Written By Kirsten Moodie

Here’s How You Handle Being a Sidekick, Based on Your Personality Type

Every story has a sidekick, and what most don’t realize is that their role is just as vital as the hero. While some people prefer to be the ones in the limelight, others actually enjoy being the sidekick from time to time. Every good story requires that understanding and helpful sidekick to support the hero on their quest. Here is how you handle being the sidekick, based on your personality type.



INFJs often don’t mind playing the sidekick role, especially to someone they truly love. They are awesomely supportive and compassionate friends, and don’t always require being the center of attention. While they do fit into the hero role, they can also make for the most amazing sidekicks. They are highly adaptable and great at being the supportive system that helps guide others to their destined path. INFJs care about others and are capable of fitting into whatever role is right for them and will actually help make their situation better.


ENFJs can certainly handle being the sidekick, even if they are often viewed as the leader. For them being a sidekick simply means being as supportive as possible and doing what they can to aid in whatever task is at hand. They don’t mind taking a step back for someone they love and so they will do whatever must be done in order to be supportive and helpful. ENFJs do make for natural leaders and have strong-willed personalities, but that doesn’t mean they are incapable of being the sidekick. Thankfully ENFJs are adaptable people, which helps them adjust to any situation.


INFPs don’t mind being the sidekick and might enjoy playing this role. While they can certainly be the personality’s best fitting heroes, they still find themselves doing well as someone’s partner and sidekick. INFPs are good are being supportive and don’t always need to be center of attention. When fitting into the sidekick role they can often be the somewhat zany and yet extremely loyal support system. They often are the moral compass of their friends, and will be there to show the right path.


ENFPs are adaptable people who can certainly find themselves fitting into the sidekick role. As the sidekick they often attempt to bring humor and support into the lives of their fearless hero. The ENFP sidekick is ready to charge into anything alongside their friend and partner, and won’t simply let them go it alone. Even when they are afraid they push through it and show their sense of solidarity and love. They might be seen as the goofy and fun sidekick, but when things get hard they are still there doing what they must.



INTJs as the sidekick are often the voice of reason and the one actually helping the mission’s progress. When they are in the sidekick role they often do a good job of being the logical support system who can figure out things that everyone else is confused about. They are the person who the hero or leader goes to in order to understand what is actually going on, and they will be their trusted advisor through everything. They might not be the most emotional support, but they are extremely loyal and everyone knows this about them.


ENTJs can sometimes struggle with the sidekick role, since they are natural leaders. They often are more comfortable being the one in control and have a hard time relying on others for things. When they are the sidekick they are often the one that others go to for help and assistance. As the sidekick the ENTJ can appear a bit bossy, but they often know what needs to be done and try their best to always make sure everyone is on the right path to success.


INTPs as sidekicks are often the computer geniuses, the hackers or simply the bookworms. They are the ones that help make sure the hero or leader can actually accomplish their mission. The INTP sidekick is often one of the most memorable and useful members of the team, and are always capable of getting everyone out of whatever bind they are. As sidekicks they might not be emotionally expressive but they are incredibly useful and supportive.


ENTPs can often make for excellent sidekicks, and are usually seen as the comic relief. When things become too intense they are ones ready to make a joke and try to lighten the mood a bit. While they might struggle with the serious moments, they are always there to support their hero or group and will stand by their side. The ENTP sidekick is also very capable of figuring out the next step that should be taken, and possess a great deal of awareness. They aren’t afraid to take a step back but they are certainly capable of advising their hero.



ISTJs as the sidekick are often very supportive and extremely loyal. They will stand by the side of the hero through every challenge they face, no matter what happens. ISTJs often make for excellent sidekicks, who show a sense of reliability that is truly hard to beat. They can also be rather amusing as sidekicks, offering a dry and sarcastic tone which makes for an entertaining experience in movies and books.


ESTJs are often more comfortable as leaders, so being the sidekick can be a bit challenging for them at times. Fitting into this role means taking a step back, and so they might actually bump heads with the leader a bit. While they are great at working in a team and helping get things done, they also have a sometimes bossy nature. The ESTJ sidekick might try to take charge sometimes, feeling it is best for their hero or leader.


ISFJs often make for amazing sidekicks and they rarely mind being in this position. They are compassionate people who love being able to support someone that they care for. When they are in a situation where they become the sidekick, the ISFJ is seen with a sense of unfailing loyalty and dependability. They are often willing to overlook the many faults of the hero, seeing only the good in them and always pushing them to see it in themselves. ISFJs are some of the more commonly seen sidekick characters, and often the ones that people truly love without even realizing it.


ESFJs do make for excellent sidekicks, and are rarely upset fitting into this role. They are supportive and compassionate people who will do anything for the ones they love. This sense of loyalty and heart is what makes them truly wonderful as sidekicks. They will stand behind the hero with a sense of unfailing loyalty, and they will do whatever it takes to see them to success. The ESFJ sidekick is loving and understanding, always there to make sure their leader knows how valuable they are.



ISTPs as the sidekicks are often the sarcastic and factual friend. They are always ready to give the truth when everyone else is lying to the hero. They aren’t afraid to make them a little uncomfortable in order to keep them from going into a situation unprepared. The ISTP sidekick is both useful and supportive, even though they don’t show this in a more emotionally expressive manner. They are more than capable of being the sidekick, even though they bring a certain level of dry wit to the job.


ESTPs as sidekicks can be a bit hard to handle, since they might veer off on their own from time to time. They are certainly capable of being supportive and will do whatever they can for the people they love. When their hero is in danger the ESTP sidekick will find a way to go after them and keep them from harm. They might not be great at always being emotionally supportive, and can be a bit avoidant of the more feely moments, but they are always there when they are truly needed.


The ISFP sidekick is often the moral compass of their hero, doing whatever they must to be there for them. They will be not be afraid of stepping in and telling the truth, especially when their leader really needs this. They are definitely complex and emotional people, but they are also truly caring and helpful when they need to be. They do whatever they can to make the life of their hero better, and will stand by them through just about anything.


ESFPs are often more likely to see themselves in a hero position, but that doesn’t mean they are incapable of filling the sidekick role. As sidekicks that can be a bit larger than life, possible possessing a bigger personality than their hero. They will however, always be there when their hero needs them, doing whatever they can to help them along the way. They know how to show their support and aren’t afraid of getting themselves into a little trouble for the greater good.


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