving at times.

They Can Be Romantic Behind Closed Doors

While ENTPs are often seen as debaters or even jokesters, this does not mean they lack a sense of romance. They often find themselves focused on avoiding the more sentimental sides of themselves, but they do often emerge when the ENTP falls in love. When the ENTP truly feels themselves getting swept up in the feelings of falling in love with someone, they can be rather romantic with this person. The more comfortable and safe they feel expressing this part of themselves, the stronger it will become. ENTPs simply become nervous that those feelings won’t be reciprocated and that their romantic side will be laughed at. If the person they are falling for makes them feel safe to truly express themselves, then they are more likely to be romantic.

ENTPs can actually be rather romantic people when they are feeling inspired since they enjoy challenging themselves in different ways. They know how to create grand gestures and can find ways of being romantic which are rather unique. For someone who enjoys these unique expressions, which aren’t just mundane and overused methods, the ENTPs sense of romance can be rather thrilling. They know how to sweep their loved ones off of their feet and show them something new and exciting. For the person who is willing to experience this, the romantic side of the ENTP can be something that turns into quite the whirlwind.

They Cover Up Emotions with Sarcasm

While ENTPs can express things with humor or sarcasm, that doesn’t mean they don’t feel things deeply. They often try to shield their true feelings by using sarcasm or even humor as a way to cover up what is truly going on inside of them. This can come from a fear of being judged or of having people misunderstand them. ENTPs don’t want to be seen as emotional people and instead prefer to be seen as logical and reasonable. They can be afraid of really expressing these inner emotions since they realize that it might not come across the right way. Instead of really diving into what they feel, the ENTP often tries to shove those thoughts and emotions aside. It can be easier for them to express things in humorous ways, but sometimes this can be misunderstood.

For those who can really pay attention, they might be able to see where the ENTP is coming from and recognize that their little jokes and remarks actually come from a good place. It can be challenging for people who need to constantly be showered in affection and words of affirmation since the ENTP isn’t always comfortable doing this. This doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to work on it, but they need someone who is also capable of banter as a means of expressing their feelings and affection towards someone else.

They Are Protective In Love

ENTPs are surprisingly fierce when it comes to protecting the person they love. While they admire someone who can take care of themselves and defend their own honor, this doesn’t mean the ENTP won’t stand up for the person they are in love with. If someone comes against this special person or talks poorly about them, the ENTP is likely to become very protective. Once the ENTP is truly in love with someone, they don’t accept others trying to push them down. This is because the ENTP wants to grow alongside this special person and wants to help them reach their full potential as well.

Growth is so important for the ENTP, and so growing in love is also vital. When they are in love with someone, they want to be capable of taking them to new places and new experiences. They want this love to inspire them to continue moving forward. Even when the ENTP is away from this person, they take them along in spirit. They are often far more inspired by this love than they express or than anyone will be able to recognize.

They Are Perfectly Capable of Commitment

While ENTPs are seen as wanderers, this isn’t entirely the case. They do enjoy being able to dive into new experiences and bounce around, but that doesn’t mean they are incapable of commitment. When the ENTP is truly in love with someone and can see this relationship being something special, they can certainly commit to them. ENTPs just don’t jump into a commitment without being sure they can follow through with it. When they seem incapable of committing to someone, it is often because they realize there is not enough there to keep them tied down. ENTPs who are deeply in love and see value in this connection are more than capable of committing to remain faithful to this one person. They just also need freedom in other areas of their lives, where they can explore different things without feeling trapped.

For the ENTP falling in love can be a truly enriching experience as long as they allow themselves to really fall. They can be a bit hesitant about this at first, knowing how much it can affect them and their lives. While they favor logic over emotions, that doesn’t mean ENTPs lack deep and sincere feelings – it is quite the opposite, actually. When the ENTP does fall in love, they experience this on a deep level, with complex emotions that most couldn’t fathom.


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