The Important Reasons Why We Find INTJs Truly Fascinating

Sure, every type has their negative qualities, but they also have some pretty great ones too. We feel like INTJs are pretty bad-ass and deserving of a little recognition. So here are just a few reasons why we believe INTJs are fascinating.

They Are Always Improving

INTJs are constantly trying to find ways to improve themselves in every aspect of their lives. They have an insatiable hunger for knowledge that is awe-inspiring. INTJs are constantly finding ways to improve themselves, never settling for simply “good enough”. They are harder on themselves than anyone can imagine, often feeling like they can achieve more from life. They are constantly searching for ways to grow themselves, which makes them very open-minded individuals. They are willing to observe their own behaviors in an effort to be completely informed if their actions are the right ones. They are smart individuals who strive for greatness in all areas of their lives. The INTJ are not only constantly working on improving themselves, but also work to improve those around them. They want to make sure everyone is performing at their best possible level, wanting them to be able to achieve their goals.

They Are Witty

INTJs are very capable of thinking on their feet, reacting very well to new situations. They are constantly absorbing knowledge at a relatively speedy rate, making them extremely witty. They often have a clever response to everything, capable of keeping people on their toes. INTJs have an often thick sarcastic sense of humor, which some people may miss. They are so good at delivering their one-liners, most people aren’t capable of keeping up with them. The INTJ often loves to communicate through sarcasm, enjoying when people are capable of keeping up with them. Being around people who are intelligent and able to banter with the INTJ, keeps them sharp. They often become bored with people who cannot keep up. The INTJ loves being around people who are like-minded, but who are capable of challenging them.

They are extremely rational thinkers and will not approach an argument with emotions. This is a positive thing because it prevents them from shooting out hurtful or meaningless comments. They are going to lay down the facts and reasons why they disagree with you, without becoming emotional over it. They approach and argument with logic, which means they are capable of being open-minded to what you have to say. As long as you are presenting facts to the INTJ they will be entirely willing to hear you out.

They Are Independent

INTJs have a strong sense of independence and are often very self-confident. They enjoy their space, wanting time to think through everything going on inside their own minds. They have a rich inner world, filled with knowledge and understanding. They strive to be open-minded individuals, who are not easily lead by others. They have their own opinions, wanting to reach complete understanding before they are sure of something. INTJs enjoy their space and time to themselves, and are very good at being alone. They are independent individuals, who are perfectly comfortable taking care of themselves. They don’t need someone to show them how to live their lives, being very capable of making decisions on their own. INTJs have a strong sense of independence and are more than willing to give others the space that they need as well. Because the INTJ often doesn’t “need” people, it is comforting to know that the people in their lives are there because they want them to be.

They Are Direct

INTJs do not beat around the bush, or attempt to come up with whiny excuses. They are direct and to the point, making sure to be factual with what they say. If they are upset with you for some reason, the INTJ won’t dance around the point and pretend everything is fine. When the INTJ is unhappy with your actions, they will honestly tell you, probably along with a detailed list of reasoning and ways for you to improve. This comes from a place of caring, when the INTJ doesn’t care they will just walk away from someone. They would consider that person a waste of their time, but by being honest they are expressing that you are worth their energy. You won’t have to constantly be worried if the INTJ is upset with you or annoyed, because you will know for sure.

They Give Amazing Advice

INTJs are very practical and thoughtful individuals. They are often excellent at giving sound advice to others. They are good at taking a step back and viewing the situation from an entirely objective point of view. They can logically collect all of the facts and data, and apply them to their strong sense of intuition. This makes the INTJ very skilled at looking at the logical conclusion to any given situation. When someone is confused and in need of someone who can make sense of their problems, the INTJ is often very skilled at assisting them. This advice also applied to things that you may be too emotional to realize, the INTJ is well-rounded to give advice on just about anything. If it is too shallow though, they may just find it somewhat annoying.

They Are Very Loyal

INTJs may be logic-minded individuals, but they also possess a strong sense of loyalty. They are picky about who they let into their lives, taking the commitment very seriously once they do. It takes the INTJ time before they are convinced that someone is worthy of letting into their lives. They have extremely high standards for the people around them, but they have even higher standards for themselves. The INTJ wants to be sure that the people in their lives are right for them. When they finally are convinced of this, the INTJ is intensely loyal. They will concern themselves with these people’s lives, wanting to make sure that they are doing their best. They thoroughly enjoy seeing the people they care about succeed, and are very good at helping them do so. Once an INTJ has committed to someone, they are not likely to let them go easily. They will stand by you and be someone that you can trust completely. You can always rely on your INTJ loved one to be your backbone. They are honest and direct individuals, who will tell you the truth without hesitation. Sometimes this truth can be harsh, but they would much prefer be true to you, than to pretend.

Although INTJs are not extremely emotional- focusing more on logic- they do care very deeply. They wait patiently for the right people to come into their lives, so that they can gladly spend their energy on them. When they consider you someone worth caring for the INTJ can be very giving and open individuals.

These are just a few small reasons why INTJs can be truly awesome. The fact that they are often seen as harsh or cold, is simply because people misunderstand them. INTJs are knowledge driven and open-minded individuals, who care very deeply about the people around them. They can make for amazing and helpful friends, who are always loyal to those close to them. If you are smart, you will learn to appreciate all the amazing things that the INTJ has to offer.


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