ESTJ Weight Loss & Dieting: How to Burn Fat

Dealing with weight loss and healthy dieting is a struggle for so many people, and so we are often looking for tools and ways to make this easier. Sometimes finding more personal means of becoming healthier is the best way to be successful in your approach. So many diets and methods are not personalized and they end up being more of a struggle for people than they are a help. This is why diving deeper into your personality type can actually be a helpful tool in uncovering better steps towards a healthy lifestyle and weight loss plan. While it sometimes requires more professional assistance, there are some important things to learn about which might be beneficial for each personality type.

ESTJs are very focused and driven people who believe in working hard to accomplish their goals. When they set their minds to something they don’t like feeling as if they have failed or haven’t really lived up to their full potential. ESTJs like to be someone who accomplishes things no matter how challenging it might be for them. When it comes to being healthy and losing weight ESTJs often prefer to follow methods which have been proven to succeed. They do care about maintaining a healthy lifestyle since they care about how others in their community might view them. They don’t like feeling as if they have fallen behind and are incapable of getting things done efficiently. This is why being someone who is healthy and follows a certain schedule with these things is often important to the ESTJ.

Best Type of Exercise

ESTJs are naturally competitive people, and so they will do better in environments where they can compare themselves to those around them. They are also rather social people who enjoy being around others and care about being a valued member of the community. This type of connection helps to inspire and motivate the ESTJ to push themselves even harder. Their competitive nature makes it so that certain exercise plans are going to be more beneficial for them. If they are working with friends and other people they can compete  against it really makes them want to strive for excellence. Having people who hold the ESTJ accountable really helps them to ensure that they do not fail and will always accomplish their goals. They do not accept failure as an option, especially when they know that others are watching or aware of their goals. There are many different exercise regiments which will work effectively for the ESTJ, the important part is planning this out and sticking to their schedule. They are good at maintaining things once they have developed habits and some sort of structure to their plan. They might enjoy apps which helps them track their progress or even compare theirs to a group of people. Having this comparison and competition is something which really motivates the ESTJ, since they realize when they can be pushing themselves harder. They might even enjoy group exercise plans, and can benefit from joining a gym with some friends. Just the idea of seeing other people and making this a time to socialize as well, gives the ESTJ motivation and makes them excited to workout each time. They can sometimes struggle when they haven’t seen progress right away, which is why they need to learn to focus less on weighing themselves and more on tracking progress in healthier ways.

ESTJ Diet Plan

Diet plan can actually be more challenging than exercise for the ESTJ, which is why scheduling and planning out meals is important. If they have developed some negative eating habits then it can be a bit difficult to break free of these. They might enjoy certain junk foods or want to splurge when they go out with friends, which is why they need to keep a closer track on what they eat. For the ESTJ planning out their weekly meals and working on ways to make healthier choices, is definitely beneficial for them. Trying to just make these choices last minute is going to lead to the ESTJ feeling overwhelmed and they might splurge on something unhealthy in the moment. When they plan out their meals and keep healthy snacks around them the ESTJ is ensuring that they are making positive choices and developing these good habits. Dealing with fad diets really isn’t the right choice for the ESTJ, since they can find themselves frustrated when these things don’t work quickly. They need to focus more on a lifestyle change, since this is something they will be able to really stick to and can positively change how they take care of their own health.

The Struggles for the ESTJ Diet

A big struggle for the ESTJ is if they have already developed negative habits. ESTJs are creatures of habit and they follow things they know and are comfortable with. If they have started to create these types of negative behaviors then it can be a struggle to break them at first. Once the ESTJ does see a clear plan in place and the means of developing healthier choices, they are great at executing these things. They are practical people who need to be able to see how they can improve and the best and most efficient ways of doing this. This is why planning things and having some sort of structure is really the only way for them to become healthier people. 

ESTJs also struggle with being hard on themselves, and might forget to celebrate their victories. It is important for them to stop obsessing over the scale, since weight is something which fluctuates so easily throughout the day. Instead they can focus on measurements or even just celebrating each accomplishment. This is why setting certain goals and milestones can help the ESTJ, as they can see clear tasks to accomplish and things they can personally be proud of. Seeing these tangible goals helps them feel a sense of pride when they get these things done and do a good job with them.