INFJ Soulmate & Best Match: How to Find Your Ideal Match

When it comes to finding your soulmate, everyone has a different ideal match in mind. Some people might not fully believe in the idea of a soulmate, while others hope for it to be something they can obtain. Finding a soulmate isn’t always the same thing for everyone, and some people might have their own personal idea of what a soulmate actually means. Being open to your soulmate is just as important as understanding what this person will look like when you finally meet them. 

What Soulmate Means to The INFJ

Some INFJs might have a cynical outer shell, and because of this they may even profess that they don’t believe in soulmates. The outwardly cynical INFJ has likely had their heartbroken one too many times, and is tired of allowing this to happen. They become cynical about the idea of true love and the notion of finding one’s soulmate. While on the outside they might express these feelings, most INFJs feel differently deep underneath the many layers of their heart. More than likely this pessimistic (self-proclaimed realist) INFJ, is deeply hopeful and romantic. They believe in the presence of a soulmate, they just might have fears and doubts that they will ever find this special person.

When it comes to soulmates the INFJ often believes that they can come in many forms. They believe in finding a soulmate who is their friend or family member, but also believe in the existence of the romantic soulmate. The INFJ is likely just afraid of venturing down this road, and might be hesitant to take a chance on someone. To them the romantic soulmate is someone who completes them, someone who understands deep into their soul and mind. A person who is eager to pull back the layers of the INFJ, and who isn’t afraid of climbing over the walls they create. This person naturally has a way of making the INFJ feel safe and vulnerable, and when they do their soulmate won’t take advantage of this openness. To the INFJ a soulmate is someone who they can trust, because that person always sees what they truly mean to say. Their soulmate truly sees the INFJ for who they are, and they understand the things about them that no one else can seem to grasp.

Their Walls Can Be Rather High

INFJs often have walls built up, and it can be difficult for them to trust people and take those walls down. Their soulmate really needs to be someone who is willing to take their time and be patient. While the INFJs soulmate will be someone who is capable of being gentle and patient with them, the INFJ also needs to take some of this on themselves as well. When they find someone who is willing to wait and who is truly trustworthy, they definitely need to pay attention to this. They can still be guarded even with someone they love, and so being more open to taking chances and risks is something they can certainly benefit from when it comes to falling in love. While getting hurt is always a risk, sometimes it is one we have to take in order to experience what life has to offer.

A person who loves the INFJ and truly is their ideal match, is going to be understanding of their walls and guards. They are going to see that the INFJ is caring and has a big heart, and this is why they might not show all of themselves right away. While this person will see these things, that doesn’t mean they don’t need to feel like they are getting somewhere in the process. It is certainly something which goes both ways, as any good relationship is about give and take. When the INFJ is willing to communicate their own personal needs, it will help them become more open to finding their true match.

The Battle of Heart and Head

When it comes to finding their soulmate the INFJ is often at war with themselves. They have a constant battle between their heart and their heads, making it difficult to really find the balance at times. INFJs are walking contradictions and this is something which can make them feel misunderstood and fearful. Their minds often tell them to be guarded and protect themselves, while inside they are true romantics who just want to find someone to share their souls with. For the INFJ to really make peace with the idea of finding the right match, they need to learn to find the balance and give themselves the opportunity to find what they truly want and need.

What They Need

INFJs need someone who they can trust above everyone else in the world. A partner who will stand by their side, even when they make mistakes or when they are guarded. INFJs are not only empathetic people, they can also be rather logical at times. They need someone who sees these many sides and who is eager to learn about their contradictions even more. Their soulmate is someone who wants to understand them, and who sees beyond what the INFJ portrays on the surface.

INFJs are also best suited to someone who is capable of recognizing when they are in need of something. INFJs aren’t great at expressing their own personal needs, since they can become so focused on others. They don’t want to feel like a burden and so they need a partner who can help them open up and feel safe doing so. Someone who wants to make the INFJ happy and who is good at listening, not just sharing. INFJs can become so focused on others that they neglect themselves, which is why they need someone who does not allow this to happen.

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