ENTJ Intuition: Understanding the ENTJs Sense of Intuition

Each personality type has some sort of intuition, it is simply more powerful for some than for others. Not only does the potency of intuition vary from type to type, there are also different types of intuition which are expressed in very different ways. For some there is extraverted intuition, while for others it is introverted which is much stronger and more naturally used. In order to understand how each personality type will respond and experience things, knowing their intuitive strengths and weaknesses is certainly important.

The ENTJ use introverted intuition is their auxiliary function, and so it is still important to how they process the world and respond to it. The ENTJ uses extraverted thinking as their dominant function, which is part of what drives them towards facts and information as their main way of decision making. They still utilize their intuition as a means of processing this information and truly making sense of the world around them. ENTJs aren’t always viewed as intuitive people since they are so focused on logic and details, but this is something which is utilized internally and so people simply don’t see how it is expressed in such obvious ways.

ENTJ and Introverted Intuition

The ENTJs intuition is often something which helps them make long-term goals and plans for the future. They are very driven and goal-oriented people and want to push themselves to achieve their goals in life. The ENTJ utilizes their intuition as a means of making predictions about the future and how things will likely turn out. This helps the ENTJ to strategize better and come up with the most efficient choices and conclusions. They use their intuition combined with their extraverted thinking, they will take in all of the facts and information and filter this in order to come out with the best strategy for their goals. ENTJs are seen as very focused people because they don’t believe in allowing anything to stand in their way or hold them back. ENTJs are not afraid of verbalize their beliefs and opinions, especially once they are sure of them. For some people using intuition is something which causes people to be confused by them, but ENTJs have plenty of facts and confidence to back up their choices. ENTJs don’t simply jump into things without being sure of themselves, and this is something which comes from both their intuition and their critical thinking skills. This helps them to problem solve and piece together all of the information and facts in order to get things done the most efficient way possible.

Their sense of intuition definitely helps the ENTJ find a sense of direction without allowing themselves to waver. Once they have made a choice about something and are sure of it, there really isn’t much which will change their minds. This can cause the ENTJ to appear rather stubborn but there is often plenty of reasoning behind it. They know when they are sure about something and they don’t believe in allowing others to sway them or change their minds. When they have relied on their intuition and the facts of a situation in order to make their choice, the ENTJ can be very stubborn and firm in this decision. This is something which gives the ENTJ a sense of confidence and often makes them rather intimidating to those around them. They don’t want to appear weak or wavering, instead they rely on what they know and will trust in it completely. They are confident and strong-willed people, and this is certainly something which comes from relying on their intuition and trusting in themselves.

Trusting In Their Intuition

When the ENTJ trusts in their intuition they become confident and strong-willed people. They become sure of their choices and unafraid of taking risks and pushing themselves forward. While others might constantly doubt their own choices and beliefs, the ENTJ who trusts in their intuition does not waver. They know what they are capable of and are sure of their own knowledge. This is why the ENTJ does best to follow their own sense of right and wrong and trust in their intuitive strengths. This causes the ENTJ to become confident and capable people, who will not be afraid of overcoming whatever challenges might come their way. Instead of becoming fearful of change and any struggles in front of them, the ENTJ knows how to rely on their own knowledge in order to fix the problems and get things done efficiently. When they don’t trust in their own  intuition the ENTJ becomes insecure and often tries to take risks with things which aren’t necessarily at all. Without relying on their intuition they don’t feel like themselves, and appear much less sure of who they are.

Intuitive Weaknesses

The weaknesses for the ENTJ when it comes to their intuition is simply that they can become a bit too arrogant. They find themselves not trusting in others and might struggle to even hear them out. When the ENTJ is sure of something they are rather confident in this and can be stubborn because of it. While being sure of their choices is not a bad thing, the ENTJ can sometimes push others away because of this. Their firmness and confidence can start to appear harsh and even a bit arrogant at times. They might be focused on getting things done and being efficient to the point where they can alienate their loved ones and cause people to feel distanced from them. This isn’t the intention of the ENTJ at all, since they are merely focused on the facts of the situation and getting things done. They don’t want to push others away or appear arrogant, but sometimes because of their confidence and sureness the ENTJ can come across this way, especially when they are aggressively focused on the final result.

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