Each Myers Briggs Type in Their Final Form

INFJ- They can predict the future down to the slightest details, and have found a way to change it.

ENFJ- Everyone in the world has a deep love for them, and finds themselves happy whenever they look upon them.

INFP- Create peace wherever they go, and have a deep understanding of the meaning of the universe.

ENFP- Have found a way to understand themselves fully and share that understanding with the world.

INTJ- Have acquired 100% knowledge of everything in the universe, and are not at all overwhelmed by this understanding.

ENTJ- Have acquired a way to control every situation and every person without hassle.

INTP- Have found a way to be one million places at once.

ENTP- They rule the world and everyone bows down to them.

ISFJ- Everyone needs them, and they are able to provide everyone with what they need.

ESFJ- Makes everyone around them happy and fulfilled just by touching them.

ISTJ- Everyone in the world follows a strict schedule and everything is in perfect order.

ESTJ- They can control everyone around them with the flick of their finger.

ISTP- Instinctively know how everything works without having to think about it.

ESTP- Everyone in the world respects them for their likability and vast amounts of knowledge.

ISFP- Are respected around the world for their beautiful artwork.

ESFP- Everyone in the world loves them and gives them attention whenever they desire.