INFP Teachers: How INFPs Respond to Being Teachers

Being a teacher can be a truly challenging but also rewarding career choice, especially for those who are passionate about it. While it can also be a thankless job at times, there are plenty of ways to feel rewarded by helping to change the lives of your students. Teachers are definitely an important part of our lives growing up and even into adulthood, and so they can truly affect how people see the world and how much they believe in themselves. The right teacher has the ability to change the lives of their students and to inspire them to go after their dreams in ways that other people cannot. Some personality types might seem more fitted to this type of job, and are likely to gain something different from the experience.

INFPs can certainly make for amazing teachers, mostly because they can become so passionate about the subjects they are teaching. Their positive outlook on life and their dreamy nature is actually something which can make them truly inspirational teachers. INFPs are also very caring people with big hearts, and they want to do something which can make a difference in the world. Of course this doesn’t mean every INFP will be equipped for this type of job, nor will they all enjoy it. It is important to understand the benefits and setbacks to this type of career, in order to understand how the INFP will likely respond to being a teacher.

They Are Passionate

Something which really helps INFPs as teachers is their passion and excitement for certain subjects. When the INFP is truly excited about what they teach then this shows in the way they lecture and connect with their students. Having a teacher who is not passionate or excited about the subject is often a real downer for students and makes it hard for them to connect with what they are learning. This is rarely a problem for INFP teachers, as they enjoy really getting into the subject and hoping they can excite their students as well. This sense of passion for what they are teaching is going to become infectious and really help their students feel more engrossed in what they are learning, rather than bored by the teacher. INFPs are not afraid of being enthusiastic when they are teaching, wanting to come up with new and creative ways to get their students involved.

They Are Inspiring

INFPs are often the inspirational teachers, with the desire to help their students go after their dreams. They don’t want to crush the spirits of their classroom, instead they want to help them feel a sense of excitement for the future. Whatever the INFP is teaching, they are often good at connecting with their students on a deeper level. They want to inspire each of them to go after what they want and not be afraid of dreams. Their naturally positive outlook on life and the future is something which can truly help their students and give them a sense of hope. INFPs also enjoy being able to get close with their students and give them a sense of personal confidence and belief in themselves. They are good at helping to inspire this in others, wanting to see them really reach for anything they want in life. INFPs also have a way of connecting which makes their students feel understood, rather than judged. This unique outlook is actually something which makes a difference in the lives of others and keeps them moving forward even when they are feeling down.

They Want to Make a Difference

INFPs have an innate desire to make a difference in the world and often feel like they are meant to serve a greater purpose. Because of this desire it is truly important for the INFP to find a career which makes them feel rewarded and like they are doing something positive. Teaching is often a great option for INFPs because it helps them connect with people and they are doing something which can change the lives of others. Being able to actually affect the world in a positive way is something which will keep the INFP motivated for work each day. While there are always struggles with any career, they really need something which makes them feel as if they are doing something sincere and giving back to the world around them. INFPs will put so much of themselves into their students and into helping them improve and better themselves. They want to inspire change and hope in those around them, which is why teaching can really be an incredible career choice for the INFP personality.

The Struggles of the INFP Teacher

While teaching really can be a great option for INFPs, everything has its downsides. There are going to be struggles for the INFP teacher, and so it is important to know what those might be. One of the biggest things that can be difficult for INFPs as teachers, is their sense of organization. They might find themselves becoming distracted easily when they should be cleaning their desk or setting out their lesson plan for the day. They can sometimes put these things off or even forget to do them, causing them to have to wing it or do things last minute. This can certainly create challenges for the INFP as a teacher, especially in instances where they need to be more focused on one thing rather than easily distracted by outside ideas and imagination. 

INFPs can also struggle with their emotions as teachers, sometimes being rather hard on themselves when they shouldn’t. If a student does not do well on a test or they seem to not be connecting with the INFP, this can weigh heavily on them. They find themselves feeling a bit overwhelmed by the situation, and might feel as if they are failing in some way as a teacher. INFPs can be hard on themselves and this is often the biggest struggle they will face as teachers. It is important to take a step back and recognize just how much they do for their students, instead of seeing the times where things didn’t come together perfectly.


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