Fe-Ni Dom: The First Two Functions of the ENFJ

Each personality type has an order in which their functions operate and are used most. It is important to understand that the combination and placement of these functions greatly affects how that person perceives and responds to information. This is how they take in the world around them, as well as their own inner world and thoughts. This is also how each person responds to the outside world, and how they problem solve and come up with the answers. The entire stack plays an important role, but the first two definitely bounce off on another to make someone behave in certain ways and respond to other people and situations. Knowing those first two functions better and how they work together can help to understand a person a bit better.

ENFJs dominant function is their extraverted feeling (Fe) and their auxiliary or second function is their introverted intuition (Ni). Alone these are both powerful parts of the ENFJ and the way they process and respond to the world around them. But as with most functions stacks, the auxiliary and other functions are meant to support the dominant function. Which means that the ENFJ Fe is often in control of most of their choices and behaviors, but that their Ni really helps them to stabilize this function and keep it from being unhealthy or out of control. The use of Fe-Ni helps the ENFJ to behave in ways which are goal-oriented and also connect deeply with the people around them. Using these functions in a healthy way can really make the ENFJ a successful and driven individual.

What is Fe

For the ENFJ their Fe is their dominant function and therefore the one which helps them process and respond to the outside world the most. It is also an extraverted function, which means it connects outwardly, and is also very focused on other people. This is what makes the ENFJ so great at reading and understanding people, often in a way which can be surprising and almost appear supernatural. It helps the ENFJ recognize changes in behavior, and helps them empathize and connect with the emotions of others. They can use this to understand when someone is upset, and even helps them navigate the best ways to help this person with these emotions. ENFJs are very compassionate people, and their drive to help and care for others is definitely connected to their extraverted feeling function. They want to be there for people and are very focused on building those connections and relationships. They do often make decisions which are based on what others need or want, and the feelings of the world around them. This isn’t because ENFJs don’t have their own internal beliefs and opinions, this is simply because they want to build an environment based on those bonds and making others happy.

What is Ni

Many people perceive the introverted intuition (Ni) to be some sort of supernatural abilities, but this is because they often don’t know where it comes from. The ENFJ uses this Ni as a means of understanding behaviors and people, and predicting future outcomes. Their introverted intuition is something which is constantly running and processing things in the background, and so this is what makes it seem so unreal to most people. In reality this Ni is constantly absorbing and processing information behind the scenes, working inside of the mind of the ENFJ. it helps them to make future predictions, cataloging this information and working through how things will eventually turn out. This is also why ENFJs have such a rich internal world, the combination of Fe-Ni making it even richer. They can envision things without even trying, capable of seeing beyond the surface and what people want them to see. The ENFJ can see through the deceit and to the core of the matter, capable reading deeper than the obvious or shallow things. Having this Ni constantly working in their subconscious can be confusing at times, but this is why the ENFJ is happiest and strongest when they learn to trust in this intuition and its ability to make predictions about people and situations.

The ENFJs FeNi Drive 

The ENFJs FeNi abilities are often connected to people and their behaviors and motivations. They are capable of understanding the motivations and intentions of those around them, which can make it easy for the ENFJ to navigate people and situations. When they are in a group they can often be the one leading the emotional state of those around them, without people fully realizing this is happening. This is because the ENFJ can sense what people need, and can grasp what will adjust their behaviors or feelings in that scenario. It also helps the ENFJ to figure out how to best help those around them, and to engage with people no matter the circumstances. While some might be nervous to approach certain people, maybe because they are famous or have some sort of high standing, ENFJs rarely feel this way. They can approach just about anyone, and know how to respond to them and adapt to the situation with ease. Their functions combine to help them understand people and read their emotions and energy in a way which comes rather naturally. This is something which is useful in personal relationships, but also very useful in work and business environments. ENFJs can often navigate new situations and people, without feeling the need to second guess themselves. They know how to behave and how to adapt, and can do this with confidence and ease. They have a natural way of calming people and of making others open up to them without even realizing they are doing this. They are amazing at building relationships and knowing how to truly put others at ease in their presence. This makes the ENFJ incredibly capable of building something which is based on people, and can make them amazing business owners.


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