Here’s How Spacey You Can Be, According to Your Personality Type

Here’s How Spacey You Can Be, According to Your Personality Type

While some people are extremely grounded, while others have their head in the clouds. Here is how spacey you can be, according to your personality type.


INFJs are very logical and analytical people, but at the same time they can seem spacey to others. The reason the INFJ might appear spacey, is because they have such rich and active inner minds. They find themselves caught up in their own thoughts and intense imaginations for long periods of time. The INFJs inner world can be so intense that they have a hard time pulling themselves out of their thoughts and emotions. This can definitely cause the INFJ to appear spacey, especially if they are caught up in their own thoughts for a long period of time.


ENFJs are often seen as sociable and outgoing people, who care very much for the wellbeing of others. While they do have rather active inner minds, they are more than capable of keeping this to themselves. The ENFJ will be open and friendly when they are around others, and will work hard to ensure that they don’t become distracted. They want to be sure that everyone is happy and comfortable, and are always working hard to tend to the needs of those around them.


INFPs can definitely appear spacey, since they can become so caught up in their own thoughts. They have rich and active imaginations, which can distracted them from their surroundings sometimes. The INFP would often rather live inside their own minds, much more than be present in the real world. They aren’t incapable of paying attention though, and are often observing what is going on around them. INFPs simply don’t need to participate in everything they see, and can live behind the scenes sometimes.


ENFPs are such outgoing people that they often make friends rather easily, but that doesn’t mean they can’t appear a bit spacey sometimes. ENFPs have incredibly active inner minds, where they are always thinking through a million different ideas and possibilities. The fact that ENFPs have such intensely rich minds, makes them seem a bit spaced out when they are caught up in thought. They can bounce out of this rather quickly though, and are capable of maintaining a presence in the world around them.


INTJs do have incredibly rich inner minds, and they often prefer to spend their time sifting through thoughts and ideas. INTJs can appear a bit disinterested in people, and much more intrigued by their own minds. This can cause the INTJ to seem spacey sometimes, but in most cases they just look intense to others. When the INTJ is really thinking through something, they can seem almost angry to the outside world. They are simply focused on figuring out some of the ideas and analysis inside of their minds.


ENTJs are not seen as spacey people, and are more likely viewed as focused and intense. They are always working hard to get things done, and value efficiency very much. ENTJs have rather aggressive personalities, and try hard to ensure that their goals are met. They are very strong willed people who aren’t afraid to do whatever it takes to make things happen. ENTJs are not spacey, even though their inner words are extremely active. They simply use this mental activity to help them push further in their goals and put together strategic plans.


INTPs are intense people with incredibly lively inner minds, which is why they can appear a bit spacey to others. When the INTP is thinking through and analyzing information, they are often a little frightening to others. They might seem easily distracted, but the INTP is often processing their surroundings as well as the thoughts inside of their minds. They don’t always appear to be aware of what is going on, but they are definitely taking it all in.


ENTPs can certainly appear spacey sometimes, since they can jump from one thing to the next rather quickly. They are always thinking about a million different things, which can cause them to become somewhat distracted. ENTPs don’t mind being seen as spacey sometimes, since most of the time they are viewed as intelligent and charismatic people. They have many different sides to them, which makes them interesting and creative people.


ISTJs are definitely not viewed as spacey people, since they are focused and hardworking. They are driven to get things done and meet their goals in life. ISTJs don’t become distracted easily, especially when it comes to the things they believe are important. They are always pushing themselves to be the best at what they do, in order to provide for their loved ones. They are grounded and responsible people, who don’t want to waste time getting caught up inside their thoughts when they should be getting things done.


ESTJs are certainly not spacey people, and are much more focused. They are grounded and hardworking, and always try to ensure that their loved ones are provided for. ESTJs have goals and they will do whatever it takes to meet those goals. They would rather be viewed as responsible and dependable, which is why they don’t have much admiration for “spacey” people. ESTJs value efficiency and believe in ensuring that everything is done to the best of their ability.


ISFJs are definitely not spacey people, and are much more focused on taking care of their loved ones. They are always trying hard to ensure that everyone is happy and comfortable. ISFJs want to maintain a sense of harmony in their environment, which can take a lot of work on their part. They don’t want to be seen as spacey, since that often means they are distracted from doing what it is important. ISFJs would much rather save that time for when they are alone, and don’t have people to tend to.


ESFJs are not usually seen as spacey people, although they can be sometimes. Most of the time ESFJs are focusing on caring for their loved ones, and want to be sure that everyone is happy. They work hard to ensure a sense of harmony in their environment, since they care so deeply about the people they love. ESFJs don’t want to do anything that might compromise the happiness of the people around them, and will have this as their main focus.


ISTPs are definitely practical people, but sometimes they can appear spacey since they spend so much time inside of their own thoughts. ISTPs do enjoy spending time analyzing and thinking things through, but they also enjoy taking actions. Because the ISTP is often seen seeking out new adventures and living presently in the world around them, they can avoid the title of being “spacey”.


ESTPs are not viewed as spacey people, and are often seen as practical and logical. They are always trying to further their goals in life, and really want others to take them seriously. ESTPs do have some moments where they bounce from one thing to the next rather quickly, since they are so present in the moment. While ESTPs can bounce around they don’t seem spacey to others, since they can still maintain a grounded presence.


ISFPs are imaginative and whimsical people, which can sometimes make them seem a bit spacey. The fact that the ISFP has so much going on internally, makes them seem space to others. They can become easily distracted, especially if their thoughts are taking them away from what they are doing. ISFPs can seem spacey since they bounce from one thing to the next rather quickly, and might be occasionally flighty because of it.


ESFPs do sometimes seem spacey to others, especially since they jump from one thing to next rather quickly. They live so much in the moment that it can sometimes drag them in many different directions. They seem flighty to others, and even a bit spacey when their minds are running through a million different thoughts. ESFPs are very present in the moment, but their thoughts can bounce around so quickly that it seems a bit overwhelming to others.


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