Which Myers-Briggs Type Can Actually Keep a Secret

Even the most honest people understand that secrets are important sometimes. There are parts of ourselves that we only feel safe sharing with special individuals. Some people are better at keeping a secret than others. Here is how well you keep a secret according to your Myers-Briggs Type.


INFJs are often excellent at keeping secrets, especially when someone has expressed that it is important to keep something quiet. INFJs understand that when someone entrusts you with something private, that is something to be valued. They enjoy being someone that others trust and would never think to destroy that in any way. INFJs will only share a secret if the person has not made it clear that it should be kept quiet, and even in those situations it is only being shared in hopes of benefiting that person for some reason. They would never want to harm someone else and because of that they are often very capable of keeping a secret.


ENFJs may struggle more with keeping a secret, but this is not because they intend to harm anyone. Sometimes ENFJs may become distracted by a conversation, which can cause something to accidentally slip from their lips. If they care very deeply for someone they will do their best to keep that persons secrets. ENFJs simply do not see the value in hiding things, so sometimes they forget that privacy can be rather important to others. When it is something they deem extremely private, they will definitely do their best to keep it quiet. The last thing they want is to hurt someone they care about, so they will definitely do whatever it takes to avoid that.


INFPs are amazing at keeping secrets and they almost do this instinctively without having to be asked. They know that when someone is sharing something personal with them, it is important that they do not share that with anyone else. When an INFP is in the midst of a conversation with someone, they do not think to share another persons private words. They often find it very easy to keep peoples secrets and are extremely conscious of what they say. If the secret is going to harm someone, then the INFP may struggle to keep it silent.


ENFPs are conversationalists and enjoy sharing things with many different people. If an ENFP has learned a secret that is extremely personal then they will be capable of keeping it to themselves. When they know that the secret is far too private and may really hurt the person if they share it, the ENFP will not want to do anything to upset that individual. Smaller and less important secrets may be hard for the ENFP to keep quiet though. They are rather open people which means that they may not see the value in keeping everything a secret. If someone they care for makes it clear that they are confiding in the ENFP and only in them, they will take that seriously.


INTPs are extremely private people, which often means they find no need to share peoples secrets. It is important that the person explains to the INTP that what they are telling them is meant to be kept secret, or they may not realize how important it is to that person. There may be a situation where the INTP finds it more valuable to share this information with others, but they will only do it with people that the individual who confided in the INTP does not know personally. They often try to logically assess the situation and the importance of keeping the secret or sharing it with others.


ENTPs will have a hard time keeping things secret unless they are told explicitly to keep something quiet. If their friends or loved ones explain to them that it is extremely important to keep something secret, they will be sure to keep that to themselves. ENTPs enjoy entertaining people and often do not care about keeping their own secrets all that much. This might cause them to consider secrets to be rather pointless, and they may have a hard time keeping certain things quiet.


INTJs are often very good at keeping secrets, especially if they can logically understand why someone would want privacy. INTJs value privacy in their own lives, so because of this they can understand why other people would want to keep things secret. INTJs truly understand the need to keep something secret, and will take care to keep things quiet when it is important. INTJs may have a hard time keeping something secret if it is going to harm themselves or others to do this.


ENTJs are good at keeping secrets when it seems logical to do so. They often understand why someone would need to keep certain things private, especially in a business sense. If keeping that secret does harm to the ENTJ or others, they will find that it is important to share it though. ENTJs often do not care to divulge peoples secrets and so they will not do so. They try to approach every situations with a logical mindset, so that will rule their decision making when it comes to keeping something secret.


ISTJs are extremely private people and because of this many people confide in them. They often do not see any need to share secrets with others and are great at keeping things private. They dislike when people share personal information that they want kept quiet, and would never think to harm another person in that way. They are some of the best people to confide in if you want your secrets kept safe.


ESTJs are not the best at keeping secrets, but they do not do this intentionally. They simply focus on getting things done, which can sometimes result in them divulging personal information. They try very hard to provide for the people around them in a practical way. They often do not understand why people need certain information kept quiet, and because of this they may struggle to keep these secrets. ESTJs are practical people and simply strive to do what is best for those around them.


ISFJs have a desire to keep harmony in their environment, which may make it difficult for them to keep secrets. In some situations the ISFJ will feel the need to share something in order to bring people together. They value privacy and will not simply blab a secret that might harm someone. ISFJs just want to make the people around them as happy as they can. They will easily keep a secret if it is very important to that person and will not want to do anything that will hurt someone that they love.


ESFJs are often seen as the gossips of the personality world, but this simply is not the case. ESFJs care very much about the people in their lives and will do their best to avoid divulging private information. If someone has made it clear that sharing their secrets will harm them, the ESFJ will easily be able to keep it secret. In some cases ESFJ may see how sharing a secret might be beneficial to that person, and in this case they will often have a hard time keeping it private. They simply strive to create harmony in their environment, which sometimes is tied into keeping and sharing secrets.


ISTPs are often very good at keeping peoples secrets, because they see no reason to share them. ISTPs rarely talk about peoples personal information with others and may become irritated if someone starts digging for gossip. They dislike being around gossip driven people and will often avoid those people at all costs. ISTPs are rather private individuals, and because of this they are rather good at keeping other peoples secrets as well.


ESTPs can be good at keeping secrets but only when someone close to them makes it clear that sharing their secret will be detrimental to their relationship with the ESTP. They aren’t always great at keeping things quiet, especially since they enjoy living in the moment and having fun. If an ESTPs close friend or loved one may not forgive them, then they will work hard to keep their secret to themselves.


ISFPs are extremely private people and often have a rather small group of friends. If someone close to them makes it clear that they want their secret kept quiet, the ISFP will have no problem doing so. They would never want to do anything to harm someone they care for. ISFPs are actually very good at thinking before they speak, and will be able to avoid divulging too much information accidentally.


ESFPs enjoy having fun and living in the present moment, which can sometimes make them bad at keeping secrets. They do not intend to spill the beans, but sometimes this just happens naturally. If the ESFP doesn’t see a serious reason to keep something quiet, they might let things slip accidentally. They would never intend to harm someone but because of their in the moment personalities, they sometimes make the mistake of sharing secrets.


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