Here’s How Each Personality Type Feels About Brainstorming

Here’s How Each Personality Type Feels About Brainstorming

For some brainstorming is simply a way to distract oneself, while to others it is a highly important method of decision making. Here is how each personality type feels about brainstorming.


INFJs do enjoy brainstorming for a while, and have very vivid imaginations. Their minds are constantly running through different thoughts and ideas. While INFJs do enjoy a little brainstorming, they ultimately follow their intuition in order to make decisions. Coming up with too many different possible outcomes can actually end up being a bit stressful, so INFJs need to rely on their strongest skills. They will certainly enjoy brainstorming with others, but too much internal analyzing can leave them stuck in a loop.


ENFJs do enjoy being able to brainstorm, especially in a creative capacity. They also enjoy being able to pick apart the brains of people who they find interesting. ENFJs do want to be able to consider the different possibilities in order to take the most reasonable path. While ENFJs do enjoy brainstorming to an extent, they ultimately use their intuition to make an informed decision. They are highly intuitive people who have a natural inclination towards future outcomes. This is how they make their choices, and can become distracted if they brainstorm for too long.


For INFPs brainstorming is a process that they need in order to come to conclusions. They dislike feeling stuck, and not being allowed to explore different possibilities is going to cause them immense frustration. The INFP needs to feel free to explore and brainstorm many different ideas and thoughts, without feeling restrained. Their minds need to be able to run through these different possibilities in order to come to the most reasonable conclusions. INFPs don’t do well when they are stuck in a strict schedule, and need to be able to use their imaginations.


For ENFP not being able to brainstorm is one of the worst fates they can suffer. The ENFP needs to feel free to explore the many different thoughts and ideas inside of their active minds. For ENFPs brainstorming is a joyful experience which helps them come to the most logical conclusions. They enjoy using their imaginations to come up with and venture down the many different possible paths that exist. Being able to consider different possibilities helps the ENFP utilize their unbelievably rich inner minds.


INTJs definitely see the value in brainstorming, and want to take the most reasonable approach to finding out their answers. They will likely take time to brainstorm and look into the different possible outcomes. While INTJs do see the importance in brainstorming, they also use their intuition as a method of deciding the most logical path to take. They are extremely intuitive people, who often instinctively see the best course of action for them.


ENTJs with use brainstorming as a method to figuring out the most logical paths to take. They are great at leading a team and will often push their team members to brainstorm in order to find the right course of action. While ENTJs do believe that brainstorming is useful, they ultimately will use their intuition to make the right choices. They have a knack for strategic planning and will use many different methods in order to concoct the best plan.


INTPs need to feel free to brainstorm in order to come to the most logical conclusions. Without the ability to brainstorm many different ideas, INTPs would feel stagnant and a bit miserable. They need this sort of creative freedom in order to feel energized and to be completely on top of their game. INTPs will explore the many different potential outcomes, and will use their logic and intuition to come to the most reasonable decisions. They are imaginative people who need to be able to explore this side of themselves in order to be fully capable of coming to logical conclusions.


For ENTPs brainstorming is an extremely important method of learning and reaching logical conclusions. They need to feel free to brainstorm the many different possibilities in front of them before they can make a truly informed decision. Simply remaining stuck on the same path without the freedom to explore the possibilities, is extremely frustrating and stifling for ENTPs. Brainstorming is important for them, and helps the ENTP figure out the most logical path that they should take. ENTPs are also very creative people, which is why being able to explore the different ideas inside of their minds is important.


ISTJs might utilize brainstorming as a means to solving problems, but they prefer to take proven paths. ISTJs are rule following people who follow path methods in order to make sure everything gets done efficiently. They don’t enjoy exploring new possibilities as much, since it can ultimately lead to chaos and less effective methods of accomplishing their tasks. While ISTJs aren’t as rigid as they seem, they simply believe that it is important to get the job done the way it was meant to.


ESTJs do use brainstorming as a method of problem solving, especially when they are in a group setting. Ultimately ESTJs prefer to follow proven methods in order to get things done as efficiently as possible. They don’t want to stray from what they know and understanding, since that can likely lead to problems. ESTJs believe it is important to work hard and follow the path they understand best in order to reach their goals.


ISFJs prefer to follow the path they have set out in front of them, instead of deviating. Brainstorming can lead to stress, since it can only show the ISFJ the potential negative outcomes. ISFJs simply want to be sure to take the most intelligent path possible in order to keep things going in the right direction. They care deeply about their loved ones and want to be sure that they don’t do anything to harm them. ISFJs want to follow proven methods in order to take the safest path they can.


ESFJs believe that brainstorming is important to some extent, especially when they can help inspire their loved ones. They enjoy helping people come to better conclusions, and realize that brainstorming can aid in this. While ESFJs do value brainstorming to an extent, they don’t want to deviate from proven methods too much. ESFJs simply want to be sure that they take the path that will lead to their loved ones being safe and protected.


ISTPs believe that brainstorming is important, especially when it comes to problem solving. They like to consider the different possible paths to take, but will ultimately follow their instincts in order to make a decision. ISTPs enjoy living in the present and will follow whichever path they feel most inclined towards in that moment. While ISTPs do brainstorm certain situations, they prefer to take action without feeling stuck inside the possibilities for too long.


ESTPs live very much in the present and follow their instincts in order to make most decisions. They use facts and proven evidence in order to figure out the most logical path for them to take. They don’t enjoy being stuck in their heads, and would rather take actions. While they realize brainstorming can be useful, ESTPs don’t want to sit around thinking things through so long that they fail to actually get the job done.


ISFPs are imaginative people, who live very much inside of their own feelings and morals. While ISFPs have in depth imaginations, they don’t enjoy being stuck in the same place for too long. Brainstorming can leave the ISFP feeling stagnant, since they would much rather take notice of the world around them. ISFPs would rather follow their hearts in order to make decisions, instead of brainstorming all of the possible negative outcomes that might occur.


ESFPs live in the present and are very much attached to the physical world around them. Brainstorming can hold the ESFP back from truly living their lives, which is why they might not value it as much as some other types. ESFPs would rather enjoy the moment, and follow their instincts in order to make decisions in life. They don’t want to be too caught up on the potential negative outcomes, and would much rather listen to their hearts in order to make choices in life.

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