Here’s How You Unwind, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s How You Unwind, Based on Your Personality Type

Everyone needs to unwind once in a while, but we all do it in our own unique ways. Here is who you like to unwind, based on your personality type.


INFJs can become so focused on living inside of their own minds, or tending to the needs of others- that they forget to take care of themselves. There will be a point where the INFJ becomes overwhelmed and really just needs to unwind a bit. INFJs are often responsible and reserved people, but sometimes they need to find a way to break free from that. To unwind sometimes the INFJ needs to break some of their rules, maybe this means having a drink or two, or simply doing something a little spontaneous.


ENFJs are hardworking people who focus on tending to the needs of those around them. ENFJs can become so focused on taking care of everyone around them, that they forget to take care of their own needs. When this happens the ENFJ can feel overwhelmed and a bit emotionally drained. They might feel a need to unwind and do something for themselves in order to regain some perspective. For the ENFJ unwinding can sometimes mean being a little spontaneous and letting loose. They might want to go out and have a few drinks with their friends, or spend a few hours getting pampered at a spa.


INFPs often enjoy being able to spend some time alone, which is often how they unwind. They can become coerced into spending time interacting with others in social situations, which leaves the INFP feeling drained after a while. For the INFP unwinding often means being able to do something fun without having others constantly hovering over them. They might want to spend hours reading, enjoying their music, and they might want to go on a fun road trip with their closest friend. For the INFP it is all about being able to do their own thing without being convinced to interact with others.


For the ENFP unwinding can be a long list of things, but it almost always includes some time by themselves. ENFPs are actually more private extroverts, who actually enjoy being able to spend some time by themselves. They might not mind if their loved ones are present, but they don’t want to feel judged for their actions in any way. The ENFP might unwind by playing hours of video games, or by having a few drinks with someone they enjoy. For the ENFP unwinding just means going all in on an activity that makes them feel excited and allows them to really enjoy themselves.


INTJs are focused and hardworking people, which can cause them to become overwhelmed after a while. They can become so caught up on research and getting things done, that they forget to take time to relax and unwind. For the INTJ sometimes unwinding means hours by themselves just enjoying some guilt free relaxation, but sometimes it requires a little more than that. When the INTJ really needs to let loose they can let go of that reserved attitude and might even become a little bit spontaneous. The INTJ might want to go have a few drinks with a close friend, or do something a bit reckless just to see how it feels.


ENTJs are such driven and hardworking people that sometimes they really need to be able to unwind. ENTJs do know how to take time for themselves to do some things they enjoy. When they are feeling overwhelmed and in need of some destressing, the ENTJ certainly knows how to let loose. They might enjoy going out with their friends just having a few drinks and blowing off some steam. ENTJs can get a little bit rowdy when they want to unwind, but they know how to control themselves.


INTPs definitely know how to unwind when they’ve been caught up in their own thoughts for too long. They can often get trapped in a spiral of self-doubt and overthinking, and will require some way to let off a little steam. When the INTP wants to unwind they will search for a guilt free hobby or adventure, which can help them feel challenged. The INTP mind pick up and go on a road trip with friends, or spend some time just talking with someone who they feel can keep up with their thoughts. INTPs need to unwind by living in the moment and enjoying something new and exciting.


ENTPs definitely know how to unwind, especially when they are feeling trapped in a cycle of overanalyzing. They will take some time to challenge themselves and will want to experience something that excites them. They enjoy being able to be spontaneous and maybe even a bit reckless, and will not be afraid to take a few chances. Being free to explore new experiences is something that the ENTP truly enjoy, and helps them feel like they are improving and growing in some way. While they enjoy excitement, ENTPs sometimes want to unwind by spending some downtime with someone they care for, just chatting and watching movies.


ISTJs are reserved and focused people, who can definitely benefit from some time letting loose. While ISTJs rarely find themselves wanting to be reckless, they do enjoy being able to unwind once in a while. They are constantly striving to do what is right and have serious goals in life. For the ISTJ unwinding often means taking time by themselves to do the things that they truly enjoy. They can be so focused on working that the ISTJ forgets to just relax completely guilt free. Unwinding often includes taking time for themselves without focusing on anything stressful.


ESTJs are hardworking people who believe in being responsible and doing the right thing. While ESTJs do strive to accomplish their goals, they can sometimes require time to themselves to unwind. They do enjoy being able to have fun, and would likely want to get together some of their closest friends. ESTJs enjoy blowing off some steam, maybe going out and having a few drinks. ESTJs don’t mind finding ways to have a good time, as long as they are capable of doing the important things in life.


ISFJs are reserved and hardworking people who spend most of their time tending to the needs of their loved ones. The fact that they are so focused on others can cause the ISFJ to become overwhelmed sometimes. When they become drained they might need to find some time to unwind and recharge themselves. ISFJs often unwind by taking guilt free time to themselves, doing something they love. They might want to spend some time shopping, or will enjoy grabbing a drink with a close friend. The best way for the ISFJ to unwind is simply doing something for themselves without focusing on others.


ESFJs can become so focused on caring for the needs of those around them, that they do need some time to themselves. When the ESFJ wants to unwind it often includes pampering themselves without feeling guilty for it. They might want to spend relaxing time at a spa, go out shopping, or maybe share a few drinks with their best friends. Being able to do something for themselves without focusing on the needs of others, is the best way for the ESFJ to unwind.


ISTPs know how to blow off a little steam, since they live their lives in the moment. When the ISTP needs to unwind they likely want to spend some time completely by themselves, letting the moment take them wherever it might. ISTPs enjoy being able to experience new things and want some excitement in their lives. They aren’t afraid of being a little reckless, since they want to live their lives freely.


ESTPs often need to unwind when they feel stuck in one place for too long. The ESTP likely wants to be spontaneous and experience some sort of new adventure. Unwinding for the ESTP means grabbing their closest friend and going out to find something fun to jump into. They enjoy being able to dive into something headfirst, and want to be able to feel a bit fearless and maybe even reckless. This sort of experience helps the ESTP unwind and feel ready to go back to their responsibilities.


For the ISFP unwinding often means doing something fun and exciting with their favorite person. They might want to go out trolling for dates, or maybe just spend a few hours by their favorite lake. For ISFPs it means doing something that rejuvenates their soul and makes them feel alive once again. This often includes just one person who they connect with and who makes them feel comfortable being themselves.


For the ESFP sometimes unwinding is very important, since they can feel a bit stagnant. When the ESFP feel stuck they need to find a way to break free from this cycle. It might include going on a road trip to go shopping, or maybe just having a few drinks with their favorite people. ESFPs need to be spontaneous and jump into something without fear. They can be a bit reckless sometimes but this is part of letting loose and finding a way to unwind.

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