Here’s a Glimpse at the Inner Mind of Each Personality Type

Here’s a Glimpse at the Inner Mind of Each Personality Type

Have you ever wondered what makes up the inner world of each personality type? People are complex, with intricate thoughts and ideas which make them unique. It would be impossible to fully dive into the minds of each type, but here we offer you a quick glimpse.


INFJs are extremely pensive people, with complex and rich inner minds. Their internal world is filled with analytical and emotional thoughts. Combine those thoughts with their powerful imagination, and you have a recipe for what seems to be something out of a Lewis Carroll story. All joking aside, INFJs definitely have powerful inner worlds, which can be extremely difficult for them to explain to others. Even if the INFJ does want to let someone in, it is still nearly impossible for them to feel fully understood. That is why the INFJ takes it very seriously when they do find someone who can understand them even the slightest bit.


The inner mind of the ENFJ is actually a rather intriguing place, filled with imagination and love. They can sometimes have rather messy inner thoughts, simply because they have a million things all working at once. ENFJs have a constant desire to please others and care for their loved ones, which can make their mind an awfully crowded place. They are always considering what they should be doing in order to care for the people they love. The ENFJ may be seen as simply a caretaker, but at the same time they are often running through complex thoughts and ideas.


INFPs have incredibly rich and imaginative inner minds, which is often why they prefer to be alone. INFPs do not dislike people (well the ones they care for anyways), they simply prefer to spend time inside of their own thoughts. Their inner world is an incredible place, filled with different stories and even analysis of different scenarios. They do not run out of unique things to think about, and if anything the INFP struggles to clear their minds. They might even have a hard time clearing their thoughts when they are in the middle of a conversation.


ENFPs can sometimes give off the idea that they don’t have a lot of complex thoughts inside of their minds, but the truth is quite the opposite. ENFPs have incredibly rich inner minds, filled with imagination and deep thoughts. They may not openly share the wonder that is inside of their minds, but that is simply because most people wouldn’t really understand. When the ENFP is a little inebriated they might find themselves sharing glimpses of their inner world, whether it be a surprising invention or just a goofy song they decided to make up.


INTJs are very logical people, which can cause people to miss out on the fact that their inner minds are truly magical. INTJs would often prefer to spend time by themselves, mostly because their inner minds are incredibly rich. They rarely find themselves bored when they are by themselves, and are more like to feel drained by the presence of other people. When the INTJ is alone they can mull over the millions of thoughts and ideas that are running through their minds. The INTJ enjoys being able to analyze information, as well as imagine different scenarios inside of their heads. Many people are surprised by just how creative the INTJ can be, which often makes them incredible writers.


ENTJs are extremely pensive people, with a unique ability to strategize. Their inner minds are filled with mounds of information that they have collected, which helps them to analyze and come up with future solutions. Their ability to observe this information and foresee future patterns makes ENTJs impressive leaders. They are also rather complex people, which means that their inner world is filled with even more than just analytical thoughts. They are also deep people, with unique ideas about how the world should be.


INTPs are very logical people, but they are also extremely imaginative. Their inner mind is a powerful place, which is why they often prefer to spend most of their time there. The INTP can struggle to pay attention in large social settings simply because their thoughts drag them away. They do not intend to be rude they simply have an ocean of ideas and information inside of their minds. The inner world of the INTP is incredible, and often filled with more than just logical information. INTPs love unique ideas, which often means their inner minds are filled with completely out of the box thoughts.


ENTPs have rather active imaginations, which means that their inner minds are rich with creativity and possibilities. It is nearly impossible for the ENTP to contain their thoughts, which often leads to them running off in different directions. They can rarely stay still for long, or else their minds can completely overtake them. ENTPs love to be able to analyze information, as well as consider the different out of the box possibilities that may exist.


ISTJs inner minds are often filled with a million different pieces of facts and information. The ISTJ is great at collecting data, and somehow they store it for long periods of time. They are skilled at observing their surroundings enough to remain aware of most things in their world. ISTJs inner minds are often filled with thoughts of their family, and a desire to meet their goals. They are constantly pushing themselves forward, and are surprisingly skilled at narrowing their thoughts into one important task.


ESTJs inner minds can be a somewhat stressful place, since they are constantly focusing on their goals. ESTJs want to get ahead in life, and desire to push themselves forward. When the ESTJs is still for too long, their thoughts can often take control of them- nagging at them to get things done. They also think very much of their loved ones, and how they can provide for their needs. ESTJs often put a lot of pressure on themselves, which is why their inner minds can be busy and overactive places.


ISFJs inner minds are often filled with a strong desire to please their loved ones. They are usually very focused on family and a desire to bring everyone together. ISFJs will be considering different ways to make their loved ones happy, while they mull over their own lives. ISFJs do however have their own personal thoughts and desires, and can sometimes get free time to think about these things. It takes a completely peaceful environment for the ISFJ to actually consider their own needs for a moment.


The inner mind of the ESFJ is often chaotic, and a bit high strung. Their constant desire to please their loved ones can cause the ESFJ to overthink things. If they are still for too long they can become overwhelmed by the nagging inside of their busy thoughts. ESFJs can sometimes find hobbies and tasks that help to calm the beast inside their brains, but may find those thoughts creeping back into the forefront. They simply have a strong drive to make sure their loved ones are happy, and find themselves being pulled back to this most of the time.


ISTPs actually have extremely rich inner minds, filled with strategies and analysis. They enjoy being able to store different facts and information, and will spend hours just mulling over the pieces. ISTPs often prefer to be by themselves, because their inner worlds are much more interesting than the outside world. ISTPs have a way of seeming calm on the outside, while inside their minds are busy with different ideas and examination.


The inner mind of the ESTP is filled with thoughts of success and also sorrow. The ESTP desires to keep themselves moving forward, because their thoughts can sometimes overwhelm them. They have a realization of the pain the world, as well as their own shortcomings. This can cause the ESTP to become very sad if they are allowed to think about these things for too long. Because of this the ESTP will often replace their negative thoughts with a drive and desire to push forward in life. They also find that focusing on caring for their loved ones can help the ESTP remain positive and feel a sense of purpose.


ISFPs have rather whimsical and creative inner minds, making them enjoy their time spent alone. ISFPs often do not find themselves bored when they are by themselves, because of the magic and wonder that occupies their thoughts. They have a knack for imagination, and can often concoct stories and scenarios all by themselves. Their thoughts also drift to the well-being of others, and can sometimes plague them when they consider the suffering that people can endure.


ESFPs inner minds can be filled with both wonder, and sorrow. On the outside the ESFP enjoy being able to make people smile, and desire to focus on the positive in life. On the inside the ESFP sometimes finds themselves overwhelmed by the pain of others and themselves. They do consider larger scale ideas, even if people are often surprised by this reality. ESFPs simply prefer to push those thoughts aside because it can actually overwhelm them far too much for them to handle.

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