How to Find Your Inner Power, Based on Your Personality Type

Everyone has an inner strength, it just isn’t something we all are in tune with naturally. For some people it takes stepping outside of their comfort zones, or exploring different paths in order to really discover this inner power. Here is how you can find your inner power, based on your personality type.


INFJs often need to connect with their sense of confidence and dive inward a bit. In order to truly find this sense of inner strength and power, INFJs really need to take time for themselves without feeling guilty about it. They can be so focused on pleasing others that they forget to nourish their own spirit. In order to really find this power they need to focus on their own desires and feelings, and learn to understand themselves without feeling a sense of guilt over this. Instead of constantly focusing on helping everyone else, the INFJ does need to take time for themselves in order to become more comfortable with who they are.


ENFJs are strong-willed people who will often do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. They have a sense of direction and an ability to overcome their struggles while others might not. For the ENFJ finding their inner power comes from a sense of confidence and independence. When they take time to stop focusing so much on the needs of others, they come to realize how strong they are even on their own. When the ENFJ also accepts that they don’t need to be perfect in order to be loved, they often start to realize even more strength within themselves.


INFPs need to find their inner strength by learning to understand themselves and their own morals and desires. When the INFP takes the time to dive into different experiences and learn more about themselves through this process. INFPs need to uncover their own inner feelings and beliefs in order to find this sense of power. Once they are confident in who they are and what their goals are, it helps them to maintain this strength and an ability to stand up for what they truly believe in without allowing people to push them around.


ENFPs believe in finding their inner strength by learning to stand up for themselves. They need to become confident in their own beliefs and desires in order to uncover this power within themselves. Without taking time to explore different choices and opportunities, the ENFP won’t truly be able to learn about themselves enough to uncover this inner power. ENFPs are independent people but they do often find even more power within themselves when they have support and confidence from the ones they love. Having people believe in them gives the ENFP a sense of strength and courage.


INTJs are independent people who often possess an inner strength and power which comes from their minds. The more the INTJ learns and expands their knowledge, the stronger they feel. When they remove the ignorance in their lives, they feel this inner power from that. INTJs feel weaker when they are ignorant to something, and so this is why they continue to always grow and keep learning in whatever ways they can. For them this inner power certainly comes from knowledge and from reaching a deeper understanding.


ENTJs are often rather strong-willed people who believe in doing whatever they must to be efficient and accomplish their goals. ENTJs often discover their inner power from being capable of overcoming any obstacle and always accomplishing their tasks with efficiency and skill. The more they prove themselves the more confidence and inner power the ENTJ uncovers. When they realize they are capable people and nothing will hold them back, it gives them this strength to continue moving forward even when they falter for a moment.


INTPs are naturally independent people who often need space and time to themselves. This makes it so that they need to become more comfortable with this sense of independent in order to find their strength. For the INTP it is often about balancing their personal feelings, with the connects they have to others. The INTP does not find their inner power solely by being on their own, instead they often find this by balancing this time with being able to connect with others and find a sense of belonging.


ENTPs care about expanding and continuing to grow as people, as well as growth within their own minds. ENTPs don’t like feeling stagnant and want to constantly keep themselves moving forward, and so it is important for them to become more comfortable with this part of themselves. At the same time the ENTP does do better connecting with others in order to truly uncover their inner strength and power. Burying their emotions is not something which is good for the ENTP, since they have a natural empathy and compassion just pushing to connect with someone special.


For the ISTJ to unleash their inner strength they need to simply become sure of their goals and direction. Having a strong sense of self and an understanding of what they want, helps the ISTJ to achieve this goals without questioning themselves. They do often find themselves aware of their goals, but at the same time they bury their emotions and deeper desires. Learning to uncover these feelings and trust in them can truly inspire the ISTJ to gain a strong sense of inner power, even more so than they naturally possess.


For the ESTJ to really come to understand their inner power they need to connect with their inner emotions as well their their practical goals. ESTJs are often sure of themselves and the things they want, but they have a tendency to bury their feelings inside. While the process of learning to uncover these emotions can be a difficult one, becoming comfortable and accepting their feelings will ultimately give the ESTJ even more inner strength and power.


ISFJs focus so much on caring for others, and while this is a major part of who they are it is also important for them to make time for themselves. Demanding time for themselves and learning to uncover their own needs, is something which can really help the ISFJ gain confidence and learn to unleash this inner power. There are times when they neglect themselves and their wants, making it challenging for them to really understand what their goals are. Taking time for themselves without feeling guilty is something which can help them really come to understand their inner power and personal strength.


ESFJs are often so focused on tending to the needs of others that they can lose themselves in this. Becoming to focused on making sure everyone else is happy, causes the ESFJ to bury their own feelings and desires. While caring for others is a big part of who they are, it does not have to be the whole of their existence. ESFJs find their inner power by learning to take time for themselves and learn about their own inner desires and emotions without feeling guilty for this. Taking this time and finding the balance is something which will help the ESFJ grow and become more confident.


ISTPs often need time to themselves to feel energized and confident, but they also need to learn to connect to the other aspects of themselves in order to really find their inner power. Their ability to become stronger and more capable people, is not something which comes solely from their natural strengths. ISTPs need to find the balance between accepting themselves and their need for distance, while also becoming more open to their inner emotions and connections with those they love.


ESTPs are often charming and considerate people, but they need to dive into different parts of themselves in order to really uncover their inner power. They are adventurous and often appear rather strong-willed, but ESTPs can be a bit doubtful of themselves when they are younger. They can get caught up in what other people think and so in order to really find their inner power they need to find ways to rid themselves of this. ESTPs need to surround themselves with people who believe in them and really only rely on this support rather than looking towards people who are unwilling to give this to them.


ISFPs are independent people but they are also rather sensitive to what others think and feel. They can find it challenging to really deal with being a disappointment, especially to people they believe should be supportive of them. For the ISFP to really find their inner power they often need to find space from people who don’t really believe in and support them fully. Getting away from negativity and toxic energy is truly important for the ISFP to discover their inner power and sense of self.


ESFPs really need to feel free to be themselves in order to find their inner power. They can seem strong on the outside but ESFPs care deeply what their loved ones think of them. If someone close to them continues to put them down it can be something which leaves the ESFP feeling overwhelmed and a bit depressed. They need to find people who can inspire them and bring a positive energy to their lives. This really is something which helps the ESFP unleash their inner power, through the support of someone who believes in them.


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