Here’s How to Make Valentine’s Day Truly Special For Each Personality Type

Here’s How to Make Valentine’s Day Truly Special For Each Personality Type

Having trouble figuring out the most perfect Valentine’s Day plans for your special someone? Well here are a few tips on how to romance your beloved valentine on this day.


INFJs do appreciate romantic gestures, but more importantly they just want to feel recognized. For the INFJ the most special gifts are ones that come from the heart and prove that their loved ones get them. Consider their favorite TV show, comic book, or fiction novel and you can come up with a perfect gift that ties into those things. These things help them realize that you actually pay attention when they speak, which can be something INFJs are actually worried about. They care so much about others but oftentimes they can feel when someone is only listening until it is their turn to speak. On Valentine’s Day your INFJ simply wants all of your affection and your time, and for you to forget about the rest of the world for a while. They will feel most special if you ignore your phone and your other worries, and just give them your sincere quality time and consideration.


ENFJs will likely go above and beyond during holidays, and will want to make their special someone feel truly loved. They almost always have a plan on how to show their affection towards their partner, which means it can be difficult to live up to this. For the ENFJ the most important thing is to show immense appreciation for what they do, and make them feel like they have truly made you happy. Express to them how much you love and care for them in a sincere and honest manner. The ENFJ wants to know that their efforts are being recognized and that they have made you sincerely happy. In order to give back to the ENFJ just make sure to think long and hard about a gift that shows to them just how closely you pay attention.


For INFPs romance is certainly important but it isn’t something that should be saved for only one day a year. They want their relationships to feel amazing all year, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a little pampering on a day that celebrates love. While they might have certain complaints about the day itself, they won’t mind being romanced a bit. To make Valentine’s Day special for your INFP, do your best to surprise them and sweep them off their feet. They want to know that you appreciate them, which means ignoring your cell phone and spending time focused on sincere quality time. While gifts aren’t important to them, surprising them with something that shows you pay attention to what they enjoy will certainly go a long way. Even if it’s simply a coffee mug with a quote from their favorite book- just something that expresses your knowledge of what they like.


ENFPs can often profess that they have no interest in certain holidays like Valentine’s Day, but deep down they do enjoy being romanced. Having their loved ones think about them above everything else can make the ENFP feel a bit nervous, but also amazing at the same time. The most important thing is to consider their favorite places to eat or favorite activities, and combine them to make the perfect date night. Take your ENFP to a restaurant that serves their favorite food, and spend that time ignoring your cell phone and just enjoying their presence. If they enjoy video games, a TV show, or a special activity, make plans to share that with them without any interruptions. For the ENFP quality time often means so much, and shows just how important they are to their loved ones. For the ENFP gifts often mean very little, but they appreciation presents that have a lot of thought put into them. It doesn’t take as much to please the ENFP as it might seem, simply showing that you care means the world to them.


INTJs can often find holidays like Valentine’s Day to be a bit foolish, and might have a hard time celebrating. For them trying to romance someone on this day alone, seems like a foolish consumerist ploy to get people to spend more money. Just because they can see the logical side of the situation, doesn’t mean you cannot make this day special for them. For the INTJ they want to know that you appreciate them the entire year, but simply taking time out to make a special date night can’t hurt. For them it should be about quality time and carving out time to appreciate your connection. INTJs don’t need over the top romance and likely find it a bit distasteful. They want sincerity and loyalty, which means being yourself without trying to impress them too much.


While it might seem on the surface like ENTJs aren’t romantic people, this isn’t entirely true. When they care for someone they are more than capable of impressing them, and showing up with grand gestures. They go all in with everything they do in life, and sometimes this includes sweeping their partner off of their feet. For ENTJs it can actually feel really nice to be romanced a bit for a special occasion, and to focus on showing them you care. Loyalty means everything to them, and knowing that their partner is happy is going to make the ENTJ feel truly appreciated. They aren’t the most expressive people and can become uncomfortable with too many emotions, but on occasion it is nice to hear words of affirmation. Valentine’s Day can be a great time to share your affections towards them, as long as it is delivered in a sincere manner. A romantic night of dinner, sharing gifts and simply discussing your plans together, is plenty for the ENTJ.


INTPs do enjoy little surprises and dislike when everything remains the same. Maybe take them to a new restaurant, and spend that time completely ignoring your phone. Show them that you appreciate the time spent with them, even if they seem a bit awkward with your expressions. INTPs do want to feel loved and appreciated, they can just struggle when it comes to expressing their feelings. When they know that their partner truly cares for them and is happy in their presence, it bring them immense joy (even if their expression is entirely blank). They might struggle to make grand romantic gestures themselves, but show appreciation for the little things they do. A hand-written card from an INTP is honestly a big deal, so don’t scoff at it. Show them how much you appreciate their efforts, and give something special in return.


For ENTPs constantly doing the same thing is boring, so it might be helpful to spice things up on Valentine’s Day. Think of their favorite activities, and try to consider doing something a little more adventurous. Surprises are exciting for the ENTP, and they will enjoy being able to experience something new with the person they love. Whether it be tickets to an event they’ve never been to, or maybe a spontaneous concert- just doing something a little out of the ordinary will be greatly appreciated. They enjoy having someone by their side when they dive into something new, and will truly appreciate having their partner be the one who challenges them in this way. They don’t need a heads up on the events and will actually enjoy the sense of adventure.


ISTJs might not be the most openly romantic people, but they do enjoy sharing time with their loved ones. When they care for someone it is something that lasts, and should certainly be appreciated. ISTJs will enjoy even the smallest romantic gestures from their loved ones, especially if it comes from a sincere place. Quality time is a big deal for ISTJs and they really enjoy just spending time without any other distractions to draw you away. Showing your ISTJ that nothing else is as important as them, makes them feel truly loved. While gifts aren’t vital for them, they do actually appreciate a present that shows effort and thought. They want to be thought of, which means taking time to pick out a gift that actually means something to the ISTJ.


ESTJs might not appear romantic on the surface but they can certainly go out of their way to impress someone they care for. ESTJs don’t mind putting forth extra effort, especially on holidays. They do appreciate Valentine’s Day and it is often something that is more important to them than they let on. ESTJs have a strong connection to traditions and for them celebrating these holidays is important. Forgetting to do something special for them can be rather upsetting for the ESTJ, so it is definitely a day to celebrate your affections for them. While they might be the ones to plan the evening, and make the dinner reservations, there are always special things you can plan to show you care. Searching for the perfect gift is actually important for the ESTJ, so this means taking time to think about what they like most. Something that they are proud of like their job or achievement, can be tied into the perfect present. Maybe a piece of jewelry or a watch with a special engraving, something like this shows effort and consideration for your ESTJ.


ISFJs are considerate people who go out of their way to care for others, which means they do appreciate having some of this given back to them. ISFJs actually enjoy celebrating holidays and events like Valentine’s Day are likely very important to them. It is important to take time to consider what they would enjoy most, and to plan a night that makes your ISFJ feel important. Take them out to their favorite restaurant and put aside your phone for the evening. They might appreciate going to a movie, or event renting a few flicks to watch at home. It might be nice to give your ISFJ their present before dinner, so that they can appreciate it the rest of the night. It needs to be something that shows you really put forth effort, and to express how valuable your relationship is. It doesn’t need to be expensive, but for the ISFJ the consideration is what matters most.


ESFJs spend most of their time caring for others, which often means they want to feel this reciprocated. They will likely plan an amazing gift for you on Valentine’s Day, and will be hurt if you don’t put forth at least a little effort for them. Make sure to consider the things they enjoy, their favorite hobbies or activities- and come up with a gift that ties into this. Don’t simply buy a random gift without actually considering the things that represent your special ESFJ. Think about their favorite movies, games or books and try to incorporate your present with those things. While they might take the initiative to plan the evening, it wouldn’t hurt to step in and take charge for them once in a while. They enjoy having someone who can take the pressure off once in a while and will appreciate this immensely. They might not say it, but over the top romance on Valentine’s Day is actually something the ESFJ will appreciate and be completely swept off their feet by. And if you take one thing from this…do not stare at your phone all night!


For ISTPs certain holidays can seem a bit pointless, but that doesn’t mean their loved ones cannot make it special for them. Valentine’s Day might not be the ISTPs favorite day of the year, but they do appreciate their loved ones showing that they care. The best way to make Valentine’s Day special for the ISTP is to plan something exciting, since they dislike feeling stagnant. Going to the same restaurant you always dine at, isn’t going to excite them all that much. If you plan a spontaneous event like a concert or maybe try a new restaurant you’ve never been to, it can spice things up a bit for them. They enjoy experiencing new things and will greatly appreciate that their partner is the one challenging them in this way.


ESTPs actually do enjoy certain holidays like Valentine’s Day, even if they don’t express this to others. They might scoff at the idea but they do enjoy having their loved ones make them feel special. Spending quality time with your ESTP is one of the best ways to make them feel loved on Valentine’s Day. Set aside time just for them and don’t pay attention to anyone else or become distracted by your phone. They also enjoy gifts that show how much you think of them, and want something that makes them remember the special night together. For ESTPs presents are a physical representation of your feelings, and they are something they can hold onto when you aren’t around. Whether it be a piece of jewelry, or even a stuffed plush of their favorite animal- all that matters is that you put thought into what they enjoy.


ISFPs are not difficult to please, they simply enjoy seeing how much effort their loved ones are willing to put into making them feel special. Valentine’s Day should be a night spent focusing only on your relationship, and not allowing other distractions to get in the way. The typical romantic gestures are actually enjoyable for the ISFP, since it shows you aren’t afraid to embarrass yourself a little bit for the sake of your love. Send them flowers or chocolate’s during their workday, and remind them of the special evening you will have together. They can certainly be happy with a quiet dinner and a movie, as long as you are focused on making them feel appreciated and loved. ISFPs do enjoy gifts but it doesn’t have to be anything lavish, simply a token of your affections for them.


ESFPs enjoy Valentine’s Day, simply because they enjoy any reason to celebrate your relationship. They do want to feel like they matter, so it is important to set aside plenty of time for them. ESFPs like being able to show off their love in some ways, so a public restaurant is a perfect place to exchange gifts. Find your ESFP something special and beautiful, so that they can feel truly important to you. For them presents are physical representations of your feelings for them, which is why they are important. It shows that you put forth time and effort to make them feel appreciated, and isn’t about the shallow aspect of gift giving at all. They enjoy romance and being showered with affection, but you don’t have to come up with anything out of the ordinary. Flowers, chocolates, presents and a nice dinner- are the perfect ways to make Valentine’s Day special.

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