Here’s Why You Should Treat Yourself, Based on Your Personality Type

Written By Kirsten Moodie

Here’s Why You Should Treat Yourself, Based on Your Personality Type

Everyone needs to treat themselves once in a while, even if it is something small. Here is why you should treat yourself, based on your personality type.



INFJs are rarely focused on their own needs, and often find themselves sacrificing what they want for the sake of others. Because of this constant desire to please those around them, the INFJ certainly needs to take time to treat themselves once in a while. There is nothing wrong with taking care of oneself, and INFJs need to remember this from time to time. Instead of feeling guilty and overwhelmed, the INFJ deserves to take some times for themselves and enjoy something that is solely for their own well-being. Mental health is important, and in order to care for others it is vital that you care for yourself as well.


ENFJs are almost always focused on taking care of others, so much that they forget their own needs. This self-sacrificing behavior can leave the ENFJ feeling drained and a bit overwhelmed. In order to properly take care of others the ENFJ needs to remember to take care of themselves once in a while. If anyone deserves to treat themselves it is certainly the giving and caring ENFJ. They need to take some time to do something for their own well-being, without feeling guilty over this.


INFPs can get so caught up in their own thoughts that they lose sight of what is in front of them. They can become distracted by their desire to make a difference, and might experience guilt if they focus on doing something self-serving. When the INFP becomes caught up in this guilt, they need to take a step back and reevaluate. When the INFP has felt like guilt from others, or been hurt by someone they can start to attack themselves in ways. When this happens they certainly need to take time to treat themselves and spend time alone just taking in the things that make them happy.


ENFPs are very caring people and sometimes they can get sucked into other people’s problems. ENFPs are also very independent people who spend a lot of time taking care of themselves. Because of this independence they can sometimes forget to treat themselves to something frivolous. ENFPs are caring and warm people who do a lot for others, and should certainly take some time to treat themselves to something they truly want without feeling guilty about this.



INTJs can be rather responsible and focused people, and will forget to take time to be a little frivolous. While it is important to take care of their responsibilities, they also need to remember to treat themselves once in a while. Because of the INTJs tireless efforts to learn and spread the truth, they definitely deserve some time to treat themselves to something special. Instead of always wanting to come up with logical reasons to make a purchase or treat themselves to something, the INTJ should simply do this because they want to.


ENTJs can become so focused on working hard and being efficient that they forget to take a step back. While ENTJs are efficient and logical people, they don’t always remember to treat themselves. Because of their strong work ethic and their loyal hearts, the ENTJ certainly deserves to treat themselves. Even if it is simply to some time alone doing something they enjoy, it is more than acceptable to have some guilt free time for themselves.


INTPs can become so caught up in their own inner minds that they forget to focus on their surroundings. Because they are easily distracted by their thoughts, it is important that they find ways to ground themselves sometimes. INTPs are often focused on creating something and finding ways to spread the truth to others. This pursuit of knowledge and unique thought, can cause the INTP to forget that they need to treat themselves once in a while.


ENTPs often do treat themselves when they feel it is necessary, and know that it is important to take care of their own mental health. They are focused on their loved ones but are often skilled at balancing things. The ENTPs caring heart and strong sense of curiosity makes them rather unique people. Sometimes their pursuit of knowledge can leave them distracted though, and they might forget to make time for something that is purely for the sake of fun. Because of this the ENTP definitely deserves some time to treat themselves.



ISTJs are extremely responsible people who spend most of their time being practical and doing what is asked of them. They work very hard to get things done and rarely take time for themselves. Because of their hard work and dedication, the ISTJ certainly deserves to treat themselves. It is perfectly acceptable to be a bit frivolous once in a while, especially since they spend most of their time doing the right and responsible thing.


ESTJs can be so focused on being efficient and getting things done, that they forget to take care of themselves. They are hardworking people who are always ensuring that the practical needs of their loved ones are met. Their work ethic can sometimes cause them to forget to be frivolous once in a while and do something just for themselves. Because of their responsible and loyal nature, the ESTJ certainly deserves to treat themselves to something special.


ISFJs are always tending to the needs of others and because of this they really need to treat themselves. They often forget to tend to their own needs, and will feel guilty if they take time for themselves. In order to truly care for others properly, the ISFJ needs to remember to care for themselves. Even if treating themselves just means taking some time alone with their favorite book, it is important that they remember to make themselves happy as well.


ESFJs are mainly focused on caring for the needs of others, and because of this they deserve to treat themselves. ESFJs often feel guilty if they do anything self-serving, and this simply isn’t fair. They deserve some time for themselves, and to treat themselves to something special without feeling this sort of guilt over it. They are constantly caring for others, and this can become draining after a while. In order to properly tend to their loved ones the ESFJ needs to remember to take care of themselves as well.



ISTPs are independent people who often focus on doing what pleases them. This makes it easier for them to balance the needs of others without their own personal needs. Most ISTPs know that it is important focus on themselves, or else they will become drained and overwhelmed. This makes them logical and practical people, who know that it is acceptable to treat themselves once in a while.


ESTPs who work hard can sometimes get caught up in getting things done. They also spend a lot of time trying to make their loved ones happy and because of this they forget to treat themselves. They might make excuses and always have a reason why they should buy something for someone else. When this happens the ESTP certainly needs to remember to treat themselves, and reward all of their efforts and hard work.


ISFPs are very internal people but they are often thinking about their loved ones and the world around them. This focus can leave the ISFP feeling guilty if they do too much for themselves. Their kind hearts and their honestly makes them more than deserving of some time for themselves. When the ISFP becomes too outwardly focused they need to be sure to treat themselves, even if that treat is simply some time alone doing their favorite things.


ESFPs do enjoy having fun and being center of attention, but that doesn’t mean they constantly do things for themselves. They want to make sure others are having a good time, and can actually be rather focused on their loved ones. People might not always realize this, but ESFPs don’t treat themselves nearly as often as they might think. They can sometimes get caught up in trying to buy things for their loved ones, and because of this they feel guilty treating themselves. Because of this kindness the ESFP needs to remember that it is perfectly acceptable for them to treat themselves to something special.


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