Here’s How Impulsive You Are, According to Your Personality Type

Here’s How Impulsive You Are, According to Your Personality Type

While some people can be extremely impulsive, others prefer to process things before moving forward. Here is how impulsive you are, according to your personality type.


INFJs are not usually impulsive people, and would much rather think things through before acting. They prefer to take time to consider their choices and the potential ramifications of them. INFJs are fully aware that reckless behavior can hurt themselves and their loved ones and they certainly don’t want that to happen. They won’t simply jump into things without taking the time to process their actions, since INFJs often fear facing regret. They want to be sure they are responsible and doing the right thing, especially for the sake of their loved ones.


ENFJs are not usually impulsive people, and would much rather plan things out. They want to be sure that they are making the smartest choices in life, especially for the sake of the people they love. ENFJs are always trying to provide for those around then, and work hard to ensure the happiness of others. Being impulsive could end up hurting their loved ones, which is something the ENFJ will work hard to avoid. They prefer to plan things out in order to be sure they are following the right path for their lives.


INFPs do have impulsive tendencies, especially when they are internally connected to something. INFPs can be very reclusive people though, and might feel more fulfilled imagining a scenario than actually living it. When the INFP does feel inspired they don’t want to feel held back by the rules or obligations of other people. They want to feel free to make their own choices in life, which sometimes can lead to some impulsive actions. INFPs are unique people, who can either go one way or another with their decisions in life- sometimes they are impulsive while other times they like to process things before jumping into them.


ENFPs can definitely be impulsive, since they prefer to live life with a sense of passion and spontaneity. They don’t want to be held back by plans and strict rules, and simply enjoy taking a few risks in life. ENFPs can sometimes do things that seem a bit impulsive and over the top to others, but it is simply part of who they are. While ENFPs can be impulsive they often find ways out of their messes, and try not to get anyone else hurt in the process. They just can’t live life the way that other people expect, and prefer to live by their own rules.


INTJs are not impulsive people, and prefer to really think things through before walking into them. They can become frustrated with other people who simply make decisions impulsively, since it leads to many mistakes. INTJs would rather think things through and take a lot of time to properly plan for their future. They are intelligent people, who are looking to build a better life for themselves and even the people they care for. INTJs know that in order to have the things they want, they need to go after them with a smart plan and plenty of facts in their head.


ENTJs are not often impulsive people, and would much rather focus on getting things done. They value efficiency, and being impulsive certainly does not promote that. ENTJs won’t simply jump into something without thinking it through and processing the information they discover. They take their time to ensure that they can get things done properly, without just taking reckless chances. ENTJs are intelligent people who want to make strategic plans before making a decision.


INTPs can be impulsive people, especially when they are truly passionate about something. They certainly think things through, but that is because their minds are constantly running through a million different possibilities. They want to be spontaneous sometimes, and dislike feeling stuck in the same place. When the INTP makes an in the moment decision, it is usually because they have an intuitive grasp on what the right choice to make really is.


ENTPs can definitely be impulsive people, since they don’t want to be held back in any way. They want to feel free to jump head first into things, so that they can really learn and discover what it is all about. ENTPs are curious people who love being able to absorb knowledge in their own way. They are motivated by their desire to learn and challenge themselves to improve. ENTPs might be impulsive sometimes, but that is only because they want to push themselves outside of their comfort zone.


ISTJs are not impulsive people, and prefer to take time to process the information in front of them. They don’t want to jump into choices without researching and learning about them. ISTJs are focused on building a positive future for themselves and are very responsible people. They don’t want to deviate from their plans, and being impulsive would certainly not be seen as responsible. ISTJs actually dislike jumping into something without proper time to prepare for it.


ESTJs are responsible people, which makes them lack the desire to be impulsive. They want to be sure that they are making the right choice before diving into anything. ESTJs dislike having to take on a new task without having plenty of time to prepare and learn about it first. Being impulsive is somewhat irresponsible and even obnoxious to the ESTJ, since they prefer to make intelligent choices in their lives. ESTJs value their choices, and want to be sure that they can be relied on by others.


ISFJs are not reckless or impulsive people, and often prefer to follow the rules in life. They want to take care of their loved ones, and don’t want to do anything that might compromise that. ISFJs are good hearted people, who simply strive to do the best they can for those around them. Being impulsive is simply seen as being selfish in the eyes of most ISFJs, since it can really harm others. They would much rather follow a plan in order to get things done the right way.


ESFJs are not often impulsive people, and would rather take their time to make the right choices in life. They realize that making impulsive decisions can ultimately harm their loved ones in a way they would not be okay with. It is important to the ESFJ that they can always strive to make their loved ones happy and provide for them. If they are feeling stressed or overwhelmed a more impulsive side of their personality may arise, in order to get them out of whatever bind they are in.


ISTPs are definitely impulsive people, since they prefer to live life in the present moment. They don’t enjoy being stuck in the same place, and would rather feel free to take a few risks. They often feel like they learn more by jumping into something and experiencing it firsthand. ISTPs aren’t afraid of being impulsive, and would rather deal with the consequences later on.


ESTPs are definitely impulsive people, since they live so much in the present moment. They will often make choices in the moment without really taking any time to think them through. ESTPs can sometimes jump into action without considering the potential consequences to what they are doing. This can make them seem a bit reckless, and can also get the ESTP into some trouble. While their impulsive behavior can get the ESTP into trouble, they somehow find a way out of it.


ISFPs can certainly be impulsive people, since they like to follow their heart. They will make decisions in the moment without really thinking them through. This can sometimes put the ISFP in tricky situations, since following their emotions can become a bit messy. This is simply how the ISFP prefers to live their lives, without feeling stuck or held back by rules. They want to feel free to make their own choices without having anything hold them back.


ESFPs can definitely be impulsive people who prefer to live their lives in the present moment. They sometimes make decisions based on how they are feeling and will jump headfirst into something new. While ESFPs can be impulsive, they also live life without passion and excitement. This is simply how the ESFP chooses to live, and although it gets them into trouble sometimes they always find a way to fix things.

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