Written By Kirsten Moodie

Here’s How Mischievous You Can Be, Based on Your Personality Type

Some people have a knack for mischief, in a way that simply comes natural for them. Others find too much mischievous behavior to be pointless and a bit draining. Here is just how mischievous you can be, based on your personality type.



INFJs don’t often appear all that mischievous, but they do have a side of them that is. There are times when the INFJ wants to stir things up a bit just so see how it all turns out. Their mischief is normally just for a little bit of harmless fun, or even to entertain the people around them. They don’t mind getting into some trouble once in a while, especially if they are around someone who brings this out in them. INFJs don’t usually intend to be mischievous in a harmful way, but this is often a side to their personality that they possess and it might surprise those around them.


ENFJs are seen as helpful and compassionate people, but they definitely possess a more mischievous side to their personality. It is part of them that does remain dormant for a while, but comes out usually when people least expect it to. If the ENFJ is feeling up to causing some trouble, it often comes from whoever they are around who inspires this. They enjoy getting into a little bit of mischief from time to time, simply for the sake of letting their somewhat naught side come out to play.


While INFPs don’t like to cause too much trouble, they do have a mischievous side to their personality. If they are bored for too long they might enjoy shaking things up just a bit in order to see what happens. They don’t like being mischievous in a way that could hurt someone or cause anyone else to get into trouble that they didn’t bargain for. INFPs do however, possess quite a playful side and enjoy finding ways to push the limits and stir up a little bit of trouble in a more innocent manner.


ENFPs definitely have some mischievous tendencies, especially when they become bored. If they are stagnant for too long the ENFP will want to shake things up, and occasionally this means getting into a bit of trouble. Their mischief is often completely harmless, but it can be a bit annoying to some. They enjoy playing pranks or finding ways to stir up a little bit of trouble and discord in their environment. ENFPs just don’t like stagnancy and prefer to find ways to make life a little bit more exciting.



While INTJs are often seen as very focus and intense people, they can certainly be mischievous from time to time. They can have a somewhat calculating personality, and enjoy seeing where they can lead a situation. There are times when the INTJ is feeling a bit mischievous and so they want to find ways to unleash that. They don’t like wasting too much energy on this type of behavior, but there are times when boredom strikes and the INTJs feels misbehaving for a bit. They don’t often do this in ways that can jeopardize what is important to them, and their actions really aren’t all that risky.


ENTJs are usually viewed as focused and serious people, but that is only one side to who they are. ENTJs are often rather complex people with many different layers to their personality. They can be extremely mischievous when they feel like they want to shake things up just a bit. They don’t do anything that could hurt themselves or their loved ones, they just like to find ways to push the limits a little bit. ENTJs have a side that can be a bit calculating though, and on occasion their mischief can stir up a little trouble for their enemies.


INTPs can be seen as focused and internalized people, but they do have a rather playful side to their personality. They can certainly be mischievous and enjoy finding ways to stir things up a bit. They sometimes do this just to see how people will respond and learn from pushing these boundaries. INTPs also like to push their own limits and find ways to improve themselves. Sometimes being mischievous is just a good way to learn about themselves, and other times it is simply for the fun of it.


ENTPs definitely like to be a little bit mischievous, mostly because they like to push boundaries. They don’t like stagnancy and often want to find ways to shake things up. If the ENTP feels bored or stuck they will certainly enjoy participating in some mischief, simply to see how it all turns out. They are naturally playful people, even though they spend a lot of time learning and thinking through different theories. That is part of what makes the ENTP so intriguing, while they have an intense interest in learning and understand complex ideas, they are also rather playful and mischievous.



ISTJs usually aren’t mischievous people, and can find this behavior a bit tiresome. While they enjoy having fun and encountering rewarding experiences with their loved ones, stirring up trouble just seems a bit pointless. They are very driven and focused on doing things a certain way, and oftentimes they aren’t fans of breaking the rules. This doesn’t mean that ISTJs don’t have a fun side, they simply don’t see much joy in being overly mischievous and might find it a bit juvenile.


ESTJs don’t usually find all that joy in being mischievous, and are much more direct and calculating with their actions. If they feel a need to cause trouble it is often for more serious reasons and seems justifiable to them. ESTJs can find too much mischief to be a bit childish and pointless. They want to focus on building a life that is both valuable and impressive. For the ESTJ wasting time on anything that doesn’t reward them just seems completely foolish. They know how to have fun and let loose, they just don’t usually find this type of behavior all that fun.


ISFJs can often be seen as a bit more innocent than mischievous, even though they do have a playful side. For the ISFJ it just seems pointless to stir up any kind of trouble and discord in their environment. They like to maintain a sense of peace and harmony instead of finding ways to mess things up. Being mischievous often means disrupting the harmony which the ISFJ works so hard to maintain. For them it just doesn’t seem to be all that rewarding, and isn’t usually the type of fun they are all that interested in.


ESFJs are mostly focused on caring for others and maintaining the peace. Creating harmony in their environment is important to them, and so they don’t like to disrupt that too much. While ESFJs do have a very responsible and put together side, they also can be a little bit mischievous sometimes. Their intentions are almost always harmless, but there are times when a little playfulness can be enjoyable for them. Their mischievous side often comes out when they are around the right people who inspire this part of their personality.



ISTPs can certainly have a mischievous side sometimes, especially when they are feeling bored and need something to keep themselves active. They might stir up a little bit of trouble just to see how everything goes, and to keep their minds busy. ISTPs don’t usually intend to cause any harm, they do this in more of a playful and fun manner. For the ISTP it is about enjoying the moment and finding ways to keep their minds coming up with new ideas and activities.


ESTPs can definitely have a mischievous side to their personality, and enjoy finding ways to keep entertained. They can become bored if they are stagnant for too long and want to keep themselves busy. Sometimes the ESTP just wants to stir up a little trouble in order to see how everything turns out. They can certainly be troublemakers at times, and relish in the times where they get to let their mischievous side come out to play for a while.


ISFPs definitely have a somewhat mischievous side to their personalities, and enjoy being able to shake things up a bit. For the ISFP it is rarely done in a malicious manner, instead they simply want to have a little bit of fun. Sometimes stirring things up for the sake of entertainment can be enjoyable for them. They often know how to push buttons in just the right way and this certainly lends to their mischievous tendencies.


While ESFPs are fun-loving and friendly people, they certainly can be mischievous at times. They enjoy being able to push boundaries and are always seeking new types of entertainment. Sometimes the ESFP will be a bit mischievous in a way that can be troublesome, especially if they are trying to stir up a bit of drama. They are simply doing this in order to have some fun and shake things up a bit. ESFPs really hate stagnancy and dislike being bored for too long, so they often need to find ways to keep themselves and those around them entertained.
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