Here’s How Easily You Change Your Mind, Based on Your Personality Type

Some people easily and quickly change their mind or their opinions, while others remain firm and stubborn about their beliefs. Here is how easily you change your mind, based on your personality type.



INFJs don’t change their minds easily, and are often pretty firm about their beliefs. Once they have come to believe in something or have a connection via their intuition, the INFJ does not bend easily. They don’t like being wishy washy about what they believe, and instead they stay firm to the things that they hold dear. There might be some ideas or thoughts that the INFJ can be swayed on, but only if someone they love presents them with information. They don’t simply change their mind from moment to moment and are much more dependable than that.


ENFJs don’t change their minds easily, and are more likely to stand by their thoughts and beliefs. ENFJs are more likely to stick by things they know to be true, and rely on their intuition to guide them. They are stable and reliable people who try to stick to what they know. That doesn’t mean there are not times when their heart and their head conflict and can cause the ENFJ to change their minds more than usual. ENFJs also connect with the emotions of others and this can sometimes make it challenging to stand their ground.


INFPs might change their minds about some things easily, but this isn’t because they are swayed by other people. They change their minds because they become bored with one thought and need to explore something different. INFPs have so many different ideas running around inside of their inner minds that they cannot simply settle on one thing so easily. They will likely change their minds a few times before coming to their conclusions. The only things INFPs will not change is their inner morals and core beliefs, since those are very personal to them.


ENFPs actually do change their minds fairly quickly and easily with some things. When they are experiencing something new they can find themselves considering all of the options before actually settling into a decision. Even then the ENFP might realize they are quickly bored of this idea and need to consider an alternative. ENFPs do change their minds rather quickly, but not about the few core values that truly mean something to them. They have strong inner morals which they stand by and are extremely stubborn about.



INTJs definitely do not change their minds easily, and are very firm with their beliefs. Once the INTJ has decided on something and knows it to be true, they are nearly impossible to convince otherwise. They take so much time to research and learn about a subject or idea before coming to their ultimate conclusions. The fact that the INTJ takes so much time and energy to be sure about their beliefs and choices, is the exact reason why they do not change their minds easily.


ENTJs spend a lot of time and energy researching and learning about different subjects. When they have uncovered all of the facts and information, it is then that they make their decisions. Since ENTJs spend so much time being sure about things, they don’t change their minds easily. They are very firm and even stubborn about their beliefs, because they spend so much time making sure they are right. ENTJs look at the facts, and don’t like to be swayed by people’s emotions.


INTPs actually do change their minds often, but not in the way that people might think. They might be seen jumping from one thought to the next, but this is because they haven’t completely adapted these ideas as truth yet. They take so much time considering all of the options and will want to approach it from every different angle. INTPs appear to change their minds often, but that is because their mind hasn’t truly been made up yet. They need to take the time to consider the possibilities before being completely sure about the answer.


ENTPs do change their minds fairly easily, but that because they want to consider their options. They look at things from every possible angle so that they can sincerely learn the truth. ENTPs realize that they need to be open-minded and objective if they are actually going to uncover truths. They can seem a bit all over the place sometimes, switching from one thing to the next rather quickly. This is simply because ENTPs want to really consider the angles before coming to their conclusion.



ISTJs definitely do not change their minds easily, and can actually be rather stubborn at times. When they have made up their mind about something it is highly unlikely to change. ISTJs look at the facts and proven methods in order to make their decisions about things. When they believe something to be true or have made a choice, they are highly unlikely to change. ISTJs are stable and reliable people who rarely change their minds about things.


ESTJs are very firm in their personal beliefs, which is why they do not change their minds easily. They can actually be fairly stubborn when it comes to what they know to be the truth. ESTJs make sure to research and observe the facts before coming to conclusions about things. When they know something to be true they are highly unlikely to waver or change their minds.


ISFJs don’t change their minds easily or quickly, and often can be stuck in what they believe. When the ISFJ has adapted something to be true, they struggle to really change this thought. They have a hard time stepping outside of their comfort zone and so accepting new beliefs is a part of this. The only time ISFJs might waver is when their loved ones are concerned, since they are so concerned about their emotions and their needs.


ESFJs can actually be a bit indecisive about some things, and will likely consider different choices. When the ESFJ has made a decision and believes in something it is an entirely different story. They have a hard going against their previous beliefs and will not change their minds easily at all. They might change at first before their decision has truly been made though, seeming to bounce around before coming to their conclusions.



ISTPs base most of their decisions on facts, and prefer to follow what they believe is right. While ISTPs do not change their minds as easily as some types, they do like to live in the present. They might be swayed in a different direction if it seems more promising or exciting for them. ISTPs will be firm on the things they believe to be true and factual, but they can change their minds when it comes to the path they want to follow in life.


ESTPs can sometimes seem to change their minds easily, simply because they live from moment to moment. They don’t get hung up on the future and sometimes this causes them to flip from one thing to the next. ESTPs have certain beliefs based on facts that will not be changed but when it comes to making decisions they can seem a bit all over the place. ESTPs do change their minds easily on some things, especially when something else seems more exciting.


ISFPs can definitely seem to change their minds easily, mostly because they live so much in the present. ISFPs follow their hearts and sometimes this can lead them in different directions from moment to moment. They might go down one path and feel like they need to switch things up, causing them to change their minds in what seems like a rather quick and easer manner.


ESFPs definitely change their minds easily, especially when they are looking for something more exciting to dive into. They might make a decision about something but then change minutes later, feeling like they want to explore something different. This is simply because ESFPs follow their emotions from moment to moment, and this can cause them to change rather quickly about what feels right.

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