Extraverted Feeling (Fe) Problems

People with extraverted feeling (Fe) don’t always have it easy. Instinctively sensing other peoples emotions better than your own comes with a handful of struggles. Here is our list of struggles that people with Fe will definitely understand.

1. You can automatically sense what other people are feeling…even before they can.

2. People don’t always react too well to you reading their emotions before they can understand them.

3. You can’t ignore other peoples negative emotions, no matter how hard you try.

4. Sometimes feeling other people so strongly becomes confusing.

5. It can be hard to tell where your feelings end and theirs begin.

6. Sometimes you forget to take care of yourself, because you are so concerned with helping others.

7. Sometimes you become overwhelmed with your desire to please everyone…

8. And this makes you want to shut down and run away!

9. You sometimes find yourself holding onto bad relationships for too long.

10. You are acutely aware of how your actions effect others…

11. And sometimes it drives you crazy.

12. Sometimes being in public places can be uncomfortable for you…

13. You can almost always read when someone is lying to you…

14. But sometimes it is just easier to just let them lie.

15. Television can be hard to watch, especially the news.

16. You are an excellent listener…

17. Everyone seems to want to drop their problems onto you, even strangers…

18. And you don’t mind this most of the time…but it can take a toll.

19. You can see the good in people, and often find yourself defending people that everyone hates.

20. You have a distaste of indifference and cannot understand coldness.

21. Sometimes your ability to sense the emotions of people around you can make people misjudge you. You occasionally come across aloof or even shy.

22. You occasionally feel uneasy or sickly, because someone else is not feeling well.

23. Even if you love being around people sometimes you just need a break.

24. Having strong Fe or being an empathic person can take a toll on you. Just remember to give yourself the space you need sometimes. You can’t help others if you don’t take care of yourself.

For a better understanding of which types experience this and what it actually means, check out Extraverted Feeling (Fe).