INFP Soulmate & Best Match: How to Find Your Ideal Match

Many people are on the hunt to find their soulmate or their ideal match in life. Wanting a partner who completes us or makes us feel a sense of constant joy, is certainly the goal when it comes to romance. Finding this special person can sometimes feel like a challenge or make us feel hopeless. It is important to consider what our needs truly are, before searching for that soulmate we so desire. For the INFP a soulmate might not mean the same thing as it does for someone else, so it is important to know what they are truly looking for in this partner.

What Soulmate Means for the INFP

Most INFPs do believe in the idea of a soulmate, or someone who makes them feel a sense of completion. Someone who connect with and sparks their soul in a truly unique and meaningful way. INFPs may have cynical parts of their personalities, but this does not overtake their inner feelings when it comes to romance. The INTP dreams of something deep and special, and wants to find a love which cannot be rivaled. They search for something beautiful which makes them feel passionate and alive. INFPs don’t want to just settle for their comfort zone when it comes to romance, and often want something which is worth waiting or searching for.

Some might not believe in the idea of a soulmate, but many INFPs do see this as a very real thing. They might have times in their life where they doubt if they will ever be capable of finding their soulmate, but deep down they possess a stronger sense of hope than anyone realizes. INFPs see the soulmate as someone who is meant to be their partner and friend in their life’s journey. Someone who understands and sees deep into their soul and mind, and is not afraid of what they see. Someone who can break down their walls naturally and who connects with their insides in a way no one else really can. 

Idealizing Your Partner

INFPs do have a tendency to be idealists, always putting people and their passions up on some sort of pedestal. When they meet someone who makes them feel a sense of excitement, they do sometimes idealize them. Even before meeting someone special, the INFP might have this idea in their minds about what their soulmate should be like. They idealize their different traits and how the relationship should go. Only seeing this sense of sometimes unrealistic perfection, which can be a bit challenging to live up to. 

While their idealistic nature is part of who they are, the INFP can do well to tone it down at times. They are dreamers by nature, and this is a beautiful part of them and something which should not be changed or altered. When it comes to relationships though, perfection really isn’t something which can be obtained. The INFP will be more open to finding their soulmate when they realize that this perfect match, doesn’t necessarily mean an easy and perfect relationship. Parts of their connections will certainly feel magical and somewhere close to perfection, but everything can’t add up this way. Nothing can be unrealistically perfect, and so there will be times when even this ideal match can have troubles. The INFP might need to take a step back at times, and stop putting their partner up on this pedestal. They need to realize that no matter how imperfect they are, that doesn’t mean they aren’t right for each other.

Your soulmate doesn’t mean someone who is perfect and it doesn’t mean the relationship will always be easy. Most relationships come with a bit of baggage and days when it seems like things are just too hard. The important thing is having a partner who is willing to fight, and this is what the INFP really needs from their soulmate. Someone who understands them and won’t give up even when it seems things are difficult for them both. For the INFP to truly find their soulmate, they do need to take them off of the pedestal they have them placed on.

What They Need

When it comes to a relationship or ideal partner, the INFP needs someone who listens and understands. They need someone who is truly interested in understanding them on a  deeper level and takes the time to do so. They don’t want a person who only halfway listens or someone who shows interest when it is convenient. The INFP needs and wants someone who is curious about who they are underneath all of the layers. Someone who is crazy about them, and passionate about learning what makes them who they are and all of those thoughts and feelings deep inside. The INFP feels this for their partner and so they need someone who is just as excited to learn about them.

Finding someone who is sincerely interested in the INFP, and who sees them for who they are, is deeply valuable for them. A person who doesn’t just look at the surface but instead looks deeper. Someone who doesn’t judge them when they seem different than the rest of the world, instead they need someone who relishes in those unique qualities. INFPs might have some idealized notions about what they want from a soulmate, but in reality nothing makes them happier than a person who simply understands them and is passionate about them. This sense of understanding makes the INFP feel complete and makes them feel like they can take on the world. When they have someone who is entirely by their side and ready to support them, it makes them feel strong and proud.

INFPs are great listeners and they really are happiest with someone who can provide this as well. They don’t really want a soulmate who is identical to them, instead they want someone who can teach them new things. A partner who is different, but who is willing to show the INFP all of those unique qualities which makes them so special. They are excited to connect in a way that goes beyond the surface, and for the INFP these are the most important parts of finding their soulmate. In order to really find this person they need to be more open to someone who isn’t quite what they expect, and stop trying to put together this perfect match in their minds.

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