Here’s How Important Recognition is to You, Based on Your Personality Type

Some people feel like being recognized for their accomplishments is truly important, while others don’t value it all that much. Everyone wants some sort of recognition, but each person will desire this on a different scare than others. Some people want to be recognized in a big way, while some just want their loved ones to see them. Here is how important recognition is to you, based on your personality type.



INFJs might desire some recognition deep down, especially from their loved ones. INFJs don’t like being overlooked by the people they love, they want these people to regard them positively and believe in them. They won’t often admit to their need for recognition outwardly, since they simultaneously don’t like being fawned over. INFJs can be contradictory people, with feelings that seem to oppose one another. While INFJs don’t want to be doted on, they often want to feel a more quiet recognition from the people they love.


ENFJs definitely want recognition, both on a personal scale and on a much larger scale as well. They want to find a way to accomplish things that deserve recognition in the workplace and at home. For the ENFJ it is important to be someone who can accomplish bigger goals in life, and they want to provide for those around them. ENFJs often have dreams of accomplishing something truly grand, something that they deserve serious recognition for. While to some it might seem silly, from the ENFJs point of view it is important be valued by those around them.


INFPs can have complex feelings about how much recognition they actually want to receive. Part of them might have a deep desire to share their accomplishments and passions with the world, but at the same time the thought of rejection can be unnerving. They may want recognition for their accomplishments, but mostly this is because they want to connect with people. INFPs don’t want to feel left out or neglected, and do want their loved ones to recognize just how much they try.


ENFPs definitely desire recognition, and want to accomplish things that others can be proud of. They seek out new experiences because they want to learn and advance in their lives. ENFPs want to feel like they can actually accomplish things that deserve recognition, and they want to be able to work on developing impressive skills. ENFPs aren’t afraid of receiving a little attention, and so they might enjoy the idea of having people give them recognition for the things they have done. They may not make it obvious but they definitely do like feeling valued in this way.



While INTJs might not care what everyone thinks of them, they still do believe that recognition is important. INTJs want to achieve a certain level of greatness, and want to do something they can be recognized for. While they want to be recognized from an outside point of view, it is more of a personal things which may be hard for some people to understand. For the INTJ it is about doing something that they can be proud of and share with others, they are highly competitive people but they are often competing with themselves.


ENTJs definitely value recognition and want to achieve something that they will be noticed for. They are often very competitive people, who believe in doing something that forces others to recognizing their accomplishments. They don’t need a pat on the back, it is more about doing something valuable that others need to stand up and take notice for. ENTJs work hard to achieve their goals, and don’t want to let anything stand in their way of accomplishing something truly great.


For INTPs too much recognition can feel insincere, and really isn’t something they are looking for. They are more interested in quiet recognitions from people who are being honest and who simply want to show that they see what the INTP is capable of. They want their loved ones to believe in them but they don’t need them to voice this constantly. INTPs enjoy feeling this sense of recognition without having to constantly hear about it in ways that can feel overwhelming and insincere.


Recognition is definitely important for the ENTP, since they want to be noticed for their accomplishments. They do enjoy receiving attention from others, especially from their loved ones. When the ENTP does something that deserves recognition, they want to receive it in the right ways. They don’t want to be boastful, but they do want people to take notice of their capabilities and things they have achieved. ENTPs do want to achieve great things in life, and they certainly want their loved ones to recognize this.



ISTJs definitely want recognition for the things they have accomplished, even though they often want it to be more subtle. For the ISTJ recognition means receiving a promotion, or a thank you from someone they love, they don’t require a lot of attention. ISTJs don’t like being center of attention and they don’t need to be recognized in a loud or showy manner. What they want is for their accomplishments to get them somewhere in life, and this is often plenty of recognition for them.


ESTJs definitely place importance on recognition, and so they want to achieve things that can be taken note of. They want to be sure that what they do grants them attention from those around them, because they work hard for this. ESTJs do believe that recognition is important, especially from their loved ones and their community. ESTJs don’t make connections lightly, and so they want to make the people close to them proud. They work hard to achieve recognition in their lives, and so they certainly believe it is important.


ISFJs don’t necessarily require recognition from everyone, only from their loved ones. While they might not want to achieve some sort of incredible accomplishment in order to receive recognition from the world, they do want it from their loved ones. ISFJs work hard to make those around them happy, and so it is important that these people actually notice their efforts. They can become drained and unhappy if the people they love don’t recognize everything they do. For the ISFJ recognition is only important from the people they are close to.


ESFJs definitely want recognition, but they mostly value this from their loved ones. They want to receive recognition from the people close to them, since their main goal is to please those people. ESFJs don’t necessarily require some massive accomplishment or some achievement of greatness, while they might think about this from time to time. To them the most important recognition comes from the people they love deeply, and they want to feel like those people value and appreciate everything they do.



ISTPs aren’t usually out for recognition, since they want to find this internally. They are often seeking out things to excite and fulfill them, rather than search for recognition from others. They don’t often feel a need to accomplish things are easily recognizable to others, they simply want to feel like they have learned and achieved their own desires. ISTPs go after what they want, but they don’t like having to answer to others or search for their recognition.


While ESTPs don’t like to admit this, they do often search for recognition from others. They work hard and can rather competitive, and this comes from a desire to be recognized for their abilities and accomplishments. ESTPs want to feel like they are working towards something, and enjoy being able to accomplish things that others can be proud of. They might not express their desire to be recognized, but they certainly do want to achieve something impressive.


ISFPs don’t often care for recognition from the outside world, but they do want to receive it from their loved ones. They want to feel like the people they care for truly admire them and are proud of them. ISFPs do desire recognition from these people, and are often searching for it in any way possible. This can be difficult for the ISFP who is hoping for a specific loved ones to be proud of them, since it is difficult for them to change their behavior in order to achieve this.


ESFPs definitely want recognition, especially from the people they love. They want others to like them, and work hard to achieve this. ESFPs don’t like when people attempt to take credit for their accomplishments, and sincerely want to be recognized when they do something impressive. ESFPs want to be valued and even admired by those around them, even if they don’t personally realize this. They can appear confident, but ESFP do desire recognition from people close to them and even from people they don’t know that well.

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