The ENFP in 2016

Being an ENFP has it’s joys and hardships, and each year has something new to explore. Here is our advice for any ENFPs approaching 2016.

Embrace Your Weirdness

ENFPs are rather social and enthusiastic individuals who strive to be true to themselves. They often have a way of straying from the pack and discovering new things that others are too afraid to venture towards. Because of their rather unique and exciting qualities, ENFPs can be seen as odd by those who do not understand them. This struggle often causes ENFPs to fear being themselves, wanting to pull back in order to comfort others. We advise against holding back, and suggest that ENFPs welcome their weirdness with pride. It is important to remember that being yourself is the only way you truly find the people you are meant to be around. When you accept yourself for who you are, you will eventually find people who love your unique qualities. So we suggest that ENFPs embrace their qualities that others may find odd, so that the right people can find comfort and adoration in those same qualities. We promise those people do indeed exist.

Be Yourself Guilt Free

ENFPs often experience feelings of guilt when it comes to the way they act around other people. They may feel bad for simply being true to themselves, because of how others are making them feel. It is important for ENFPs to remain true to their own beliefs and morals, without feeling guilty about it. It is perfectly acceptable to be yourself, even if that seems to make other people uncomfortable. As long as you aren’t forcing your beliefs down their throats, it isn’t your fault that they feel this way and you shouldn’t be taking the blame. As an ENFP it is important to remain true to yourself and to remove the guilt that often goes along with that. Let go of your worries that some people may not accept you, because those people aren’t the ones you ultimately want in your life. ENFPs needs people that they can be open and honest with to be happy long term, making it important to begin the relationships with honesty. Be yourself, trust yourself, and others will do the same.

Keep Smiling

ENFPs are often very enthusiastic and warm individuals, who enjoy being able to find the positive side of things in life. This can often be hard for ENFPs, since other people may not always react well to this. It is important to remember that just because someone else does not want to smile, doesn’t mean you have to frown along with them. They may not feel the need to outwardly express their joy the way that ENFPs do, or that person may just not feel up for smiling that day. ENFPs need to accept that even though other people aren’t smiling and laughing along with them, doesn’t mean they aren’t having a truly positive affect on others. Some of the best advice we can give to ENFPs, is to keep smiling and laughing because eventually it will infect others in the best way possible.

It is also important to remember that although you may want to remain positive, it is okay to be sad once in a while. When you are feeling those negative emotions, allow yourself to express them to others. Don’t feel guilty or as if you are burdening them, the people who love you want to be there for you no matter what. Feel free to experience and even outwardly express whatever you are feeling, that is an important part of who you are as an ENFP.

Avoid Negative People, But Maintain Perspective

ENFPs can be bogged down by the negativity of others, since negative people often want to crush the hopes of more positive people. It is important for ENFPs to avoid the negativity that will drag them down, but it is also important for them to maintain perspective. ENFPs can often be seen as having their heads in the clouds, and can become caught up in their dreamy ways. Because of this it is also important for ENFPs to maintain relationships with some more grounded and realistic people. These people can help the ENFP to maintain a healthy perspective on the world around them.

You’re Doing Better Than You Think

ENFPs often worry that they may not be making the right choices in life. Because ENFPs care very deeply about others and sincerely desire to be good, they often feel guilty that they are not accomplishing this goal. Even though no one is perfect and we all make mistakes, simply desiring to do better means that your heart is in the right place. Our advice to ENFPs who feel like they are falling short, is to accept your flaws along with your goodness. Open yourself up to the thought that you are doing much better than you realize. Your caring and positive heart is something that will bring light to others around you, so don’t forget to hold onto that part of yourself. Keep these few suggestions in mind and we believe that 2016 can be an excellent year for ENFPs.