Here’s How You Feel About Innocence, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s How You Feel About Innocence, Based on Your Personality Type

When witnessing innocence in the world, some people feel an innate need to protect and defend it. Others might be more inclined to remove that innocence in favor of educating and improving. Here is how each personality type responds to innocence.


While INFJs certainly are in favor of being educated and aware, they can respond differently when they witness innocence around them. They have a natural desire to protect things or people who appear rather innocent, and believe that such a thing should be cherished. For INFJs anything innocent naturally requires protecting and kindness, and they dislike when they witness it being taken advantage of. INFJs believe in protecting and defending anyone or anything that appears weaker, or is clearly in need of help in some ways.


ENFJs can struggle when it comes to encountering innocence, since their instincts tell them to protect and defend anything good and pure. They want to step in and ensure that no one taints something as beautiful as innocence, and will want to do their best to be protective. ENFJs can actually be rather vicious when they are in their defensive mode, and can be a bit like a mother lioness protecting their cubs. ENFJs simply don’t like when innocence or kindness is taken advantage of, and believe in standing up for the good in the world.


INFPs definitely favor innocence, since they are intensely moral people. They believe in protecting innocence when they can, especially within children and animals. INFPs want to be as educated as possible, but at the same time enjoy preserving innocence when it is possible. INFPs can become rather affected by the condition of the world around them, and believe in doing their best to help improve their environment. They want to seek out ways to make a real difference, and for them witnessing innocence can cause them to feel anxious sometimes. This is simply because INFPs are aware how easily something good can be taken advantage of, and they want to find ways to defend it.


ENFPs can find themselves wanting to protect innocence, but at the same time they might be fearful for it. They are aware that the world can be a harsh place, and they know that the more innocent things can be taken advantage of rather easily. ENFPs often possess innocent parts of themselves which they don’t want to be tainted by the world, which mostly includes their childlike spirit. ENFPs have a unique way of being aware of the world, but preserving a sense of goodness and innocence within themselves. They have a wonderful spirit and a desire to always search after their dreams even when things become difficult.


INTJs can often find themselves bothered when they see innocence, since they are aware it often means naivety. They want to find ways to make people as aware and educated as possible, and might see innocence as being a bit ignorant. When someone or something possesses an innocent spirit, it often means they aren’t fully aware of the harshness in the world around them. INTJs simply want to find ways to prepare others for the truth, and don’t want to see ignorance in any form.


For ENTJs innocence can often be tied to being ignorant in some ways, and that isn’t something they support. While ENTJs won’t want to harm someone or something that is innocent, they might want to find a way to bring it to the truth. They believe in being efficient and finding ways to educate the world as best they can. While ENTJs might feel a sense of compassion towards innocence, at the same time they don’t want to constantly have to walk on eggshells in any way.


INTPs can definitely feel compassion towards innocence, especially since they do have strong morals. While INTPs might want to avoid letting anything innocent become hurt, they still want to find ways to remove naivety when they can. INTPs will want to educate and inform when they can, and might feel that knowledge is the best protection for others. If the INTP can find ways to helping anyone remove their innocence by becoming more knowledgeable, they likely want to do this as a way to help them avoid being hurt.


ENTPs definitely aren’t seen as innocent themselves, and prefer to focus on educating others. They don’t feel a natural desire to preserve innocence, and prefer to find ways of removing any ignorance where they can. Things and people who are innocent are often this way because they have been sheltered, and ENTPs don’t believe in sheltering others. They want people to be armed with knowledge, and believe this is the best way to sincerely help them move forward in a positive direction.


ISTJs definitely believe in being as educated and aware as possible, and dislike when grown people are overly innocent. They believe that everyone should be fully aware of their surroundings and should not be ignorant. While ISTJs want to remove ignorance from the people around them, they feel differently towards thing that should possess a sense of innocence and purity. When it comes to children and animals the ISTJ often feels a bit protective over them, and wants to keep them safe when they can.


While ESTJs can often be seen as aggressive and harsh people, they can be different when it comes to the innocent. While they don’t believe that adults should possess a sense of innocence, they behave differently with children and animals. ESTJs often feel a strong need to protect things that should be innocent, and want to preserve this in any way they can. They believe that their strength should be used to help defend those that need it, and can actually be very caring people.


ISFJs definitely feel protective towards anything innocent, which is why they seem so drawn towards children and animals. They simply feel a sense of compassion towards something so pure, and want to find ways of preserving and defending these things and beings. For ISFJs it is important to help others and work hard to make them happy. They don’t enjoy seeing anyone in pain and work hard to find ways to keeping those around them as happy and comfortable as possible.


ESFJs often feel a strong need to preserve and protect anything innocence. They feel things very deeply and often find themselves hurting when they witness pain in others. ESFJs realize that innocence can easily be tainted or taken advantage of, and they want to do their best to defend and protect this. This is often way they are so drawn towards children or animals, and want to find ways to keep them safe and properly cared for. Innocence in some ways can cause certainly tap into the emotional side of the ESFJ, pushing them to feel complete compassion for it.


ISTPs aren’t the types to want to preserve innocence, since they believe it is best to educate the world. They might see innocence in others as simply being naïve, since the world will likely crush those that are innocent and unaware. ISTPs simply want to find ways to spreading truth and knowledge and do their best to inform others. They aren’t the types to stick their noses in, but at the same time they don’t find it important to constantly try to shelter and protect others.


ESTPs rarely find themselves drawn towards innocence and can become frustrated by it at times. They believe in being educated and aware of their surroundings, which includes finding ways to remove ignorance from the world around them. They might see something that is very innocent as being naïve and simply needing to be educated in some ways. They aren’t the types to preserve innocent, especially when they believe it is best to arm people with knowledge and truth.


ISFPs can often possess an innocent spirit within themselves, so they are drawn to anything pure and good. They can see beauty in the world rather naturally, and believe in preserving it when they can. For ISFPs their inner morals are their strongest guide in life, and they want to find ways to make a real difference in the world around them. When ISFPs witness something very innocent, they certainly want to protect and preserve this and don’t believe in trying to taint it.


ESFPs definitely find themselves feeling compassion towards anything that possesses a great deal of innocence. They want to find a way to protect the purity and goodness they see in others. While ESFPs can be a bit innocent themselves at times, they do feel a kinship with that childlike spirit. They want to find ways to protecting innocence and can certainly have a strong emotional reaction towards any harm coming to the innocent.

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