Here’s How to Find Your Tribe, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s How to Find Your Tribe, Based on Your Personality Type

Even for the most outgoing people it can be challenging to make connections that will feel meaningful. Finding those people who understand and appreciate you can be a difficult task sometimes. Here are a few tips on how you can find your true tribe, based on your personality type.


INFJs can be picky when it comes to who they let into their worlds, simply because they don’t trust easily. The INFJ doesn’t want to form a connection with someone unless they know it could really last. Usually partying and going out to clubs isn’t the desired scene for meeting your people as an INFJ, at least not the type of bonds that will truly last. The INFJ needs to find a place where they can connect with individuals who share similar interests and hobbies, and aren’t going to force them to become something else. Oddly enough the internet can be a great place for INFJs to make connections, since getting to know someone via text or messages is a great way to break down those walls.


For ENFJs it can be easy to fit in and make fast connections with people they’ve just met. In most cases the ENFJ has already found their tribe and their group of people who they feel closest to. They bond with their family members, and often make friends at a young age who they want to remain close to for life. ENFJs are naturally popular people, who know how to connect with those around them. The important part of finding the right connections for the ENFJ, is making sure they meet people in places that make sense for them. Maybe joining a yoga class, or a group of people who share a similar hobby like crafting or maybe an obsession for reading. Whatever the ENFJ likes best they can often find a local meet up, and will be capable of making friends quickly.


While INFPs are kind and likable people, it can be difficult for them to make connections that they truly want to make. They might be a bit picky when it comes to their close friends, but this is simply because they want people who understand and appreciate them for who they are. For the INFP it can be helpful to make friends online, by joining local groups that share similar interests. This can sometimes leave them only making online connections though, so it is best if they find people who are local and can initiate first contact. INFPs can do well with making a few extraverted friends, since those people can help initiate where the INFP might be nervous to do so. The important part is letting that person know that they need space to themselves sometimes, maybe someone who is open to hearing about their personality type and why they are the way they are.


ENFPs rarely struggle when it comes to making friends, since they are naturally outgoing and charismatic people. They are naturals when it comes to most social situations, but sometimes the ENFP can struggle to find people who appreciate the deeper side of them. The ENFP needs to find people who enjoy new experiences, but who also like having some time sitting at home watching movies. For the ENFP this combination is perfection, and will lead to lasting friendships. They want someone who challenges them sometimes, but will leave them be on the days when they really need to relax. ENFPs meet people rather easily, so they simply need to be open and truly listen to what that person likes instead of only looking for the good in them.


INTJs can definitely be choosy when it comes to making friends, but this is because they want to make sincere connections. INTJs don’t want to make surface friends who don’t truly understand them, and want these relationships to be lasting. While INTJs might not be the most affectionate people, they take their relationships and friendships very seriously. For INTJs it is important to take their time and find people who they can bond with and who can appreciate their unique approach to life. They also need friends who share their love for knowledge at least to some extent. INTJs need people who can share a deep conversation with them, without veering off towards something completely pointless and similar to small-talk. For the INTJ it isn’t about actively searching, but rather about waiting for the people who are willing to be patient in order to get to know them.


ENTJs enjoy making new friends, but they often need people who are loyal. More than anything ENTJs value dependability and having friends who will stick by them. Betrayal is one of the worst things for the ENTJ, which is why they need to be patient with the friends they connect with. Once they find someone who is great at reading others, that person can be a helpful connection to guide the ENTJ on who else they can trust. They can also benefit from using their intuition as a means of finding the right people to bond with. Work can often be a great place for the ENTJ to make friends, especially since those people understand and see how they operate on a daily basis.


Oddly enough the internet can be a great way for INTPs to meet people, as long as they stay away from the crazies. They need to be able to get to know someone without feeling too much pressure on them to constantly socialize, since INTPs do require plenty of time to themselves. INTPs can also do well joining certain group hangouts with people who share a similar interest, and might find it exciting to attend tech meets or even a gamer club. Whatever fits their personal likes, the INTP might enjoy coming out of their comfort zone to meet these new people. For the INTP the most important part of finding their true friends, is finding people who will take the time to understand them and appreciate them for who they are.


ENTPs can certainly make friends easily since they are friendly and charming people. They know how to connect with others without much effort on their part, and have a witty demeanor that entertains those around them. While ENTPs definitely make fast friends, they want to find people who understand and appreciate them. For the ENTP the most important part of their friendships is having people who challenge them, which often means getting to know people who are a bit different. They often need an eclectic group of friends, and will be happiest when they can surround themselves with people who keep them guessing. Sometimes the ENTP does best connecting with people from their younger years, and enjoy having these lasting friendships with them. For the ENTP to meet new people they simply need to go out and search for different activities and hobbies to meet these individuals.


ISTJs are loyal people who will often go out of their way to provide for their loved ones. This sense of stability makes the ISTJ a caring and helpful friend. For them it is important to find people who share the same loyal habits, but who can also challenge the ISTJ at times. They need a combination of fun and also someone who knows how to relax and sit at home once in a while. The ISTJ often meet their closest friends through work or through school, and finds it best to make those connections early on. They want people who know how to stick it out, and dislike flighty friendships. ISTJs can sometimes meet new friends though their family members, especially if they have close siblings or cousins.


For the ESTJ work is often the best place for them to make friendships, since they spend so much time focusing on their goals. They need people who appreciate their aggressive side, and who don’t find themselves constantly afraid of the ESTJ. For them it is important to make connections that will last, since they truly hate being around flighty individuals. Most ESTJs find that they meet their true friends at a young age, and enjoy maintaining those bonds throughout their lives. They can often find themselves bonded to childhood friends, but also enjoy making friends with people who share similar interests. This is why their work can be the most beneficial way for the ESTJ to make friends.


ISFJs are compassionate people, who can often be taken advantage of because of this. Most ISFJs find themselves bonding with their family, and don’t want to abandon those connections. For the ISFJ who wants to make new friends and find like-minded people, it can be beneficial for them to take a step outside of their comfort zone. Joining some local meet ups can be helpful for the ISFJ to meet people who share the same interests as them, and challenging themselves can help them get closer to people who actually want to get to know the ISFJ for who they are.


For ESFJs lasting friendships are often made from childhood and will remain with them throughout life. They need people who understand and appreciate them for all of the efforts they make. ESFJs can definitely make friends easily and find themselves capable of blending into most social groups. Their real challenge is finding people who will listen when they speak, and share a true interest in who they are and not just what they can provide for them. ESFJs will find these people as long as they are patient, and don’t hold back their true feelings as much. They need to expose themselves to new experiences once in a while, so that they can meet people who they can truly connect with and not just find out of convenience.


ISTPs enjoy challenging themselves and want to experience new things. While they enjoy excitement in their lives, sometimes they need to take a step back in order to find people who they can connect with. They don’t need individuals who are exactly like them, instead they need people who are just different enough. For the ISTP to meet their tribe they need to slow down long enough to find the people who share their interests, but who also know how to remain grounded at times.


ESTPs can have a hard time making friendships with people who can keep up with them. They are constantly seeking out new adventures and dislike remaining stagnant. Many people can become left behind and aren’t capable of handling the ESTPs eager spirit. For the ESTP it is important to find people who aren’t exactly like them and who can keep them grounded sometimes. They can sometimes overlook these people, and underestimate their ability to keep up with them. The ESTP needs to not search for their friends in bars or local hangouts, and can likely find these people through previous connections they have made.


ISFPs often make their lasting friendships at a young age, and dislike having too many close friends. They simply need one person who understands them and appreciates them for who they are. ISFPs want to feel connected to their loved ones, and enjoys being able to bare their soul and have someone who understand the depths of who they are. For the ISFP to find this person it requires someone who can make that first move oftentimes, since they can be nervous to make the next step. The person who is best suited to connect with the ISFP needs to be patient, and completely free of judgment.


For ESFPs it is important to find friends who can keep up with their spontaneous spirit. They need people who see their tender heart beneath their constant need for excitement and fun. ESFPs are actually caring people, but sometimes they can get caught up in the present moment. They can find themselves being taken advantage of by people who don’t truly appreciate them for who they are. Sometimes the ESFP needs to take a step back in order to meet the right friends who will actually understand them.

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