ENFP Primary Function: Understanding the ENFPs Extraverted Intuition (Ne)

Understanding the primary function of each personality type certainly helps give a better idea of how they respond to and take in information. Their dominant function is definitely going to be what stands out the most and is represented to the world around them. While the dominant function works in combination with your other functions, it is still the one which helps people signify your personality and is often what is presented outwardly. It is definitely the lead function in making decisions and in helping to form a strong sense of self. While understanding all of the functions and how they work together is truly important, knowing someone’s primary function is certainly the first step to knowing them a bit better.

ENFPs are outgoing and often somewhat bubbly people, who enjoy connecting with others. They are extroverted and social people, and this does make their dominant function stand out a bit more. Their primary function is their extraverted intuition (Ne) which drives them to notice patterns and make connections where they can. They enjoy experiencing new things and will bounce from one idea to the next rather quickly. For the ENFP this can often be a noticeable part of them since they are expressive people who like to explore possibilities in ways that many times might struggle with. They are not afraid to experience new things and might seem a bit spontaneous because of this.

How Ne Works

Extraverted intuition or Ne is very much focused on patterns and making connections from information they gather. It is very focused on collecting and processing information from the outside world. Ne dominant users enjoy being able to explore things in a much more open manner, not wanting to feel closed off to the possibilities around them. It drives them to explore their options and see how things work from so many different angles. Where some people might be focused on things they know and understand, the Ne dom wants to explore different ideas and imagine the possibility. They don’t want to just view things from a narrow scope, they actually thrive when it comes to seeing things from so many different angles. This helps them to problem solve in areas where others might struggle to really find new ways to get things done. Where the same problem is being faced with similar solutions, the Ne dom knows how to approach it from so many different angles. This helps them to see where they can fix things and go above and beyond what is expected. 

Their creativity definitely helps the Ne dom user to problem solve, but they possess other skills from this as well. They are also highly imaginative people, who enjoy being able to come up with unique hobbies and experiences. They don’t just want their lives to be stagnant and ordinary, instead they need to imagine and explore possibilities. Being able to see different patterns and potential around them makes the Ne dom a truly open-minded and curious person. Their creativity is something which is hard to match, as they don’t have a very limited mind or view of things. They are not afraid of imagining things which seem almost impossible to others, and are willing to really explore the path less travelled. 

Ne in ENFPs

The Ne dominant ENFP can appear to have their head in the clouds, as they often have a very dreamy nature about them. They love exploring and imagining as much  as possible, and so spend a lot of time inside of their own inner thoughts. At the same time they actually enjoy exploring these ideas with others people, and will cherish time spent chatting about different possibilities and theories. For the ENFP is it exciting to be able to explore and envision the world in so many different ways, wanting to live a life filled with creativity and passion. Sometimes this sense of curiosity and imagination can make the ENFP appear to be less connected to reality, causing their dreamer nature to really take hold. It can certainly make them seem a bit unrealistic, but that doesn’t mean ENFP are incapable of coming back to earth. Their Ne simply drives them in many different directions, forcing the ENFP to consider what is possible instead of only focusing on the things which are proven. The rest of their functions help to serve their dominant Ne, honing their sense of creativity and imagining into something which can be useful and more practical as well. While it might seem like the ENFP is constantly bouncing from one thing to the next, their imagination and out of the box thinking really helps them to create new things and even problem solve when needed.

ENFP Functions

The ENFPs dominant or primary function is their extraverted intuition, but the rest of their functions come into play as well. These other functions help to serve their Ne, making the ENFP a more well-rounded individual as they develop. Their auxiliary or secondary function is their introverted feeling (Fi), which focuses on their inner morals and belief system. While the ENFP might imagine different scenarios in their minds, the Fi is what helps them decide what path is truly the right one. They have strong inner morals and ideals, and believe in striving to do what is right and good. This Fi dictates a lot of the ENFPs choices in the end, since it helps them filter through their Ne options and figure out which ones are the right ones. Instead of the ENFP constantly following their Ne in different directions, the Fi helps to pull back on this and steer the ENFP in the right direction. They care about making moral choices and ensuring that their actions do not harm those around them. It helps the ENFP be more consciously aware of their actions and how they might affect others in a positive or negative way.