ENTP Inferior Function: Understanding the ENTPs Introverted Sensing (Si)

Our inferior function is the one we often push aside the most, and find it the most difficult to fully grasp. While our inferior does seem to be underutilized, this isn’t entirely the case. This function is used in different ways and has a tendency to come out differently simply because it is in the 4 position in our functions stack. That doesn’t mean it won’t still play an important role in our lives and behaviors, as especially we we grow and mature. As people work on personal growth and understanding, it can cause this function to become more useful in their lives and help them to process things in a much more balanced manner. In reality, even our “weakest” function has an important role to play in our behaviors, and does in fact show itself more than we outwardly notice.

The ENTPs inferior function is their introverted sensing or Si, which focuses on internal patterns and past experiences. For the ENTP this function doesn’t really express itself in the same way as someone who would use it as their dominant function, but it does still get used and express. It is often seen in much less obvious situations, where the ENTP needs to use this sense of Si for something important in that moment. It is important to know the different placement of functions in someone’s stack, since it will certainly be used differently based on this. For the ENTP it can seem like Si is not important to them, but they need this balance in order to be a well-adjusted individual. 

What Is Introverted Sensing (Si)

Introverted sensing or Si, is very much focused on an internal perception of the outside world. It focuses on past experiences and connects them to the present as well as the future. Someone who uses introverted sensing as their dominant function can be rather stuck in past knowledge, always connecting things back to something which has happened before. This can cause them to be a bit fearful of trying new things at times, since they want to stick to what they know and are sure of. Often this just helps the individual connect things to the past and their own experiences in order to predict the best future choices for them. It can help them to figure out where there might be inconsistencies or changes in their environment. This helps the Si user recognize when something isn’t right or when they need to adjust to their environment somehow. This is a function which focuses on personal experiences a lot, and helps the user to decide which direction makes the most sense of them and what they are comfortable with. This doesn’t make them incapable of adjusting to change or of experiencing new things, they just have a tendency to connect those experiences to something personal from the past. This also makes strong Si individuals rather connected to things that make them feel nostalgic, and so they can be truly drawn to situations and memories from the past. They don’t like letting go of those feelings or thoughts, and enjoy reminiscing with loved ones. With the ENTP this comes in to play in very different ways, but they do still utilize their introverted sensing.

The Role of the ENTPs Inferior Function

For the ENTP their introverted sensing is actually something which can aid them in storing certain facts and important details. It helps them to maintain and organize this information in a subconscious manner, and so it isn’t always obvious to them that they are using their Si in these situations. For the ENTP their introverted sensing isn’t used in order to make important choices, and they would feel strange trying to apply this much pressure to that function. Instead it comes out in certain instances where it is needed in order to get something done. Their Si helps the ENTP to remember more methodical processes, or keeping with certain steps they would normally want to deviate from. Some tasks require this type of memory of the past situations, and when used in small situations the ENTP can be rather good at this. They can utilize this introverted sensing to remember past mistakes and things they need to improve on. ENTPs enjoy growth and being able to find ways to move forward and become better, and so they need to recall certain past instances in order to truly do this. When they use their Si for this in short bursts it is much healthier than if they attempt to rely heavily on this function as a means of understanding themselves.

The ENTP Grip

When the ENTP is under serious stress or when they have applied too much pressure to their dominant Ne, they can go into their grip. When this occurs the ENTP becomes hyper-focused on their inferior function and their behavior can certainly change drastically. The ENTP becomes obsessed with factual accuracy, wanting to find ways to prove their previous theories and ensure that the details are all correct. They become obsessed with these facts in ways which deviate from their sometimes adventurous and imaginative theories. Instead of trusting in their sense of intuition, the ENTP becomes obsessed with proving things and can start to get the wrong ideas and make assumptions without real information. They can start to neglect the truth and overlook things which are normally very important to them. Their minds are focused on the wrong details and the wrong information, since their Si is connected to the past mistakes in the worst ways possible. The ENTP in this mode is likely to become a perfectionist and lose sight of what truly matters to them.


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