How You Should Spend Your New Year’s Eve, Based on Your Personality Type

For some people the idea of having to spend their New Year’s Eve out celebrating and partying, seems exhausting and pointless, for others this is a fun excuse live it up a bit. Here is how you should be spending your New Year’s Eve, based on your personality type.



INFJs aren’t usually the party animal types, and might feel like going out on New Year’s Eve into the crowds and chaos, is a bit exhausting. While they might not enjoy the crowds that doesn’t mean the INFJ might not want to celebrate in their own way. Sometimes getting together with just 2 or 3 of their closest friends, is a nice way to celebrate. The INFJ might enjoy having a small gathering, having a few drinks and watching the ball drop with their favorite people. Using this time to just talk about life and enjoy one another’s company, instead of going out and partying.


ENFJs might enjoy planning their own New Year’s Eve party with their group of friends and loved ones. They make for great hosts and hostesses, and so putting it together themselves can be really enjoyable for them. The ENFJ often knows just how to plan a great gathering and so on New Year’s Eve they might enjoy being able to utilize this skill. Just putting together something small whether it be at home or planning a visit somewhere. Just being able to bring together a few people for a good time, can be rejuvenating for the ENFJ.


INFPs aren’t usually fans of having to interact with too many people at once, and large crowds can be unnerving for them. If they want to actually be around people for New Year’s Eve, it is often best that they invite over one or two of their favorite people. INFPs don’t mind having just spending time with one special person, since this doesn’t drain them the way being around crowds or strangers does. If they can spend New Year’s Eve playing games or just chatting with that person they feel closest to.


For ENFPs spending New Year’s Eve doing something a bit different is often the best choice. They don’t like stagnancy, but that doesn’t mean they always want to go out and party either. It can be more rewarding for the ENFP to be able to decide what they want to do depending on their mood. They might want to go to some sort of party, or even throw their own party at home. If they aren’t in the partying mood than going out to dinner with their significant other and going to something like an arcade or bowling alley can actually be fun ways to mix things up.



INTJs rarely find themselves wanting to participate in silly celebrations, and so the idea of even celebrating on New Year’s Eve can feel a bit pointless to them. For the INTJ this time could be better spent doing something they actually enjoy, like reading or researching something new. They are unlikely to enjoy going out when people are rushing around and places are crowded, and so staying in is often best for them. Maybe spending this time with one person they enjoy being around might be nice, but for the INTJ just staying home reading might be the best option.


For ENTJs sometimes going out and unwinding can actually be rewarding. They spend a lot of time focused on working and getting things done, and so they sometimes need to find ways to relax and have a good time. For the ENTJ going out with some friends on New Year’s Eve can be enjoyable for them, as long as they are feeling up for it. They will often feel more entertained just getting together a group of people, having a few drinks and finding ways to focus on having a good time.


INTPs aren’t often all that rewarded by partying or going out, and can feel sincerely drained by it after a short time. They need to be on their own after they have socialized too much, and so after Christmas they might really need to take some time to themselves. It can be hard for the INTP to turn down friends who want to go out, but they likely will need to relax a bit. Spending this time with one friend can be much more rewarding than with a group.


ENTPs often need to mix things up and so on New Year’s Eve they might enjoy doing something a bit different than the usual. Getting together with some friends and finding some sort activity or adventure can be entertaining for the ENTP. Just sitting at home can be a bit of a bummer and so it is best if they find something to keep themselves moving on the holidays. They might try something like karaoke night, bowling or even going out dancing.



ISTJs rarely find themselves wanting to go out and join some party on New Year’s Eve, since this can feel like a draining obligation. ISTJs likely already feel drained after the holidays and feel a need to relax a bit and maybe get a break from everything. Feeling forced to go out and entertain others really isn’t high on the ISTJs list. It is best for them to relax at home, with a good book or possibly just with one special person they enjoy watching the ball drop with.


ESTJs might enjoy getting just a few people together for New Year’s Eve, having a drink or two and enjoying their company. They don’t often like feeling forced to go out, especially if they are feeling a bit like relaxing. When the ESTJ is young though, they might enjoy taking this time to unwind and find one of their favorite haunts to hang out in. For them it all depends on their mood and if they are feeling up for a bit of socializing.


ISFJs might feel a bit drained from the holidays and so going out and partying likely isn’t the best choice for them. If they want to be around loved ones or family, just planning a small get together can be nice. ISFJs are good at putting together little events, and so cooking and having a few drinks at home is often the most rewarding thing for them on New Year’s Eve. Having good food with their family, just watching a few movies or playing some games, is likely to be a fun time for the ISFJ.


ESFJs do enjoy being around loved ones, and so having plans for New Year’s Eve can be a good thing. They might prefer to have their own little get together at home, putting together some fun activities and good food for everyone. Making a few drinks and a delicious meal for New Year’s Eve is often more fulfilling for the ESFJ, and possibly watching some movies or playing fun games together. For them it is about being around their favorite people, and so it doesn’t entirely matter what they are doing.



ISTPs aren’t often fans of constant socializing, but that doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy going out with friends on New Year’s Eve. As long as they are more focused on enjoying the moment and having a good time, this can be a nice change for them. Going out and just finding fun things to do in the moment, is often more thrilling for the ISTP than having to put together some detailed plan for the evening. They don’t like when things become too structured and so figuring it out as they go is often better.


ESTPs might enjoy going out with their favorite people on New Year’s Eve, or even staying in and having a little party with them. For the ESTP it is all about being able to enjoy the moment and have a good time with people they enjoy being around. If they have special people in their lives who they care for, the ESTP often wants to spend this time with them. They do enjoy going out and finding new adventures to participate in, but staying home with some drinks and good company can be fun as well.


For the ISFP New Year’s Eve can be a fun time to unwind and enjoy being around their closest friends. ISFPs might enjoy going out to the movies or just driving around with someone special. For them it doesn’t entirely matter what the activity is, they just want to enjoy living in the moment and feeling a bit more free. Sitting at home might get a bit boring for them, and so the ISFP will benefit from going out with someone they love, even if they are just doing something small.


ESFPs often enjoy any chance to celebrate and have a good time with their loved ones. When the ESFP is younger they often enjoy going out on New Year’s Eve, finding a good party or getting a group together to go have dinner and maybe go dancing. ESFPs enjoy different activities and so mixing it up is often best for them. As the ESFP gets older they might prefer having a party at home, just enjoying delicious food and fun games with their favorite people. They know how to make things special, even if they just staying in together.


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