You may have wondered which musical genre best describes your Myers Briggs type. Or maybe you haven’t. Regardless, we have compiled this list of musical genres that we think perfectly represent each Myers Briggs Type.


Much like the emo musical genre, INFPs are very in touch with their own feelings. INFPs live by their own set of morals and operate with a strong sense of inner self. The lyrics are often deep and meaningful and the singers are usually expressing a part of themselves in their songs, which perfectly fits the INFP. There may be a tad of self-loathing and existential crisis in there as well.

ENFP- Pop Punk

ENFP are able to see a multitude of possibilities and explore things in a different light. Much like the pop punk genre they are unique and complex. Many of the lyrics within the pop punk genre are not just surface statements, they are built around metaphors and require a deeper look to understand them, this is similar to the ENFP.

INFJ- Grunge Rock

The INFJ are often hard for outsiders to understand, much like the grunge rock genre they are often misunderstood.  INFJ can often predict the outcome of situations in a way that is impossible for them to explain. They care about others but are often lost in their own inner worlds, similar to the grunge rocker Kurt Cobain.

ENFJ- Indie Pop

ENFJ care to understand people and seek to create harmony. They crave appreciation from others and enjoy popularity, but also seek independence, making them similar to the Indie-Pop genre.

INTP- Experimental Rock

INTP are very independent and internal. They enjoy possibilities and exploring the logical solutions to things.  Experimental rock has a similar exploration and inability to be tied down to one simplistic style. Much like the INTP, experimental rock pushes the boundaries of the norm.

ENTP- Punk Rock

Rebellious and spontaneous, the ENTP crave exploration and hate to feel trapped or stagnant for too long. ENTPs perfectly fit the Punk Rock genre, and the rebellious, head strong demeanor that goes along with it! Damn, ENTP anarchists…

INTJ- Electronic

The INTJ couldn’t possibly fit into an ordinary or typical genre, so there best fit had to be electronic. The INTJ live in a world of logic and intuition. Electronic music, meaning it is produced using electronic technology, is similar to the logical mind of the INTJ. They crave to have a deeper and real understanding of their world.

ENTJ- Heavy Metal

The ENTJ are strong-willed and gregarious, and the only musical genre that made sense for them, was the massive sounds of Heavy Metal. They seek power and control of their external environments, and have a way of getting what they want and organizing those around them.


There was really only one option for the ESFP, the Pop music genre. They are fun and free-spirited and enjoy to be in the spotlight. They crave being center of attention and enjoy all things pop-culture. Party time!!!

ISFP- Dance Music

Although the ISFP are very focused on their inner world and understanding their own emotions, they also enjoy having fun. They are often good at expressing themselves artistically, making dance music a perfect genre for them!

ESFJ- Christian

ESFJ are very focused on making the people around them happy. They are also interested in structure and order, and fitting into societal norms. Christian Rock is the best genre for ESFJ, because not only are they the most likely type to believe in religion, but it fits their giving and structural way of living.

ISFJ- Country

ISFJ have strong emotional ties to the past, much like country music which often sings about past experiences. They have a laid-back and reserved demeanor and seek to bring harmony to the people around them. This isn’t much different from the laid-back and care-free sounds of country music.

ESTP- Hip Hop

ESTP are active and spontaneous. They seek to have fun and are very aware of the physical world and their surroundings. Much like Hip Hop music, which can often be very much about the physical world (if yah know what I mean *wink wink* ).

ISTP- Alternative Rock

ISTP much like the Alternative rock genre, are very independent and analytical. They enjoy understanding how things work, and rarely care to be bothered by what others think of them.

ESTJ- Classic Rock

ESTJ crave structure and relying on past experiences to make choices. They prefer to stick to what they understand and what they are used to, making Classic rock the perfect genre for them. Because why fix something when it isn’t broken? Old school rock is the way to go!

ISTJ- Classical

ISTJ are focused on fulfilling duties and prefer to stick with tradition. Classical music fits the introverted and no-nonsense demeanor of the ISTJ.


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