ENTP Logic: How ENTP Thinking Function Displays Itself

While some personality types favor their thinking functions, for others they will be displayed in unexpected ways. Each person possesses the thinking functions, they just use them in different placements in their function stacks, which will cause them to exhibit differently. It is important to dive deeper into each type and understand how they use these thinking functions in order to understand them better. Some people can peg certain types as solely feeling, simply because they don’t understand the ways in which they utilize logic and reason in their lives. Making these assumptions can cause us to misunderstand people and really miss out on the unique behaviors connected to their personality type.

ENTPs definitely utilize their thinking function quite a bit, as it is their auxiliary (second) function in their stack. This means it often plays and important role in how they take in information and process it. It can work with their dominant function and help guide them on their path. The ENTP uses introverted thinking as a means of processing information and picking up on important facts. ENTPs are imaginative people who thrive on new ideas, and their introverted thinking actually plays an important role in this and in uncovering new information they can use to their advantage.

ENTP and Introverted Thinking

ENTPs are analytical people who enjoy taking in all kinds of information and really digging deeper into understanding it. They enjoy allowing their imaginations to explore different ideas and different possibilities in the world around them. Their dominant function is their extraverted intuition, which is what drives the ENTP to explore so many different possibilities and patterns in the world around them. This is part of what makes them so naturally curious and causes the ENTP to want to absorb knowledge and learn about different subjects. The ENTPs introverted thinking function helps them to pick up on so many different facts and reason what is the most logical choice. They enjoy spending time analyzing what they have uncovered, in order to really figure out what is underneath the surface. ENTPs actually enjoy being able to debate about different subjects, as this helps them to expand their knowledge base. They feel energized by debate, especially with someone who can help the ENTP see things from a different angle. While they might end up coming to their own conclusions about things, they want to be sure they have seen it from every angle and really allowed themselves to open up to the different possibilities.

ENTPs actually enjoy time to themselves, and this is when they are diving into their Ti. While they enjoy being around people and do feed off of the energy around them, ENTPs are sometimes seen wanting to be alone and independent. This is when they are using that introverted thinking to analyze information and sometimes they want to immerse themselves in this. ENTPs are often seen bouncing from one subject to the next, taking it all in and wanting to remain moving forward. ENTPs enjoy ideas and are always looking for new things to explore and learn about, and their thinking function helps them to analyze all of this information and understand it in a unique way. ENTPs are also very logical people, who favor accuracy and reason and this is because of this Ti. They might enjoy exploring the different options and angles, but in the end they favor being accurate and getting all of the information right. They know how to come up with strategic answers and are excellent at problem solving. Their introverted thinking is part of what makes the ENTP naturally independent people, as they rely on their own inner minds and thoughts to ultimately come up with the answers.While they enjoy exploring the options and hearing what people have to say, the look inward to really analyze all of this information.

How it is Displayed

The ENTPs thinking function is often displayed outwardly by the way they enjoy debating and researching. ENTPs are people who know a lot about many different subjects, and are not afraid of sharing this with people. They actually enjoy getting into healthy debates in hopes of learning more about themselves and the people around them. ENTPs are analytical and logical people, and this is often how their Ti is expressed and displayed to the world. They enjoy spreading facts and learning about new things, never afraid of exploring different paths in order to uncover the truth beyond the surface. The ENTPs Ti makes them rather factual people, and makes them truly eager to analyze information in an independent manner. While they are extroverted people, they still enjoy plenty of time to themselves and this can certainly be a way in which their introverted thinking function is displayed.

Thinking Weaknesses

The greatest weakness for the ENTP and their Ti, is the fact that it helps them to neglect their own emotions. ENTPs try to avoid analyzing their feelings and instead will work towards coming up with more logical solutions to things. This isn’t always a good thing, since the ENTP often spends so much time pushing aside those emotions until it can cause them to feel stressed without fully realizing why. It isn’t healthy to bury feelings, even if exploring them can be difficult for some people. The ENTP tends to favor logic over feelings, and while this is perfectly fine, they do better if they can learn to at least process and accept their own emotions and the emotions of others. ENTPs are often better at connecting with people and reading their emotions than their introverted counterpart, but that doesn’t mean that they are always capable of doing this. There are times when the ENTP might push people away without meaning to, since they don’t naturally know how to respond emotionally or with compassion. ENTPs do care about their loved ones deeply, they just prefer to focus on logic rather than inner feelings.


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