Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the INFP Mother

While each parent has their own unique style, often the struggles and positive attributes of each parent can be connected to their personality type. INFPs moms have very different ways of approaching their children, which can make for truly wonderful and loving households.

They Are Their Child’s Biggest Fan

The INFP mother knows how to be an advocate for the people they love, especially their children. They are always there to support them, even when they are at their lowest points. INFPs don’t expect the ones they love to always have their lives together, and the INFP mother is no different. They are understanding and patient when it comes to their children’s flaws, and cherish their idiosyncrasies. They want to bring out those unique qualities in their children, and don’t want to do anything that might leave them feeling like they aren’t allowed to be themselves.

The INFP mother often understands the struggles of being different, and they want their children to feel comfortable being whoever they want to be. They often make it known to their children that no matter who they are, they will be loved and appreciated.

She is often the perfect combination of affectionate and distant, since they needs time alone herself. While the INFP mother loves being around their children, they know how to give them the proper space. They require plenty of time alone and they want to ensure that their children have that same level of respect. The INFP mother often nourishes the unique qualities of her children and enjoy being able to see how they develop and who they are to become. She doesn’t want to judge her children for being different, instead she wants to be the safe place they can go when they feel wounded by the outside world. To the INFP mother it is important to have a completely open line of communication, honesty is so vital to them. They work to cultivate deeply personal relationships with their children, and don’t want them to feel like they aren’t as important as adults. They will treat their child with a certain level of respect, and don’t want them to feel left out in any way.

The Moral Guide

The INFP mother often teaches their children to develop a strong sense of self. She wants them to understand who they are, and to dive into their own inner world and feelings. The INFP mom doesn’t want her children to be lost to others, and instead wants to ensure that they are grounded in their own truth. She works to be a moral guide, sort of the Jiminy Cricket on their shoulder. She wants to ensure that her children make good choices, ones they can be proud of or at least learn from. The INFP mother does not want her children to compromise who they are, simply because the world pressures them. She is often great at teaching her children the struggles of peer pressure, and wants to ensure that they do not lose sight of themselves and doing the right thing.

The Toxic INFP Mother

While each type is capable of being an incredible parent in their own ways, there are also unhealthy versions of every type. The toxic version of the INFP mother is not the helpful and compassionate person that many might be used to. The toxic INFP mother can be somewhat harsh and even wounding towards her children. She often uses guilt manipulation in order to control the actions of those around her, and can be overly emotional at times. When the INFP mother wants something done, she will often cry or find ways to make her children feel horrible if they do not abide. This toxic version of the INFP mother can be rather difficult to live with, and can make the children feel more like the adults.

The Single INFP Mother

The single INFP mother doesn’t want her children to feel like they are missing out on anything. She will often try to provide them with whatever they need, even if that means stretching her own limits a bit. As single mothers the INFP can often stand on their own fairly well when it comes to raising their children properly. There may be times when she seems a bit scattered trying to get everything together and maintain a sense of control- but ultimately her love and compassion will go a long way. Even though the single INFP mom can become overwhelmed with little time to herself, she will work hard to not allow this to affect her children negatively.

The Struggles of the INFP Mom

The INFP mom can be a bit of an enigma for her children, which can be challenging on both ends. The INFP mother often approaches motherhood in her own unique way, which might not fit into society’s ideals. INFPs are very unique people, with their own perspective on things which doesn’t always blend in very well. This can be challenging for the INFP as a mom, since she may feel like the expectations are far too great. At first it can be difficult to see where she fits in, not really seeing herself as the perfect “Martha Stewart” type person. While other moms might have a neatly organized home and a perfectly put together schedule, the INFP mom isn’t often the organized type.

Their strong sense of compassion towards their children can also be somewhat challenging at times. They will often feel very sad when their child cries or is in pain, while other mothers chalk it up to a normal part of parenting. This makes it difficult for the INFP to feel understood by others mothers at times. They might appear dramatic with how they respond to their children, since they have this desire to connect with them so deeply.

It is important that each INFP mother learns to accept their unique qualities as part of what makes them amazing parents. Being that ideal parent isn’t real, and it often leads to a false outside view of what really happens inside the home. Instead of seeking to fit in with the crowd, the INFP mother needs to follow her heart in order to make the right choices for their children. The INFP mother is honest with her children, and she is there to support and love them no matter what. There are few things more valuable than the parent who accepts their children and all of their flaws, this unconditional love is all that truly matters in the end. To all the INFP mothers out there, don’t forget that YOU have your children’s best interests at heart. You might not be a perfect mothers, but what you provide for your children is not something others can take away from you. Each parenting style is different, but having a mother who loves you so deeply, is completely invaluable.

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