Are You Someone Who Enjoys Nicknames, Based on Your Personality Type

Some people truly enjoy receiving nicknames, since it makes them feel special and included. For others it entirely depends on the nicknames, and in some cases they feel a bit offended by them. Here is how you most likely feel about nicknames, based on your personality type.



For the INFJ it is often depends on who is giving them a nickname and what their intentions are. If it is someone who cares for the INFJ and is simply trying to be kind, it will be more than welcomed. They enjoy when people try to make them feel special, certainly if it is someone who the INFJ loves. When people gives them affectionate nicknames, the INFJ will enjoy this compliment and soak up the feeling of being included and valued in this way. They want to be around people who make time for them and who do what they can to show they care.


ENFJs often enjoy nicknames, especially when the intentions are simply to include them. ENFJs want to feel connected to people and enjoy things that help strengthen their bonds with people. For the ENFJ having someone give them nicknames helps them feel included and brings them even closer to that person. These are terms of endearment and leave the ENFJ feeling like they are special and important to them. They can often read where the intentions are coming from, and know when someone is trying to be kind and playful with their nicknames, versus someone who is being underhanded.


INFPs might enjoy nicknames if they are given in a playful and kind manner. They don’t like when someone gives them a nickname just to be mocking and can often get a sense if this is the case. For the INFP it is best if the nickname comes from someone who clearly cares for them and just wants to be feeling closer to the INFP. They enjoy having little inside jokes and private things which strengthen their relationships with the special people in their lives. For the INFP nicknames can definitely be a fun way to feel closer to someone they care for.


ENFPs can enjoy certain nicknames but can take offense to ones that feel degrading or insensitive. They can be somewhat particular about which nicknames seem to be coming from a positive place. This is simply because ENFPs can be rather sensitive sometimes and can feel upset if someone is giving them a nickname which seems to be picking on them. If their nicknames are kind and playful then they will certainly enjoy something that makes them feel closer to their loved ones.



INTJs can have a hard time accepting most nicknames, especially if they feel insulting in some ways. They don’t usually enjoy things that are overly cutesy, or that seem to be mocking them. For INTJs it takes someone being sincerely close to them for the INTJ to really accept their nicknames. They likely only enjoy this from someone who they’re sincerely close to and give permissions to give them affectionate nicknames like this. They might be okay with workplace nicknames if it is something that feels complimenting rather than insulting.


ENTJs can become annoyed with nicknames, especially when given from people they don’t accept it from. ENTJs have boundaries and they can become annoyed when strangers give them nicknames, since this can feel a bit like a challenge in some ways. They usually don’t allow people to give them nicknames unless it is someone close to them, and is coming from a place of affection. For the ENTJ most nicknames are truly annoying and they will often make it known they don’t accept these things.


For the INTP some nicknames can be endearing, while others can feel a bit insulting. They can sometimes feel like people calling them things like “buddy” or “pal” often feels like they are trying to demean them. In these situations the INTP will become truly irritated and might even take this as someone challenging them. They prefer to save nicknames for people who they care for and who are clearly just trying to show affection for the INTP. To them these things can be a bit irritating or even insulting and so they can be rather picky about it.


ENTPs enjoy nicknames when it comes from friends or loved ones just seeking to be playful. ENTPs aren’t often uptight about things in life and can easily let most situations just slide off their backs. They don’t like starting a problem when they can simply enjoy what is coming towards them. ENTPs can take certain nicknames as someone being demeaning or rude, and in these situations they will simply give an equally annoying nickname back to that person. ENTPs know how to respond with a sense of sarcasm and humor which can often make people take a step back.



ISTJs don’t mind nicknames when they are given in an affectionate or friendly manner. For them it can be annoying when strangers feel like they can give them nicknames, since this is something they reserve for people they are actually friendly with. Sometimes nicknames can feel like someone is trying to challenge them or exert some sort of dominance, and in these situations the ISTJ simply won’t stand for it. When it is coming from someone just being friendly, the ISTJ can certainly put up with a nickname.


ESTJs might enjoy certain nicknames as ways of showing a connection to someone else. They understand that nicknames are just meant to be ways to show a deeper bond, or some sort of private connection between themselves and someone else. While ESTJs do believe that nicknames can be a sign of affection, there are some situations where it can feel like crossing lines. ESTJs don’t like when strangers give them nicknames, or call them things like “buddy” or “pal” and in these situations it can feel a bit frustrating.


ISFJs often enjoy nicknames between loved ones, since it can feel like a way to draw closer to someone. They enjoy making connections and for them nicknames can be a way to feel special. For the ISFJ anything that draws them closer to a loved one and makes them feel like they have a special bond, is something they will be more than happy with. ISFJs can often accept most nicknames as a term of endearment and they often cherish the chance to be special in this way.


ESFJs do enjoy nicknames with their loved ones and friends, and like feeling special in this way. If someone gives them a nickname from a kind and friendly point of view, the ESFJ will cherish this. They often like having people consider them enough to give them some sort of nickname which expresses their feelings towards them. While they often enjoy nicknames there are some instances when they definitely can become annoyed by them. This is when the ESFJ knows someone is simply being insulting towards them, and they likely won’t accept it.



ISTPs don’t mind nicknames, especially when it comes from a friend. For them it isn’t something they usually become too bothered by, and can take it for what it is. They might not hope for nicknames, but they can certainly accept them as someone trying to be closer to them. For the ISTP it is better when nicknames come from someone close to them, since these often feel more sincere. When a stranger tries to give them a nickname they might laugh it off and find it a bit odd.


ESTPs often enjoy certain nicknames, especially when they come from their loved ones. While ESTPs might not actively search out nicknames for the people around them, they don’t mind when they happen naturally. For them it can seem a bit silly sometimes, especially if the nicknames don’t really connect with who they are. ESTPs are friendly and outgoing people who enjoy being able to connect with others and so they can often handle nicknames just fine.


ISFPs often enjoy nicknames and they often make them feel a bit special. When their loved ones come up with fun nicknames for them the ISFP often cherishes this. They enjoy giving nicknames to those around them as well, and often find themselves drawn to private jokes and inside connections. Anything which enhances their bond with someone they love is going to make the ISFP much happier. They really enjoy being around people who are fun and know how to come up with creative nicknames and different inside jokes.


ESFPs often enjoy nicknames, especially when it comes from someone who cares for them. Anything that makes the ESFP feel special and appreciated is something they are in favor of. They enjoy being around people who care for them enough to give them cute and fun nicknames. ESFPs don’t usually take offense to most nicknames, especially if they are intended as ways to make them feel included or special to someone else.



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