Myers Briggs Disney Animal Types

Most of us love Disney movies from childhood up until we are adults. We have provided you with a list of Disney Princesses and Princes…now we give you Myers Briggs Disney Animal Types! Enjoy!

INFJ- Rafiki (The Lion King)


Rafiki is spiritual and deep, and represents the quintessential INFJ. He is extremely intelligent, and has a way of intuitively reading the future. He instinctively understands what others desire, and tries to bring out their inner emotions. He wants to help make people better, and he cares very deeply for their well being. Rafiki is a wise and immensely creative character.

ENFJ- Mufasa (The Lion King)


Mufasa is very warm and caring. He makes an amazing leader, and is always concerned with making those around him as happy as he can. He is intuitive, outgoin, and supportive. He guides Simba, and will do anything to keep him safe.

INFP- Flower (Bambi)


Flower is a very sweet and reserved character. He is positive and has an infectious personality. He is very kind and prefers to keep harmony with the ones around him. Flower is a very loyal and caring character, he sticks by his friends no matter what. He is the first of his friends to be completely “twitterpated”  and excitedly accepts his opportunity for romance.

ENFP- Simba (The Lion King)


Simba is outgoing and enthusiastic. As a child he is very innocent and open-minded, but experiences the loss of his father, which impacts him deeply. When he is young Simba is excited about becoming king, but once he loses his father he runs from the responsibility. He is afraid and hurt and just needs to get as far away from the situation as possible. He is a dreamer and a romantic at heart, and even though he goes through a period of fearing leadership, he is skilled at it. In the end Simba shows himself to be a strong and brave character, who cares deeply for those around him.

INTJ- Scar (The Lion King)


Scar is an intense and strong-willed character. He is very strategic and methodical, and often time devious. He can manipulate those around him into doing what he wants, and he does so without any feelings of guilt. Scar is an intelligent planner and has a way of seeing the best way to mold the world around him into what he wants.

ENTJ- Shere Khan (The Jungle Book)


Shere Khan is an intelligent and devious predator. Once he has a goal in mind there is nothing stopping him from achieving it. He is strategic and considers the angles before his attack. Shere Khan thrives on his desire for power and feels completely comfortable being a leader.

INTP- Caterpillar (Alice in Wonderland)


The Caterpillar is very wise and intuitive. He is logical and has an internal knowledge of how things work and how the world is. He tries to educate Alice, but constantly seems annoyed that others are not naturally as intelligent as he is. He seems to be in his own world most of the time, and is constantly thinking.

ENTP- The Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)


The Cheshire Cat is outgoing and creative. He is a bit of a trickster and enjoys using metaphors and riddles to convey his point. He has a way with words, and can be seen as a bit mad. The Cheshire Cat is witty and hilarious, even though he can be frustrating to Alice. He is intelligent and intuitive, and has a gregarious and alluring personality.

ISTJ- Sebastian (The Little Mermaid)


Sebastian has a strong sense of duty and does his best to follow his orders. He wants to maintain harmony and keep King Triton proud. He is extremely loyal, and cares deeply for those around him. He strives to do the right thing, and follow his internal moral system. Sebastian is strict, organized and capable of working hard to achieve his goals.

ESTJ- Maximus (Tangled)


Maximus is very strong-willed and hard-working. He has a goal that he is supposed to accomplish and he will stop at nothing to achieve it. He is bossy and outgoing, but also has a very tender side to him with the right people.

ISFJ- Bagheera (The Jungle Book)


Bagheera is very caring and considerate. He desires to follow rules and maintain order, but only to keep the ones he cares for safe. He sacrifices a lot, and is capable of intense bravery if others are in need. He can be somewhat strict, but that is only because he worries that the ones he cares for are putting themselves in danger. He is introverted and reserved, but very smart and warm.

ESFJ- Nala (The Lion King)


Nala is outgoing and cares very much about the happiness of others. She willfully follows Simba around and does whatever she thinks will make him the most comfortable. When she grows into an adult she is personally hurt to find that Simba abandoned them. Nala ventures off and takes risks to gain help for her pride, doing whatever it takes to bring peace back to Pride Rock.

ISTP- Pascal (Tangled)


Pascal is introverted and intelligent. He is very supportive of Rapunzel although he occasionally has a judgmental demeanor about him. Pascal has a very clever and quick personality, and is very much in touch with the physical world around him.

ESTP- Mushu (Mulan)


Mushu is witty and outgoing, he always has something clever and funny to say. He has a charismatic and humorous personality, and is extremely loyal. He wants to impress others, and does whatever he can to appear competent. He is supportive and strong-willed, and deep down is truly brave.

ISFP- Bambi (Bambi)


Bambi is very reserved and kind-hearted. He is a dreamer and a romantic at heart, with a deeply gentle spirit. He cares very much for those around him, and feels things rather deeply.

ESFP- Baloo (The Jungle Book)


Baloo is outgoing and over the top. He loves being the center of attention, and is very skilled at putting on a good show. He is fun-loving and joyful, with a way of lightening the mood of the ones around him. Baloo enjoys life for what it is, and can always look on the bright-side of things.

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