INFJ Teachers: How INFJs Respond to Being Teachers

Being a teacher can be a truly challenging but also rewarding career choice, especially for those who are passionate about it. While it can also be a thankless job at times, there are plenty of ways to feel rewarded by helping to change the lives of your students. Teachers are definitely an important part of our lives growing up and even into adulthood, and so they can truly affect how people see the world and how much they believe in themselves. The right teacher has the ability to change the lives of their students and to inspire them to go after their dreams in ways that other people cannot. Some personality types might seem more fitted to this type of job, and are likely to gain something different from the experience.

INFJs can certainly make for amazing teachers, especially if they are passionate about the subject they are teaching. INFJs might feel nervous about the idea of becoming a teacher, since it can feel like an extroverted job in their minds. This isn’t entirely the case, as introverts can make for amazing listeners instead of needing to monopolize the classroom. Teaching is also about being supportive and nurturing, and these are things the INFJ is great at. They can offer so much to their students, as long as they are willing to step outside of their comfort zone and experience what teaching has to offer for them as well. For the INFJ the step towards making that choice might not be easy, but considering their options and the value it could bring is also important.

They Are Patient

INFJs are capable of being incredibly patient with their students, and this helps to make them feel safe. They have a way of really stepping into their shoes and so they don’t want to make anyone feel rushed. While some teachers might play a stern and strict role, this is highly unlikely to be how the INFJ approaches teaching. Instead they understand that each student is going to work at their own pace, and sometimes they need a little extra patience and understanding. The INFJ can be amazing at taking the time to understand each student as an individual, instead of just the entire classroom as a whole. They actually care about giving them a sense of purpose and want to spend time helping them grow. Patience might not be something the INFJ has outside of their students or other people, but when they care about helping they can become extremely understanding. They know how to give people space, and when they need to step in and help. This is something which makes them amazing teachers, as they won’t push their students when the time isn’t right.

They Pay Attention

While some teachers might not recognize subtle changes or things about their students, the INFJ teacher does. They are good at paying close attention and observing the unique needs and behaviors of each student. They want to be able to inspire with the way they teach, and are very passionate when they are trying to share something with their students. The INFJ knows how to recognize when someone really needs them, and they can step in and make adjustments. INFJs are also amazing at adapting to change or different people, as they have a strong sense of what people around them want or are feeling. This ability to empathize makes the INFJ a truly incredible teacher, especially when they invest themselves into their work. The more the INFJ puts of themselves into their teaching career, the more they can really see that come to fruition.

They Want to Make a Difference

INFJs have this innate desire to make a difference in the world, and is something which is hard for them to shake. They often hold this belief that they are meant to do something great with their lives and to serve some bigger purpose than themselves. When it comes to their careers the INFJ is likely to be very unhappy if they aren’t doing something rewarding or meaningful. This is why just any office job is likely not going to make the INFJ happy, and can leave them feeling really detached from the workplace. Working as a teacher is going to give them a sense of purpose, especially as they can recognize the difference they are making with their students. Those moments when a student tells them how much they appreciate them, or comes back years later just to share something special with their INFJ teacher. Those experiences are extremely rewarding for the INFJ, and helps them to realize how much of a difference they are truly making in the world. It doesn’t have to be something on a larger scale, just knowing they have changed lives is really meaningful for them.

The Struggles of the INFJ Teacher

For anyone there are struggles with a career choice they make, and teaching is not a simple job. While INFJs might be well-equipped as teachers, there are certainly things which can be challenging for them. One of the biggest challenges can be their sensitivity and the fact that they take their work home with them. INFJs are likely to continue worrying about their students, even when they are at home with their own families. It can be hard to let these thoughts and feelings go, as INFJs cannot just shut off when they care about someone. They are likely to have times when this can be overwhelming, and they can struggle to find those boundaries at first. The INFJ can also be sensitive to criticism, and struggles when they feel as if they are not making a big enough difference for certain students.

Of course it can all be overwhelming at first, especially for the INFJ who isn’t as adjusted to social interactions. Standing in front of a classroom and lecturing students can be unnerving for anyone, but especially difficult for an introverted personality. It is likely the hardest adjustment for the INFJ teacher, but not something which is impossible for them. As they learn to navigate the classroom and their students, it becomes much easier for them to feel connected and not as if they are performing in front of people.


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