Awkward INFJ: Why INFJs Are So Weird

Being called weird or awkward can certainly have negative connections to it, but to some people, it can be endearing and sets people apart from being ordinary. Certain personality types can become pegged for being strange simply because they have unique characteristics which don’t always fit into certain social norms. Of course, these traits aren’t only tied to personality types, as anyone can be seen as different or “weird” to those who don’t understand them or even to those who do. For some, it seems to be a common occurrence, as many people see them as weird, especially if they feel awkward around others and have tendencies that express this outwardly.

INFJs do find themselves being called weird or strange fairly often, even from a young age. They can be viewed as “old souls” or be misunderstood because of the way they keep things to themselves. Many people can see the INFJ as strange from an outside perspective, and this is because they don’t know them or who they truly are. INFJs sometimes have behaviors that can be viewed as awkward, mostly because of this lack of understanding from those around them. Being such a rare personality type can make it difficult at times, causing the INFJ to feel alienated and like they cannot connect with most people in the way they want to. While they are good at empathizing and making others feel understood, receiving this in return is not easy for them at all.

A Rare Personality

INFJs are known to be the rarest personality type, which is exactly what can make them be seen as weird. Being someone who is rare can make it challenging to connect with people since most don’t operate or see the world in the same way. This can be difficult for the INFJ growing up, especially since they even view themselves as strange. They might feel like something is wrong because they are so different from their peers. For the INFJ, this causes them to distance themselves, often becoming rather guarded around most new people. This doesn’t mean they cannot be social or friendly. It just means that most people don’t get to see inside and beyond those walls they have built up. This is something the INFJ does to protect themselves because they do often feel strange or out of place when they are around most people. Being rare can cause them to be viewed as weird or strange when in reality, people just don’t understand them because they are unique.

They Are Drawn to What is Unique

Not only are INFJs unique people, but they are often drawn to things that are unique or different. They rarely find themselves conforming to social norms and can find these types of things to be shallow and misplaced. INFJs are drawn to things that are special to them and go much deeper beyond the surface. They don’t enjoy anything shallow or anything which seems to lack true meaning to them. This is something that can also cause people to view them as weird since they don’t have similar hobbies or popular interests. Instead, the INFJ gravitates towards things that spark their soul in a special way, something which can connect to their incredibly rich inner minds. INFJs might find that they are truly passionate about things that most people find strange, but to them, that can even be part of the appeal. Something which has depth and different layers to what makes it so special is going to be much more exciting for them. They might even like things that others find dark or depressing, whereas the INFJ can see a deep beauty in these things.

They Have a Rich Inner World

The INFJ has an extremely rich and complex inner world, which comes from their introverted intuition. INFJs have complex inner thoughts and in-depth imaginations, making them want to spend so much time inside their own heads. This is something that can alienate them from others at times, especially when the INFJ really needs this time to themselves. So much of who they are and what they think or feel becomes very wrapped up inside, so people rarely get to view this. Being that they can keep people at a distance makes it hard for most to connect with the INFJ, so it becomes a vicious cycle. The INFJ finds themselves struggling to open up and often wants to be on their own, and people can misunderstand this and find it to be unusual. But in reality, the right people will be able to see beyond this and will be willing to give the INFJ the space they need.

The Awkward INFJ

INFJs can appear awkward at times or even behave awkwardly, but this is often because of their incredible sense of intuition and empathy. They can see things that others miss or don’t recognize, and it makes the situation tense and often uncomfortable for them. Having to decide whether or not they should speak out about what they see or just attempt to keep it to themselves since most won’t understand anyways. Sometimes this causes the INFJ to feel tense around certain people, especially when they know something about the person that they are hiding. This makes situations awkward, so it really isn’t the INFJ who is being awkward but rather the circumstances. People don’t always understand this, and so the tension can make things more uneasy and cause the INFJ to start to feel like they are the ones being awkward.

Of course, some INFJs might behave awkwardly, and this can be because they have spent so much time on their own. INFJs who have alienated themselves can start to become uneasy in social settings, even though they are capable of being rather charming and outgoing people. INFJs can surprise people with just how social and friendly they can be. This just isn’t something they enjoy doing all that often. They can become drained by having to impress others and play into that sense of empathy that is so strong with them.


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