INFP Intuition: Understanding the INFPs Sense of Intuition

Each personality type has some sort of intuition, it is simply more powerful for some than for others. Not only does the potency of intuition vary from type to type, there are also different types of intuition which are expressed in very different ways. For some there is extraverted intuition, while for others it is introverted which is much stronger and more naturally used. In order to understand how each personality type will respond and experience things, knowing their intuitive strengths and weaknesses is certainly important.

INFPs utilize their extraverted intuition as their secondary function, and this helps them to observe the world around them. Their extraverted intuition is more focused on patterns and seeing all of the different potential outcomes of a situation. INFPs are definitely connected to their intuition, but it is important for them to understand where this comes from and how it works. Some people get the notion into their minds that intuitive abilities are some sort of mystical ability, instead of the logical and practical reasons behind an individual’s intuitive strengths and abilities.

INFP and Extraverted Intuition

While some people might misunderstand how the INFP intuition works, it is important to take a deeper look in order to fully comprehend it. The INFP doesn’t use the same intuition as the INFJ does, which makes them actually rather different. Instead they use a more outwardly focused intuition, which draws conclusions from patterns and different ideas. This is part of what makes the INFP so naturally creative, since they are searching for things which are new in order to figure them out better. They draw in all of the information they see, and their minds start to work through different patterns from these details. The INFP can see all of the ways something could turn out, instead of seeing it is on straight narrow line. They pick up on the patterns and this helps helps them to figure out which choice is the most beneficial for them. 

This can cause the INFP to analyze situations for long periods of time though, since they can see the potential in more than one choice. They often want to experience different things because of this and are naturally curious people. INFPs don’t like being locked down to one choice, and instead prefer to feel free to experience different things and different ideas. Instead of simply seeing one narrow path, the INFP has a mind which ventures down so many different directions. This is definitely part of their extraverted intuition, since they see patterns and envision things in much more complex ways. For the INFP their intuition might not be their dominant function but it is still truly important to them. This is what helps them absorb information from the world around them, and helps them to assess their best path to take. INFPs dominantly focus on their introverted feeling function, but this is often something which works with their intuition and is combined to make the INFP who they are in a lot of ways.

Trusting In Their Intuition

It is important for the INFP to learn to trust in their own intuition, but this is something which can take time and growth. The INFP might be more focused on their inner emotions and this draws them away from trusting in their intuitive knowledge. When the INFP tries to focus on practical things and live the life expected of them by others, they can wander further away from their intuition. The more they draw towards what others want for them and try to live in such a narrow scope, the INFP loses part of themselves and what comes more naturally to them. This is why having a sense of creative freedom in their lives is so very important for the INFP. They need to have ways of expressing themselves and really exploring these parts of their minds. Their creativity is something which really helps them tap into that sense of intuition. This is why the INFP feels more like themselves and is capable of growth when they are working in careers and environments which allow them space to be creative. When they start to stifle this creativity and the unique way in which they think, the INFP loses the connection with their intuition. It is important for them to find ways of expressing this, even if it is outside of the workplace.

This is also part of what makes the INFP so imaginative, which is why their intuition is important to them. The INFP enjoys spending time envision potential future outcomes, and combining this with their own inner emotions and powerful feelings. For them observing the world around them and really taking this all in, is something which comes naturally. They need to be free to really analyze the patterns and be open to all of the potential that the world has to offer.

Intuitive Weaknesses

All personality types will have certain weaknesses when it comes to their intuition and intuitive abilities. For the INFP this weakness comes when they start to analyze the information for far too long. Instead of trusting in their intuition the INFP becomes more focused on trying to breakdown what they see and this leads to second guessing themselves and their own knowledge. INFPs have such vivid inner minds and sometimes they can become trapped in this loop of their own inner monologue. INFPs do sometimes read into things too much, instead of simply trusting in what they know and feel. When this happens it is really important for the INFP to take a step back, and stop focusing too much on things they cannot change and should not try to change. Trusting in themselves and their inner morals is also important for the INFP, and this is something which helps them to utilize their intuition in a more honest and natural way.

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