ENFJ Soulmate & Best Match: How to Find Your Ideal Match

For the ENFJ there are certain times when they are more focused on practical things, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a romantic side as well. ENFJs do find themselves drawn to the idea of a soulmate, and might even believe in rather deeply. For them romance is important and finding someone to share their lives with is often a major goal. While ENFJs are independent people, that doesn’t mean that making connections and being close to others is not vital for them. They care deeply about their loved ones and are often very focused on caring for them and tending to their needs.

What a Soulmate Means to the ENFJ

For the ENFJ a soulmate is someone who makes them feel whole, someone who brings out their inner desires in a unique way. For the ENFJ a soulmate is a person who instinctively understands them and who is willing to help them achieve their goals in life. A true soulmate will be their partner in life, and is always ready to help them with anything without having to be asked. The ENFJ cares for others and is always striving to come to their aid, but to them a soulmate is someone who sees this and wants to help the ENFJ in turn.

Their soulmate is someone who makes them feel alive and excited about each day spent with them. They often believe in the idea of a true soulmate, and are searching for someone who can fill this space for them. This is why they don’t want to settle for anything less, and really want to find a partner who feel extremely special to them. ENFJs care about finding their perfect match more than most people realize, making this a goal which is truly important to their lives and their futures. They might have rather high standards about what a soulmate is, but ENFJs aren’t willing to settle for something that just isn’t fulfilling this passionate part of their hearts.

It’s Okay To Let Your Guard Down

In order for the ENFJ to truly be capable of finding their soulmate or ideal match, they need to be more open to imperfections. ENFJs are naturally perfectionists and so they hold themselves to extremely high standards. They don’t want the people around them to see their flaws or mistakes, and so they strive for a certain level of perfection which can be a bit intense. ENFJs work hard to constantly juggle their lives in hopes of appearing perfect to those around them. While this comes from a place of caring, this is something which can actually prevent them from finding their true soulmate.

For the ENFJ to really connect with someone and discover if that person understands them on a deeper level, they have to be capable of letting their guard down. To find their perfect match the ENFJ needs to stop striving for perfect themselves. Without showing their vulnerabilities and flaws they won’t truly be sure if they are connecting with someone who cares about who they are on a deeper and very real level. When the ENFJ meets someone who they feel connected with, they need to let down their guard and be capable of showing all of the sides of themselves. They even need to be willing to show the imperfections and the messy parts of them, the ones they often bury deep inside. If the ENFJ is struggling to find the right person, this perfectionism is often the reason they aren’t making that connection.

What They Need

ENFJs often have a hard time really asking for or uncovering what they need in life and in relationships. They spend so much time caring for those around them and this causes them to neglect their own needs. ENFJs can feel like a burden when they express their feelings or ask for something they want or need. Because of this it is important that they take the time to really think about what they need from a relationship, or else they might find themselves drowning in what the other person wants. 

ENFJs need someone who is conscious of their feelings and who takes the time to consider their needs. A person who enjoy that the ENFJ is caring and giving, but who is willing to give themselves. If they don’t have a partner who isn’t willing to really make sure the ENFJ is heard, then they will find themselves drowned out completely. For the ENFJ to be truly happy in a relationship without resentment, their partner should be capable of seeing beyond the strong outer appearance. They need to be willing to peel back the layers of the ENFJ and see what is going on inside of them. Someone who is patient and is there even when they might have a hard time expressing their feelings.

ENFJs also need someone who is fun, and who knows how to relax. ENFJs struggle with this sometimes, and need a partner who brings out their fun side (because they definitely have one). Their soulmate is someone who knows how to inspire their passions and who has exciting hobbies and passions of their own as well. Having someone who is passionate and gets excited about things is going to inspire that same enthusiasm for the ENFJ. They need a certain level of independence but also connection at the same time, and so they enjoy a partner who has their own passions as well.

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