Here’s How Each Personality Type Handles Debate

Here’s How Each Personality Type Handles Debate

A good debate can truly help people to reach a deeper understanding of important information. Some people love participating in a healthy debate, while others simply hate anything that makes them uneasy. Here is how each personality type handles debate.

INFJ Debating

INFJs dislike getting into arguments with the people they love, and can become rather skilled at avoiding them. They do, however, enjoy debating different topics as a way to find out more about others and themselves. INFJs do not want these debates to turn into anything nasty, and will often concede if they feel like it will strain their relationship with someone they care for. As far as debating with strangers goes, INFJs are often perfectly fine with this. They might even have a harsher side to them when it comes to debating with people who are being rude or ignorant.

ENFJ Debating

ENFJs dislike causing too much trouble, especially with their loved ones. They will often avoid intense debates, especially if they feel like it is going to upset someone. ENFJs do enjoy being able to debate certain subjects though, especially if they feel like they can help improve someone’s knowledge. ENFJs are definitely not afraid of a little debate, and are often great at holding their own. They simply have times where they would prefer to keep the peace, and know when to stop pushing someone. ENFJs are excellent at reading people, which can cause them to back off with debating.

INFP Debating

INFPs are definitely not argumentative people, and can become uneasy with intense debates. They prefer to let people believe what they want and do their own research about information. INFPs do not feel a desire to prove people wrong, and especially hate when people try to do this to them. They often avoid debating with others, especially if they feel like it will only lead to stress and anxiety. INFPs will however, debate about something that they believe is morally wrong. The INFP wants to make a difference for the world, and will be willing to try and convince someone of the right moral choices.

ENFP Debating

ENFPs often enjoy pushing the boundaries, especially if they are feeling bored. They don’t often enjoy arguing with their loved ones, especially if it seems to cause a rift between them. True arguments will make the ENFP uncomfortable, while playful debates are quite enjoyable. They don’t mind picking a subject to debate, simply to see how it goes and what they can gain from it. Sometimes the ENFP will debate something even if they don’t actually believe the side they are taking. ENFPs enjoy trying to new things, and love being able to push the boundaries and explore themselves and others.

INTJ Debating

INTJs definitely don’t mind a good debate, and enjoy being able to help people become less ignorant. They usually will not enter into a debate without knowing the information they are discussing. The INTJ likely knows the ins and outs of what they are debating, which makes them extremely well informed. They will definitely be open to what the other person is saying, but only if they are capable of giving them facts and logical explanations. INTJs enjoy being able to learn from others, but most of the time they find themselves becoming the teacher.

ENTJ Debating

ENTJs definitely do not mind a good debate, especially if they feel they have the free time for it. If they debate with someone uneducated, the ENTJ will quickly shut them down and make them feel stupid. They don’t want to waste time on someone who isn’t going to actually learn or bring something to the table, especially since there are more important things to be done. ENTJs are definitely great at getting the last word, especially when it comes to information they know a lot about. ENTJs enjoy being able to inform people who are willing to learn, and especially enjoy learning from someone who is intelligent.

INTP Debating

INTPs are focused on research and reaching an internal understanding of things. They are very introverted people, and enjoy spending most of their time alone. They definitely do not mind a good debate though, and will participate in one if it seems helpful or enjoyable to them. INTPs rarely find themselves convinced by someone else’s information, simply because they spend so much time researching themselves beforehand. If another person presents them with logical reasoning, the INTP will definitely be eager to hear what they have to say. They enjoy being able to expand their minds, and often see debates as a way to learn even more.

ENTP Debating

ENTPs absolutely love debating. It is actually one of their favorite hobbies. They enjoy being able to push the boundaries and discover new things about themselves and others. Debating is often a great way for the ENTP to learn and understand a subject even further. They do enjoy researching and will spend plenty of time devouring the information they find. ENTPs also enjoy being able to implement this information and approach it from many different angles. Debating a topic can truly help the ENTP see it from different viewpoints and understand it on a much deeper level.

ISTJ Debating

ISTJs are very practical people, but they do enjoy absorbing new information. ISTJs hate walking into anything unprepared, and because of this they prefer to take any opportunity to learn. ISTJs often do not mind a healthy debate, especially if they feel like something can be gained from it. They do not like when the debate becomes a stressful argument though, and will quickly shut it down. ISTJs enjoy being able to keep their own peace of mind, and won’t entertain something that stresses them out for no useful reason.

ESTJ Debating

ESTJs definitely don’t mind a good debate, but for them it can often turn into an argument. They can become frustrated by ignorant people, and will find themselves sucked into a frustrating spiral. ESTJs dislike seeing people who are clearly misinformed, and will want to find a way to make this obvious to that person. When things began to go too far, the ESTJ is surprisingly excellent at shutting down the conversation, and won’t be afraid to be a bit aggressive about it if need be.

ISFJ Debating

ISFJs are definitely not fans of debating, and will often avoid it at all costs. They are natural peacekeepers and prefer to keep things civil and nice. ISFJs will often try to diffuse a debate for fear that it will turn into an unpleasant argument. ISFJs want everyone around them to get along and live in harmony. They often take responsibility for ensuring that there is peace in their environment, and because of this they dislike participating in debates.

ESFJ Debating

ESFJs are definitely not fans of debating most of the time, and prefer to keep the peace. When it comes to their loved ones they want to make sure to maintain a happy relationship, and don’t want to stir things up too much. ESFJs might go through stages in their lives where they are feeling a bit more logical, and this is often when their lesser functions have begun to develop. The ESFJ might find themselves interested in learning, as well as informing others about information they understand fully. This can cause them to enjoy a nice debate, especially if it is calm and not hostile.

ISTP Debating

ISTPs definitely do not mind a healthy debate, especially if they feel like they can help inform someone. They are well-read people who love to do plenty of research in order to keep themselves aware. ISTPs are often happier by themselves, and do not want to feel their space invaded too much by others. The ISTP might prefer to be on their own most of the time, but that doesn’t mean they don’t mind a little debate here and there. They especially enjoy being able to learn more about themselves and others through a good debate.

ESTP Debating

ESTPs definitely enjoy debate, especially if they feel like they can help someone else learn. ESTPs hate seeing ignorance around them, and will have a hard time holding back. IF they feel like they can teach someone about something important and helpful, the ESTP will jump in and try to assist. They can sometimes be a little aggressive with their debating tactics, but it definitely comes from a good place. ESTPs can appear a bit argumentative at times, especially when it comes to information they know fully.

ISFP Debating

ISFPs are definitely not fans of debate, especially when it comes to the people they love. They prefer to enjoy life and like to spend time around more positive people. ISFPs can often become uneasy when people are arguing, and do not want to participate in it. They understand that debates are intended to help people reach an understanding, but they would rather not risk it. Most of the time debates can turn into intense arguments, and ISFP simply do not want to witness this.

ESFP Debating

ESFPs definitely dislike debates, and rarely see a point in them. They would rather have calm discussions, and will change the subject when things become too negative. If people are disagreeing the ESFP would much rather just talk about something entirely different. They do not want to make things more negative, and prefer to enjoy life. ESFPs live very much in the present moment, and dislike feeling like they have to debate with someone over a subject.

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